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Five Themes of Geography. Location Place (Characteristics) Human-Environmental Relationships Movement Regions. I. Location. a. Absolute Location: Exact position on the globe Latitude and Longitude Street Address

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Five themes of geography
Five Themes of Geography


Place (Characteristics)

Human-Environmental Relationships



I location
I. Location

a. Absolute Location:Exact position on the globe

  • Latitude and Longitude

  • Street Address

    b. Relative Location:Location in relation to other places (described by landmarks, time, direction or distance from one place to another)

  • North of Provo

  • Along the Jordan River

  • 30 miles from Park City


What is the absolute location of Sunset Ridge?

6881 West 8200 South

West Jordan, UT 84081

What is the relative location?

Ii place characteristics
II. Place (Characteristics)

a. Physical

i. land features

ii. Weather

iii. Plants

iv. animals

b. Human: Things that have changed due to people

  • Buildings and Landmarks

  • Roads

  • People

  • Culture

  • Language

  • Religion

  • Cities

Place characteristics
Place (Characteristics)

What are physical characteristics of Utah?

What are human characteristics of Utah?

Iii human environmental relationships
III. Human-Environmental Relationships

  • a. Humans adapt to the environment.

  • b. Humans modify the environment.

  • c. Humans dependon the environment.

How have we changed the environment?

How have we responded to changes in the environment?

Iv movement
IV. Movement

a. People

  • Migration

  • Travel

  • Immigration

  • Work

    b. Goods

  • Exports

  • Imports

    c. Ideas

  • Internet


How are people transported in this city?

How are goods transported in this city?

How are ideas transported in this city? (e.g. communication)

V region
V. Region

  • Formal – area where a certain characteristic or characteristics are present

    • Languages

    • Climate

    • Religion

    • Ethnicity/Race

  • Functional – one central place and the surrounding places around it

    • Metropolitan Area (DC, NYC, Denver, Salt Lake, St. George)

    • Shopping Region (central mall/supermarket, Gateway, Jordan Landing)

    • Ports and the areas served by them


  • What are examples of formal regions?