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Welcome!. General Information. When researching Tuesday:. Keep in mind: What are you trying to argue? What will your specific points be? (Thesis elements!) Are you finding the opposing viewpoint as well?. Required steps of writing process. 1) Source gathering 2) Highlight information

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When researching tuesday
When researching Tuesday:

  • Keep in mind:

    • What are you trying to argue?

    • What will your specific points be? (Thesis elements!)

    • Are you finding the opposing viewpoint as well?

Required steps of writing process
Required steps of writing process

  • 1) Source gathering

  • 2) Highlight information

  • 3) notecards (20)

  • 4) outline

  • 5) Rough Draft

  • 6) Edit

  • 7) 1st typed copy

  • 8) Revise

  • 9) Final draft

Sources minimum of 6
Sources: Minimum of 6

  • Must pass the crap test

    • Must have title

    • Must be within the last 10 years (updates count)

    • If no author, must have the sponsor information

    • Must have all citation information with it

    • Your life will be miserable if you think: “Oh, I’ll just go back and get that later.”

Notecards you need to get some
Notecards: You need to get some!

  • Very specific format

  • This will allow you to organize your information

  • Must have a minimum of 20 notecards plus a bibliography card for each source (26 total)

  • At least 3 of each:

    • Paraphrase

    • Quote

    • Summary


  • I’ll give you a loose format to use

  • This will help in organizing your argument

Rough draft
Rough Draft

  • To avoid plagiarism

  • We will edit these

  • Will be typed

  • Don’t ever everevereverevereverever copy and paste

Final draft
Final draft

  • Minimum of five pages

  • Maximum of seven pages

  • If there are not 5 pages when it is turned in, you will finish the assignment and complete an additional assignment

    • This will technically make your paper 6-8 pages

  • “Essays” make up 50% of your semester grade; so far this is your only one

  • MLA format

Important things to remember
Important things to remember:

  • You are learning a process; once you’ve mastered this, then you can choose which steps to use in the future.

  • This can be easy, or it can be difficult.

  • You need to get notecards and highlighters by next week.

On editing
On editing:

  • Your paper will be edited at least three times before the final draft is turned in

  • Do not rely on Ms. Nipper to catch all mistakes and hand it back to you for a re-do; she stops editing after you can no longer lose points for poor editing

  • Use your resources:

    • The internet (Purdue OWL)

    • Edit sheets provided

    • Other students

    • Other adults you trust

    • Do NOT rely on the spellcheck tool in Microsoft

Ain t nobody got time for that sweet brown
Ain’t nobody got time for that.” –Sweet Brown

  • Yes, you can re-do your final essay if you are not satisfied with your grade

  • No, I will not accept it if you do not highlight/mark your fixes

  • I don’t have time to compare your original paper when you’ve only fixed 3 comma errors

  • Printing out the same copy of a paper and only changing the date does not impress me