laser propagation modeling n.
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Laser Propagation Modeling

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Laser Propagation Modeling - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Laser Propagation Modeling. Making Large Scale Ultrashort Pulse Laser Simulations Possible. Sponsor: Dr. William Roach Air Force Research Labs. Student: Mr. Noah Wolfe UNM/AFRL. Mentor: Dr. Mohammad Zunoubi State University of New York. Date: 11/30/2011. UNM Senior Design Project

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Presentation Transcript
laser propagation modeling
Laser Propagation Modeling

Making Large Scale Ultrashort Pulse Laser Simulations Possible


Dr. William Roach

Air Force Research Labs


Mr. Noah Wolfe



Dr. Mohammad Zunoubi

State University of New York

Date: 11/30/2011

UNM Senior Design Project

Fall Semester 2011

End of Semester Presentation


Project Description

Project Team/Responsibilities



Challenges & Concerns

Present Status

Upcoming Work

Senior Design Project Relevance

project goal
Project Goal

Ultra Short Pulse Laser Propagation

(But Animated )

technical description
Technical Description
  • Non-Linear Schrodinger’s Equation:
  • With evolution of the electron density governed by:
project team responsibilities
Project Team/Responsibilities

Dr. Roach (Sponsor)

Project Lead

Laser Physics Support



Financial Support

Dr. Zunoubi(Mentor)

Project Lead

Simulation and Modeling:

Develop unique 3D laser propagation/interaction code

Develop CUDA implementation of 3D code

  • Dr. Bachove
    • Laser Physics Support
      • Theoretical
  • Dr. Schmitt-Sody
    • Laser Physics Support
      • Produce Experimental results for comparison
  • Mr. Lucero
    • Laser Physics Support
      • Produce Experimental results for comparison
major milestones
Major Milestones

Converted Propagation Code (December 23, 2011)

Previous Fortran subroutines have been converted and coupled into one object oriented C program effectively modeling all Non-Linear Schrodinger terms.

GPU Cluster Implementation (April 15, 2011)

Parallel version of the 3D code has been implemented with CUDA to allow for meaningful large scale testing.

Numerical Testing and Comparison (April 30, 2011)

Real experimental laser characteristics are input and simulated to compare with that of the experimental results.

GUI Development (May 7, 2011)

Output data is compiled and converted into a 3D animation that portrays the laser propagation and interaction with matter.

deliverables software documentation

3D USPL Propagation Code

Need for reliable computational tools for the analysis of High-Power USPL propagation in atmosphere

GUI Program & GUI User Manual

Visual representation of the laser propagation in both space and time. Most likely implemented in Matlab.

Manual documents the process of creating a new animation from output data.

GPU Cluster Interface

Any and all software required to interconnect the multiple standalone computers into one functional cluster for high performance computations.

GPU Cluster User Manual

Complete write-up documenting the process of adding new nodes and running new codes.

deliverables hardware
Deliverables (Hardware)

Capable of computing over 1 Billion unknowns in Minutes

  • Overall:
  • 84 GBs of dedicated memory
  • Over 15 Teraflops/s floating point performance
  • 24-Core CPU Supercomputer:
  • 18 GBs of dedicated memory
  • Over 3 Teraflops/s floating point performance
  • 3584-Core Tesla GPU Machine:
  • 48 GBs of dedicated memory
  • Over 9 Teraflops/s floating point performance
  • Basic HP Desktops (×3):
  • 18 GBs of dedicated memory
  • Over 3 Teraflops/s floating point performance
present status
Present Status

GPU compute cluster has been setup and confirmed operational.

Any GPU compatable program can be run to perform large-scale, computationally heavy simulations.

Finishing the Fortran to C conversion.

60% of the code converted/debugged

Also working on Matlab code to plot the output of the program.

Gaussian Pulse Dispersion

Soliton Propagation

senior design project relevance
Senior Design Project Relevance

Collaborating with a team of engineers

development of effective project management, time management communication, and technical skills

Real world application of classroom material

application of the basic science, mathematics, engineering and design skills taught in earlier courses

3D propagation Code  C programing ECE 131/231

GPU Cluster  Computer Architecture ECE 337

Code Optimization  Software Design ECE 330

Hands on experience of Engineering Process

Research, Development, Implementation, Testing, Maintenance/Improvement