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Buy G-suite Space online PowerPoint Presentation
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Buy G-suite Space online

Buy G-suite Space online

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Buy G-suite Space online

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  1. Buy G Suite Online

  2. G-suite is a collection of productivity and collaboration tools and services developed by Google. It comprises of Google’s email service, Gmail, Google Docs, Drive, Calendar, Hangouts, Sheets, Slides, and cloud computing. It is mainly designed to serve business needs and comes in 3 products namely- Basic, Business and Enterprise. Users can choose any of these products according to their needs. Features- G-suite has a lot of applications and services connected at one place. In the connect section you have Gmail, Calendar, Google Plus, Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet. In the Create section, there are-Docs, Sheets, Forms, Slides, Sides, App Maker, and Keep. Within the Access section, you have Google Drive and Google Cloud Search. The Control features include Admin, Vault and Mobile.

  3. Some more features are enumerated below- • With G-suite you can make faster decisions and that too face to face. With the Calendar, you can schedule meetings and send automatic e-mail invites. You can also turn on video conference from any device. • It allows users to connect in real-time. With Microsoft Office applications, one can easily access across devices with or without Internet, see edits and chat with other employees as well.

  4. The cloud facility is another boon provided to us. With the cloud server, one can store and share files via cloud to others and store data on virtual storage. It also provides secure access and you can also view, download, and collaborate on any file with it. • It also secures your data and devices with 2-step verification service.

  5. How to buy- • G-suite is available on a 30-days trial for free. After this period, one needs to buy it on subscription for monthly or annual basis. You can work seamlessly on G-suite via computer, tablets, or tablets. • Connect with us to buy G-suite Space online at affordable prices or follow the steps below- • After the free trial ends, go to the website. • Select the product you want to purchase. • Click on Buy Now.

  6. You will be redirected to your cart • Select the payment method and add your payment details • Click on OK to proceed with the purchase. • The application will be successfully installed in your computer. Original Source