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JOURNEY TO AFRICA. Tamara Jones, Demetrius Smith, Mariah Murphy Period 2 African-American Literature Destinations: Cairo, Egypt Chinguetti , Mauritania Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe Madagascar. Etiquette. Zimbabwe

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journey to africa

Tamara Jones, Demetrius Smith, Mariah Murphy

Period 2

African-American Literature


Cairo, Egypt

Chinguetti, Mauritania

Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe





A female never looks a male in the eyein rural areas. I fi it is a daughter and her father she must also kneel. In the business world, eye contact shows honesty.

Shake with the right hand and sometimes hug and pat on the back with friends when it’s two men. The same thing happens with women but sometimes with a slight genuflection. When greeting between people of opposite genders, they both shake hands then take one steo back and make a slight genuflection.

Women are expected to be domestic housewives and good role models for their children in city and rural settings. Men are the heads of their families and are allowed to have affairs. If a foreign woman marries into the society she has to accept the society’s norms.

Indirect speaking is used in rural areas and direct in the urban. Personal matters are normally discussed.

Men and women should never stand any less than an arm’s length apart when interacting.

Never speak to a person with your hands in your pockets.

Men wear suits and ties in dark colors while women wear conservative clothing, but little to no expensive jewelry.



  • Direct eye contact is acceptable except if it is between people of the opposite sex then the guy may think the girl is trying to flirt with him.
  • Speaking indirectly in business is common because the businessmen don’t like to say “no”. Do not speak of politics or religion unless you have a good relationship to the person. Communication can be direct.
  • People of the same sex can speak closely around each other but people of the opposite sex must speak from at least an arm’s length away. There are not a lot of public displays of affection.
  • Only use your right hand when greeting, eating, and passing objects.
  • Showing the sole of your shoe is impolite.
  • At a resort, act normally. If you decide to travel among local Egyptians, then you must dress conservatively and not drink or show a lot of emotion.
  • When men greet men they lightly shake with their right hands and kiss on both cheeks. The women shake hands lightly amongst each other or nod in acknowledgment. They only kiss the person if they know him/her well. When people of the opposite sex are greeting each other, handshakes are circumstantial and kisses are only accepted if they are closely related. Usually there is a slight bow of the head and a greeting of “salaam aleikum” which should be replied to with “waaleikum us salam”.
  • Women are respected but usually any behavior that does not follow social and religious traditions is unacceptable, depending on the social class she is a part of.
  • Most women wear a hijab (head scarf) but don’t have to. They are supposed to follow their traditional roles but have more freedom in the upper and middle class.


  • When men greet each other they clasp hands and hold it for a few seconds. Women do the same except they also kiss on both cheeks and (with good friends) embrace twice, once on each side. When people of the opposite gender greet they nod or have a verbal greeting. If a foreign man greets a woman he should wait for her to extend her hand. The men don’t greet foreign men. If there is a group of people of both genders, sometimes the right hand is placed in the middle of the chest.
  • The people speak directly and complete hospitality is given when a person visits. The visitor is not allowed to do anything for him/herself until they know the family well enough.
  • There is little to no personal space when speaking. There is always space between members of the opposite sex or if the person is a guest in someone’s home. People of opposite genders do not usually touch unless it is a business matter.
  • Do not look someone of a higher status in the eye. People of the western hemisphere are a little more susceptible to acceptance from the Mauritanians if the use direct eye contact. Direct eye contact is accepted even though sometimes a woman may not look a man in the eye or children may not look elders in the eye.
  • Women can run their own businesses. They can only travel places if escorted by a male figure, usually a family member.
  • Women cover their heads with a mulafa, which is a scarf that covers the head and not the face, out in public.
  • Any women should try to dress conservatively.


  • Eye contact is limited between all people out of respect. Eye contact is permitted but cannot be prolonged.
  • There is usually no personal space. If there is, the person is sick or it can be assumed that the person does not like the people they are around.
  • They are very direct when speaking.
  • Do not point at something with the index finger without being it towards oneself or it is considered rude.
  • When men greet men they shake hands with the right hand while holding the right arm with the left hand. Women do the same, as well as opposite genders.
  • In the central part of Madagascar women are domestic, take care of finances, and work in the fields.
  • If a person is not interested in someone who is pursuing them, tell them upfront or they will think the person is playing games.
  • Men wear pants and collared shirts. Conservative clothes are meant for women but casual clothes can be worn when out of the business setting.
weather and currency
Weather and Currency
  • It’s hot and dry except for winter months, in which it can be 46.4 degrees, in Cairo. The coastal areas are a mix of urban and rural. They’re filled with beaches and almost look tropical. Cairo is not too far from the famous Sphinx and pyramids of Giza. 1USD=6.15 EGP (Egyptian Money)
  • Mauritania is usually 75 to 81 degrees year-round. It is very sandy and barren land. 1USD=299.50 MRO (Mauritania Ouguiya-Money)
  • Zimbabwe lies on the southern bank of the Zambezi River. From November to March it has a rainy season and the average high is 93-90 degrees Fahrenheit. The average low is 59 to 66 degrees Fahrenheit. 1USD=361.900 ZWD
  • Madagascar is warmest in December and rainiest in January. It’s 72 degrees at night and 91 in the morning at January and December. 1USD=2272.23MRA (Malagasy Ariary-money)
  • Arabicis spoken in both Mauritania and Cairo. It is specifically the Arabic dialect of Hassaniya since there are six.
  • Malagasy is spoken in Madagascar.
  • Shona and Ndebele is spoken in Zimbabwe. It is Northern Ndebele in Zimbabwe after the “Language of the Zulu”.
  • Hassaniya Arabic
  • Peace be upon you Is-selaamu
  • How are you? Ishhaalak?
  • Welcome Merhbe
  • Thank you Shukran
  • Good evening Ishhaal li-mglil
  • Northern Ndele Language
  • Solibonani Hello
  • Yebo No
  • Unjani How are you?
  • Hayikhona No
  • Ngiyabonga Thank you
  • Shona Language
  • MhoroHello
  • Handisikunyasonzwisisa

I don’t understand

  • Unotaura..?

Do you speak..?

  • Chinoitamarii?

How much is this?

  • Waitazvako Thank you
  • Malagasy Language
  • Hi Manaoahoana e!
  • Thankyou very much MisaotraBetsaka!
  • I’m from the US Avy any Estazonia
  • I’m American Amerikanina
  • Do you speak English? Mahaymitenyanglisy?
commonalities and differences from the united states
Commonalities and Differences (from the United States)
  • They shake hands like we do in America but more as a casual greeting than for only business affairs
  • They have no sense of personal space and are very direct about everything.
  • They believe in conservatism for men and women, especially in Cairo where it is overly stressed for people to be covered from head to toe.


The image of a man fighting a crocodile on a tomb near Betioky, Madagascar.


Hand-made antique Zimbabwean mask made by the Ndebele tribe.



Canopic jars from ancient Egypt were used to store the stomach, liver, intestines, and lungs which were stored after mummification in hopes that when the pharaoh was in the afterlife, they would have everything they needed to survive.


This is a Paleo Neolithic Flint Arrowhead. It can be used as a weapon or a tool.

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