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The Big Bad Bully

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The Big Bad Bully. By: Matt McConahy. The Big Bad Bully. By: Matt McConahy.

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the big bad bully

The Big Bad Bully

By: Matt McConahy

the big bad bully1

The Big Bad Bully

By: Matt McConahy


One day Little Johny was walking to school with his friends. They all heard a skateboard coming, and they did not know who it was. It was Derrick, a big bad bully! He came and took Little Johny’s friend’s money. Johny stood up for his friend and got beat up.


Little Johny didn’t have any bruises showing. He walked into school like nothing even happened. Johny was sad and look unhappy. When he went to lunch, the lunch lady asked what was wrong.Johny said, “Nothing is wrong, I am fine.”


The lunch lady answered, “I was just making sure you are okay.” Johnywent and sat down with his friends. They talked quietly about what had happened before school. Ding! The lunch bell rang for them to go to class.


After lunch, Johny went to his class with Ms. M. Ms. M. said, “Johny, come here please I need to talk to you.”Johny came over and asked, “What is up?”


“Johny, someone came up to me and said Derrick is bullying you and your friends. Is that true?” asked Ms. M.“Yes, he was trying to take my lunch money and my friend’s packed lunch,” Johny replied.


“Well then,” said Ms. M., “We will talk to him together.”Johny was frightened and scared to talk to Derrick. “Ms. M. what if he tries to fight me again?”


Derrick found out someone told Ms. M. that he was bullying Johny and his friends. Derrick was as mad as an angry bull. So Derrick went to fight him at lunch.Little Johny got up and yelled, “No! I’m done taking your bullying!”


Ms. M. came over and asked what was going on. Johny said, “Derrick is trying to fight me!”“Derrick why would you want to fight him he is so much smaller than you?” gasped Ms. M. Then Ms. M. got them to talk things out.


The next couple of days went by and happily Little Johny and Derrick became friends. Then when Little Johny got bullied Derrick was there to stick up for him and his friends.


Little Johny and Derrick were friends for the rest of their lives, and they did everything together. They always stayed in touch when one of them went out of town.


Matt McConahy is a sophomore at Lawrence County Career and Technical Center. Matt is enrolled in the Commercial Art program. Matt is from Shenango Area School District.