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Address stamps

Get your hands on high quality address stamps available at competitive pricing. If you are an entrepreneur or an artist, save your time, money and effort with hand stamps available in a variety of designs, options and colors.For more info Call us 845-659-0805 <br>

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Address stamps

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  1. ADDRESS STAMPS There are different kinds of stamps in the market from which people can choose according to their needs and choices. With this variety, choosing a stamp for one personal need can indeed be complicated indeed. However, it is advisable to have knowledge about the stamps before purchasing it. The various options available are custom stamps, signature stamps, daters, stamps and many more. The origin of rubber stamps is a vastly debated topic. It is assumed that Charles Goodyear discovered the process of vulcanization of rubber sheet. These stamps have pigmented dye which when applied to an image that is engraved to a rubber sheet. To provide support, the rubber is attached to a more solid object like a brick, block or even wood. The then vulcanized rubber with an adhesive is attached to a vinyl sheet, thus making it possible to be used with the acrylic handle. This type of stamps cost less than wooden version of the stamp. Simple designs are carved and then an ink coated rubber stamp is used so that the image is transferred to another medium namely paper or fabric. Address stamps falls under this category. Instead of a design, the address is carved or written. By the help of a wooden stamp it is then transferred. The designs of the text can be personalized according to the choice of the buyer. These stamps are both economical and durable and convenient to use. Customers can go for diverse cursive fonts, personal monograms. Stamping is considered an art too giving it the choice to be creative.

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