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Driving Innovative Payment Solutions for the Transportation Industry. PowerPoint Presentation
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Driving Innovative Payment Solutions for the Transportation Industry.

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Driving Innovative Payment Solutions for the Transportation Industry. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Driving Innovative Payment Solutions for the Transportation Industry. Test Coverage Acceptance Test Plan: Stage I – Functionality Test and Acceptance System Functionality Passenger Information Monitor (PIM)- Passenger acceptance Stage II – IT Audit, Security and System Services

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Presentation Transcript
Test Coverage

Acceptance Test Plan:

Stage I

– Functionality Test and Acceptance

System Functionality

Passenger Information Monitor (PIM)- Passenger acceptance

Stage II –

IT Audit, Security and System Services

Deployment of 50 cars

Support Services Test.

Stage III – Deployment.

Game Plan:

Organized and well defined documentations

Made it easier for us to design and deploy the system as originally envisioned by the teams.

Three Stage Process

allowed the venders and the TLC team to build the system from the ground up, while it also allowed both sides to understand each other’s wish list and challenges.

In Vehicle Equipment Functionality and Security Testing

OS system penetration

Data encryption

OS and com ports hardening

Viruses prevention

Password management

Internet acc

Network PCI and City Security Compliance

Over 200 items covered

Network and software penetration testing

Major elements that affected the project cost

Time between stage II to deployment- vendor specific

Deployment time- vendor specific

Full deployment on all 13,100 cabs

Time table makes the difference

City of Philadelphia, Project managed by the Philadelphia Parking Authority.

City of Boston, Project managed by Hackney Boston Police Department

San Francisco, Project managed by SF MTA

New York City, Project managed by NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission

How can other jurisdictions benefit from what we accomplished?

All Tools, Regulatory Enforcement Functions:

Embedded in all VTS applications

Available to other jurisdictions regardless of their size

You benefit from VTS experience and success with other Regulatory Agencies

These tools can assist your department in being more efficient & effectively

The VTS infrastructure put in place can be shared by other jurisdictions with no additional cost.

Highest Security Levels

Are kept on all our products in order to maintain PCI requirements.

The Importance of Continuous Testing

Notable companies that have been hacked and credit card information that has been compromised include:


Heartland Payment Systems (credit card processor)

TJ Maxx (retailer)

RBS Lynk (payment processor)

Hannaford Bros (food retailing industry)

end to end encryption
End-to-End Encryption

Card Brand Enterprise Scope

Acquirer Enterprise Scope

Merchant Enterprise Scope

A Industry Leader in Providing Products, Technology and Turn Key Solutions

Fully integrated line of PIM’s, State-Of-The-Art Dispatch Systems, Credit Card Processing, Meters and more

Passenger Information Monitors: PIM’s

Interactive two screen sizes

Advertising & Content Capable

Passenger Payment Center: POS

Wireless and thumb drive

In Vehicle Electronic Payments

Credit Card Acceptance with approvals within 5 seconds

Driver Safety Solutions

Panic Button increased safety

Computer Aided Dispatch Systems

Auto Dispatching, Voice Guided Navigation, Text Messaging

State-of-The-Art Fleet Management Systems

Designed to increase day to day operations and profits


Trip Logs

GPS Based Technology, Automated Vehicle Location Systems

Managed Services

Custom Solutions

Host Server Solution

In Country Solutions

Smart Taxi Cab Meters

Advanced Processing Capabilities, Comprehensive Security Features

efleet solution
Government Focus Solution:

Provide organizations with real-time fleet information on-demand

Status of vehicles, devices, locations and trip/fare activity

Automate lost and found searches to return property left in vehicles to their owners quickly.

Monitor driver working hours, and collect trip information to support planning and rate increase review.

Ensure only authorized vehicles and drivers are on the road (option to lockout suspended drivers allowing you to restrict unauthorized driver from driving)

Communicate with drivers in real-time during emergencies or to support traffic coordination for special events using text messaging and automated alerts. Powerful Group Messaging

Deliver Public Service Announcements in real-time.

Improve operations and service levels to the Public through payment automation, GPS location, automated patron reservation systems (dispatch).

GPS historic data: Where, When and might answer Why

For Drivers:

Automate credit card payments directly to drivers with 24 hour payments to driver for fares paid by CC

Driver Specific Web Page: Driver’s Own Trip Log

Safety: Less theft as drivers are no longer a rolling bank

Increased fares = larger tips = higher income for drivers

Panic Button Option

Most Wanted ByGovernment Agencies and Fleets

eFleet Solution

For information contact:

  • For Information Contact:
          • Jeff Karasyk
          • VP Sales & Marketing
          • Cell Phone: 347-848-4354
          • Telephone Number: 888-829-4876 Ext: 228
          • Email:
          • Web Page: