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The Gareth Jones Diaries PowerPoint Presentation
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The Gareth Jones Diaries

The Gareth Jones Diaries

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The Gareth Jones Diaries

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  1. The Gareth JonesDiaries

  2. 2003 - Duranty Postcard Revocation Campaign

  3. The Jones Family – circa 1931

  4. Margaret Siriol Colley c.1932 2008

  5. 2001 – ‘A Manchukuo Incident’ Working Title!


  7. 2003 – Morgan Williams at Columbia University

  8. 2003 – Columbia University

  9. 2003 – Martin Sieff – United Press “What can you expect if you fearlessly expose the systematic, genocidal murder of 10 million people?

  10. 2003 – Martin Sieff – United Press “What can you expect if you fearlessly expose the systematic, genocidal murder of 10 million people? You can expect to be branded as a liar in the most prestigious newspaper in the United States. You can expect to be murdered yourself by bandits probably in the pay of conspirators perpetrating equally colossal, monstrous crimes against humanity. And you can even to be betrayed after your death and airbrushed out of existence by one of your closest professional colleagues and friends.”

  11. 2003 – Andrew & the Ukrainian Weekly

  12. Public Records Office (PRO), Kew, UK

  13. Wostwag document at the PRO

  14. Dr Herbert Mueller – Kidnapped but released!

  15. 2005 – St. Patrick’s Cathedral

  16. 2006 – May 2nd Gareth ‘Recognised’ in Aberystwyth, Wales Ihor Kharchenko, London Ukrainian Ambassador at the unveiling of a Tri-lingual Plaque with Gareth's niece, Siriol, myself, the University Vice Chancellor, Chancellor, Lord Morgan and Prof. Lubomyr Luciuk.

  17. June 2006 Illinois Ukrainian Museum Chicago University of Chicago, Urbana-Champaign

  18. From T. [train], I walked about an hour, chatted to all.Talked to men on track. It was getting [to] sunset. One of them said:- “You’d better not go…

  19. …further, for hooligans will rob you of your coat & your food & all.”The other, a handsome, determined young Communist, said “ Yes its dangerous. Come and stay with us in our village.”Communist took me along to the Selsoviet; full of young people & children. One of them belly swollen. ----------All people say same ”XЛEБА HETУ BCE nyxnoie” (Bread Not Available) – One woman said:- “We are looking forward to death.”

  20. Then to the cottage of the young Pres. of Village Soviet, decent fellow with smile, ruddy face, 27 yrs of age. His wife was there, with closely cropped hair with gold round earrings. V. kind.

  21. Two soldiers came and they asked heaps of questions……. They had come to arrest a peasant thief who had killed another. The thief had gone to steal potatoes from the hut of [an] other. The owner of the hut had come out and the peasant had stabbed him with a knife. There were many cases of that happening.

  22. Went to bed late, slept on floor. In one bed; Pres., his wife & her sister; & small bed for child. Woke up next morning before 8. The Communist leader of next Kolkhoz was there – a keen Revolutionary [who said]; “We have difficulties, but they have to be overcome.” “There’s seed in this village.” Cattle decrease disastrous. There used to be 200 oxen, now 6 horses & cattle here down by tremendous amount.

  23. Breakfasted, then sister of wife did algebra lesson. The Communists realised & admitted that there was no grain. That was in Bockrenchenka in the Black Earth region. Lower down it is much worse. Talked to all the people as I tramped along the railway track. Ravens or crows (with…

  24. … grey cap). White expanse of snow.Moscow – Sebastopol train rattled past with sleeping wagon. Politdel party members, etc. Went into village. There is no bread. “We’ve had no bread for 2 months”. “Each dvor had one or 2 cows. Now none. There are almost no oxen left & the horses have been dying off.”

  25. “How can I live? I got a lb of bread for all my family & we came here for a short time, there is no food here. My family is in Kharkoff & I don’t know how they’ll live.” “We’re all getting (swollen) nyxливi.”“In this village 5 or 6 kulak families were sent away to Siberia & to cut wood in the Northern forests…

  26. …also to build a railway in Murmansk.” But some of the kulaks live better than those who remain in the villages because there is now more bread in the towns. “In the south 20% of the population have died of hunger” said the young worker “and in some parts 50%. They’re murdering us.”

  27. In the Ukraine. A little later I crossed the border from Greater Russia into Ukraine. Everywhere I talked to peasants who walked past – they all had the same story; “There is no bread – we haven’t had bread for 2 months – a lot are dying.” The first village had no more potatoes left and the store of БҮРЯК (beetroot) was running out.

  28. 2006 - Signing the 'Book of Honour' at the Montreal City Hall on behalf of Gareth

  29. 2007 – Holodomor Memorials at Calgary & Winnipeg

  30. Mark Edwards. Producer of the Living at Aberystwyth

  31. 2008 June, Kyiv – Sergiy Bukovsky Director of The Living

  32. From Nov 2008. Remembered in Sergiy Bukovsky’s film; The Living From the left - Mark Edwards, co-producer; Igor Barba, sound director; Zhenia Kravchuk, line producer; Sergiy Bukovsky, director; Volodymyr Kukorenchuk, director of photography on location, London, June 2008.

  33. Ukrainian Order of MeritPosthumously Awarded to Garethat Westminster Central Hall, Nov 2008

  34. Trinity College, Cambridge University - Nov 2009 • Gareth’s Diaries exhibited The Wren Library at Trinity College along side Sir Issac Newton’s personally annotated copy of his Laws of Motion Masterpiece; The Principia • Over 200 newspapers worldwide covered the story, from the Washington Post to the London Times – Only The New York Times was conspicuous by its absence!

  35. 2009 Nov - UCCA United Nations Exhibit

  36. 2010 November – New York & New Jersey Thank you to: The Ukrainian Institute of America, UCCA & Organization for the Defense of Four Freedoms for Ukraine for the kind invitation & opportunity to speak to you this weekend about my great uncle, Gareth Richard Vaughn Jones Nigel Linsan Colley