labatt food service it business solutions l.
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Labatt Food Service IT Business solutions

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Labatt Food Service IT Business solutions - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Labatt Food Service IT Business solutions. Juli Selzer Software Development Manager. Company Overview. Labatt Food Service. Home of the Best Best in People Best in Product Best in Service. 212,765 ft ². 380,000 ft ². 70,684 ft ². Constructed 1971. Purchased 1989.

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labatt food service it business solutions

Labatt Food ServiceIT Business solutions

Juli Selzer

Software Development Manager

labatt food service
Labatt Food Service
  • Home of the Best
    • Best in People
    • Best in Product
    • Best in Service
labatt food service distribution centers

212,765 ft²

380,000 ft²

70,684 ft²

Constructed 1971

Purchased 1989

One Distribution System

147,976 ft²

Constructed 2007

Opened July 2005

Labatt Food Service Distribution Centers

San Antonio


distributor of national brands

Verifiable Quality and Consistency

Only “Top 50” Broadline Foodservice Distributor To Provide No Private Label

Distributor of National Brands

Over 500 Manufacturers Represented

it business solutions
IT Business Solutions

Management wants salesman to increase their sales territory. Currently, a single salesman covering a territory of 2 million in sales annually has limited time to spend with each customer. Customer’s are dependent on the salesman’s scheduled to conduct business. If we increase his sales territory how will this affect his relations with customers?

How can a salesman increase their sales territory without sacrificing customer relations?

key duties of a salesman
Key duties of a salesman
  • Keying Orders – Salesman sit down with their customers and manually key orders
  • Substitutions – Salesman must review order outs and rekey a comparable item
  • Product Expertise – Provide customers with product nutritional information, MSDS, etc.
  • Hot Shots – Hand delivery of mispulled product
  • Payment Collection
automated ordering solutions

Order Accelerator


Customer POS

Automated Ordering Solutions

Labatt offers several ordering applications for customers to key in their orders.

minimize substitutions
Minimize Substitutions
  • Auto Substitutions – The system can automatically substitute an item when no product is available with a pre-approved item.
  • Like Item System – *Notifies customers similar items during the order entry process.
  • *Release date 2010
product expertise
Product Expertise

Labatt Food Services Online Item catalog provides customers with Nutritional Facts, Ingredients, etc.

operational inefficiency
Operational Inefficiency
  • Each order selector picks about 6,000 cases per week
  • A selection “transaction” involves driving to a location, getting off the tugger, picking cases and placing them on a flat
  • A typical order selector does 3,200 “transactions” every week.
  • Mispulls occurred 1 in every 750 cases selected
    • Pick from the wrong bay, wrong aisle, or level.
    • Transpose digits on location
voice technology
Voice Technology

Check Digit

Batch Number

payment collection


Weekly Invoice

Data Transfer

Labatt’s Invoice


A/P System

Accounts Payables



Imaging System

Web Invoice Images


Web Viewing


Payment Collection
  • Online Invoices
  • Automated Clearing House
  • Accounting Integrations
  • Menu Development
  • Cost Containment
  • Quarterly Business Reviews
  • New Product Development (Test Kitchen)