Kossa training 2013 2014
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KOSSA Training 2013-2014. Before the Test (Part II, PowerPoint) KDE:OCTE:KOSSA:10/15/2013. Purpose. To provide information on technical specifications for the administration of KOSSA To provide information about the online sample test

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Kossa training 2013 2014

KOSSA Training2013-2014

Before the Test

(Part II, PowerPoint)



  • To provide information on technical specifications for the administration of KOSSA

  • To provide information about the online sample test

  • To provide reminders of critical dates and resources in preparation for the administration of KOSSA

Technical specifications
Technical Specifications

  • KOSSA is being administered through TFI online assessment system and is delivered by the E-SESS engine.

  • KOSSA Online IT Requirements have been identified by TFI and the KDE Office of Knowledge, Information and Data Systems.

  • DACs, BACs and Principals should communicate with building and district technology coordinators to confirm all guidelines are addressed prior to testing.

Technical specifications1
Technical Specifications

  • Reference the KOSSA Online IT Requirements document for detailed information about technical specifications. This document is posted at:


Online sample test
Online Sample Test

  • A 25 question sample test has been developed so

    • students can become familiar with the online testing environment.

    • students can become familiar with the test format of multiple choice scenarios and stand alone multiple choice items.

    • schools and districts may “test the system” to ensure all technical specifications are met and the system performs properly prior to the start of the testing window.

Online sample test1
Online Sample Test

  • The sample test models the types of items included on KOSSA.

  • The sample test items are linked to the current academic and employability standards only.

  • The sample test does not include items linked to content specific occupational standards.

Online sample test2
Online Sample Test

  • Individuals will receive a score at the end of the sample test.

  • Detailed reports will not be available for the online sample test.

  • A link to the sample test is posted at:


  • The sample test may also be accessed at:


Online sample test3
Online Sample Test


  • Go to http://techfluency.org/esess/

  • Make the following entries into the four blanks:

    Organization: KOSSA

    First Name: Sample

    Last Name: Sample

    Password: Sample

  • Click Log In

  • Click Continue

  • Click Begin


  • The online testing site will not be open to individual schools during the entire two-month testing window. An email will be sent to DACs and ATC/CTC Principals to identify the one-week testing window and make-up dates for each school.

  • This information should be submitted by January 15, 2014 to ensure access to the testing site.


  • Ensure that every student who will be taking the KOSSA completes the sample test at least one time prior to the start of the testing window.

  • Ensure that appropriate staff have read the KOSSA Online – IT Requirements document and that all technical specifications have been addressed prior to start of the testing window.

    • All staff who administer, proctor or work with KOSSA testing in any capacity, Principals, DACs, BACs, and building and district technology personnel must review the KOSSA Online – IT Requirements document.


  • All staff who administer, proctor or work with KOSSA testing in any capacity must view:

    • KOSSA PowerPoint trainings, located at:


    • KDE’s Administration Code and Inclusion of Special Populations Training for Kentucky’s Alternate Assessment, located at: http://education.ky.gov/AA/distsupp/Pages/AdminCode.aspx

      • A signature page shall be signed by each employee after the completion of training. This shall be retained on file by the school/district.


  • KOSSA Frequently Asked Questions

    • http://education.ky.gov/CTE/kossa/Pages/default.aspx

  • KOSSA Skill Standards Documents

    • http://education.ky.gov/CTE/kossa/Pages/default.aspx

  • Career and Technical Education Program Area resources

    • http://education.ky.gov/CTE/ctepa/Pages/default.aspx

  • KOSSA Curriculum Alignment Documents

    • http://education.ky.gov/CTE/kossa/Pages/default.aspx

  • KOSSA Online Sample Test

    • http://techfluency.org/esess/


Please check the KDE, KOSSA web site for additional trainings and resources throughout this transition year to KOSSA Online

KOSSA PowerPoint Training III will be posted mid-January


Contact information
Contact Information

  • Questions related to KOSSA and WorkKeys should be directed to KDE Career Ready at kdecareerready@education.ky.gov . Multiple staff from the Office of Career and Technical Education are monitoring this mailbox to ensure a timely response to your questions.

  • Pamela Moore, Office of Career and Technical Education

    • Email Address: Pamela.Moore@education.ky.gov

    • Phone Number: (502) 564-4286 ext. 4215