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Criminal Justice 121. National Research Council Understanding Violence. “ behaviors by individuals that intentionally threaten, attempt, or inflict physical harm on others. ” (p.2). We recognize this as Violence. And probably this. And this…. But is this violence?. Is poverty violence?.

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National research council understanding violence
National Research CouncilUnderstanding Violence

“behaviors by individuals that intentionally threaten, attempt, or inflict physical harm on others.” (p.2)

American heritage dictionary
American Heritage Dictionary

1. Physical force exerted for the purpose of violating, damaging, or abusing: crimes of violence.

2. The act or an instance of violent action or behavior.

3. Intensity or severity, as in natural phenomena; untamed force: the violence of a tornado.

4. Abusive or unjust exercise of power.

5. Abuse or injury to meaning, content, or intent: do violence to a text.

6. Vehemence of feeling or expression; fervor.

Is violence the same thing as power
Is violence the same thing as power?

Power, says Voltaire, is compelling people to act as I choose.

Hannah arendt
Hannah Arendt

“Power and violence are opposites where one rules absolutely, the other is absent”

Power needs legitimacy
Power needs Legitimacy

Power needs numbers, it needs support by the many. Violence does not necessarily need numbers. It can be carried out by one by the few over the many

What kind of violence does the state possess
What kind of violence does the state possess?

“rule of men over men based on the means of legitimate, that is allegedly legitimate, violence.” Max Weber

Rage and violence
Rage and Violence

rage and violence as natural emotions. to cure them would mean to dehumanize man. rage and violence are irrational only when directed against substitutes

Violence today
Violence Today

violence increases as our capacity to exercise power, to act, decreases in global society…every decrease in power is an open invitation to violence

What this course will argue, and you are most welcome to disagree, is that violence has increased dramatically as the western powers have asserted their dominance over the globe.

Violence is a broad concept, but its extent today is deeply tied to notions of western and white supremacy and the fear, mainly by European peoples, of the “other.” Chicago is a good example of the types of American violence.