what s new in the cvs eep entry tool n.
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What's New in the CVS-EEP Entry Tool PowerPoint Presentation
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What's New in the CVS-EEP Entry Tool

What's New in the CVS-EEP Entry Tool

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What's New in the CVS-EEP Entry Tool

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  1. What's New in theCVS-EEP Entry Tool This document points out some the new features and improvements we've made in recent versions. version 2.2.6 by Michael Lee October 20, 2008 Don't have a copy of the tool? Get it here:

  2. Summary of Updates in 2.2.6 • Download Plots for Monitoring • Messages on Main Menu • Manage Projects - delete project or year • Improved Advanced Options • Compact and Repair Help • Configure Monitoring Reports • Miscellaneous Updates

  3. Main Menu > Extras > Download > Download Plots How to find this form Download Plots for Monitoring 1) Click the button to download the list of projects 2) Import the desired project by clicking the "import" button -Optional: Use the blue search area to find a project. -Optional: map a single project or all projects online. 3) Print VMD (Monitoring) Datasheets

  4. Main Menu Messages on Main Menu • Messages are consolidated at the top of the Main Menu. • Click the message for more information. • Click "x" to delete a message. • Click "xx" if you don't want to see this message again.

  5. Main Menu > Planning > View Existing Projects Manage Projects In the View or Add Projects form: • Delete a single year of a project by selecting the year in the upper right corner, then click "delete year." • Delete the entire project by clicking "delete project."

  6. Main Menu > Options > Advanced features Improved Advanced Features • You can search through the Advanced Features with the blue search box, searching for words in the form. • New Option: The Entry Tool can reopen the forms that were open the last time you used it.

  7. Main Menu > Options > Advanced features > Compact and Repair Information Compact and Repair Help • Regular compact and repair decreases file size and improves performance. • Configure reminders after • Lots of data is deleted. • File size increases significantly. • Press the "Compact and Repair now!" button to start. • Details of last compact and repairs are shown.

  8. Main Menu > Reports > Datasheets for Monitoring Configure Monitoring Reports • Options have been added to print notes on each stem, if available from last year. • No notes, print as footnotes, or print in the row with the stem. • Stem maps show how the stems are arranged. Choose the size you like best. Choose "Variable" and the entry tool will try to select the right size for each plot (larger maps for more plots with more stems).

  9. Miscellaneous Updates • Level 3 plots have been better defined. Reach has added, confidentiality has been dropped, and these plots will always be 1 are (100 square meters). • Possible field values and definitions are online for download to a PDA or smart phone for use in the field: