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Tribal Clean Energy Resource Center National Tribal Forum on Air Quality – June 14-16, 2011 Ann Marie Chischilly, ITE PowerPoint Presentation
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Tribal Clean Energy Resource Center National Tribal Forum on Air Quality – June 14-16, 2011 Ann Marie Chischilly, ITE

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Tribal Clean Energy Resource Center National Tribal Forum on Air Quality – June 14-16, 2011 Ann Marie Chischilly, ITE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Tribal Clean Energy Resource Center National Tribal Forum on Air Quality – June 14-16, 2011 Ann Marie Chischilly, ITEP Executive Director Mehrdad Khatibi, ITEP Associate Director . TCERC Goals. Assist tribes with assessing renewable energy and clean energy resources

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Presentation Transcript

Tribal Clean Energy Resource Center

National Tribal Forum on Air Quality – June 14-16, 2011

Ann Marie Chischilly, ITEP Executive Director

Mehrdad Khatibi, ITEP Associate Director

tcerc goals
  • Assist tribes with assessing renewable energy and clean energy resources
  • Recruit, training and employing Native American students
  • Assist with energy audits, energy plans, and energy conservation
  • Assist with developing energy independence and economic development
  • Develop a professional renewable energy workforce for tribal governments and enterprises through
    • Long-term K-20 STEM education;
    • Innovative graduate studies;
    • Post graduate certificates; and
    • Focused training programs (workshops, web-based curricula, mentor assistance).
tcerc tribal advisory committee
TCERC Tribal Advisory Committee


  • President Ben Shelley, Diné Nation
  • Chairman Tex Hall, Mandan, Hidatsa, Arikara Nation
  • Chairman Leroy Shingoitewa, Hopi Nation
  • Jim Grey, Osage Nation, Chairman CERT
  • Joe Garcia, NCAI Southwest Region Vice President
  • Kirk Francis, Chief, Penobscot Tribe
  • Bill Thompson, Vice Chief, Penobscot Tribe
  • Bob Gough, Inter-Tribal Council on Utility Policy
  • Roger Fragua, Pueblo of Jemez
  • Mike Connelly, Campo Tribe of Kumeyaay Indians


  • Council of Energy Resource Tribes
  • National Tribal Environmental Council
  • Inter-Tribal Council on Utility Policy
  • United Southern and Eastern Tribes
  • National Wildlife Federation
overview of nau services
Overview of NAU Services
  • Sustainable Energy Solutions Group
  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy, Storage, Materials
  • Environmental Impacts
  • Bio energy / Algae
  • Energy / Carbon
  • Native American Energy
  • Business / Policy
  • Energy and Water
  • Biomass
  • Rural / Engineers Without Borders
  • NAU Curriculum
sustainable energy solutions from concept to realization
Sustainable Energy Solutions “From Concept to Realization”
  • Areas of Excellence:
    • Research , Development, and Demonstration
      • Wind Assessment
      • Utility Wind Integration
      • Wind flow modeling in complex terrain
      • Wind power desalination
      • Economic impacts
      • Avian and bat interactions
    • Education
      • NAU wind energy and renewable energy courses, capstone projects
      • Internships / seminars
      • Arizona Wind and Geothermal Working Group
      • Arizona Geothermal Working Group
      • Southwest Renewable Energy Conference
      • Renewable Energy Test Facility (10 kW)
    • Technology Transfer
      • Wind Finders, TecVerde, SWWP
  • Project Implementation
    • Native American business planning
    • Shonto, AZ Chapter
wind energy research
Wind Energy Research
  • Wind Resource Assessment
  • Wind Flow Modeling
    • Over complex terrain
      • Mesoscale mapping
      • CFD Microscale Modeling
      • Commercial: WindPro, Acusolve
    • Turbine-level
  • Utility-Scale Wind Integration
  • Wind and hydropower integration
  • NAU Contacts: Tom Acker, Earl Duque, Steve Atkins
  • Collaborators: ASU UofA
  • Partners: NREL, SFAz, IEA, Industry
solar energy materials storage
Solar Energy, Materials, Storage
  • Solar Compressed Air Energy Storage
  • Solar thermal / hybrid energy system optimization
  • Advanced materials for energy storage
  • NAU Contacts: Peter Vadasz, Tim Porter, Randy Dillingham, Dave Cornelison, Stephanie Hurst
  • Collaborators: UofA – AzRISE, Institute for Solar Energy
  • Partners: SFAz, NanoVoltaix, Inc. (Tempe)

SEM image of PVDF-TiO2 composite material used for capacitive energy storage

environmental impacts
Environmental Impacts
  • Avian and Bat Protocols for Wind Energy
  • Avian and Bat species assessments
  • Habitat assessments
  • Related policies
  • NAU Contacts: Bill Auberle, Karan English, Shawn Newell, Dean Smith
  • Collaborators: AzGFD, USFWS, Industry
  • Partners: Ecological Monitoring and Assessment Program, NREL
bio energy algae
Bio Energy / Algae
  • Algae to biodiesel
    • Bioreactor & process design
    • Lipid accumulating algae strains
  • NAU Contacts: Terry Baxter, Egbert Schwartz
  • Collaborators: ASU – Qiang Hu & Milt Sommerfeld, UofA – Joel Cuello, Yuma – Kurt Nolte
  • Partners: AWI

high salt

  • Cellulosic Biomass
  • Woody biomass supply
  • NAU Contacts: Haydee Hampton, Tom Sisk, Bridget Bero
  • Partners: USDA
energy carbon
Energy / Carbon
  • Forest carbon balance
  • Carbon protection and fire risk
  • Carbon-nitrogen interactions
  • Climate impacts to ecosystems; ecosystem feedbacks to climate
  • NAU Contacts: Bruce Hungate, George Koch
  • NAU Collaborators: Matt Hurteau, Tom Kolb, Alex Finkral
  • Partners: US DOE
native american energy
Native American Energy
  • Energy efficiency opportunities
  • Renewable energy assessments, business planning, energy policies
  • Shonto Regional Renewable Energy Development and Electrification
  • Native American Sustainable Energy Resource Center
  • NTUA wind feasibility study
  • Business Planning and Startup
  • Shonto Artist and Travel Plaza
  • Gray Mountain Wind Devel.
  • NAU Contacts: Dean Smith, Mehrdad Khatibi, Tom Acker, Bill Auberle, Levi Esquerra
  • Collaborators: NAU ITEP, CAIED
  • Partners: NTUA, NREL, DOE, LLNL, WRAP, Grand Canyon Trust, AZDOC, Sandia National Labs

1997 EIA data on energy consumption and expenditure for major energy sources in Indian households.

business economics
Business / Economics
  • Economic impacts of wind development
  • Wind energy development: in-state vs. out-of-state
  • Non-market benefits of solar energy in Arizona
  • Economic, Social and Cultural Development and Energy
  • Policy Design and implementation
  • Investment analysis for installations
  • NAU Contacts: Dean Smith, Susan Williams, Tom Acker, Julie Mueller
  • Collaborators: NAU ITEP
  • Partners: NREL, DOE, LLNL
center for american indian economic development
Center for American Indian Economic Development

Mission: To collaborate with tribal communities and nations to help them achieve self-sufficiency through community, economic, and business development.

  • Evaluating the macro/micro economic impacts of any major infrastructure change
    • Examining Long Term & Short Term sovereignty impacts
    • Evaluating the direct relevance of projects to local communities and their governing processes
    • Regional impacts to competing or neighboring tribal groups, tribes, and/or communities

CAIED points of contact:

  • N. Levi Esquerra – Director, Chemehuevi Indian Tribe
  • Ron Cornish – Research Specialist
energy water
Energy & Water
  • Wind powered desalination
  • Energy and water in Arizona agriculture and food products
  • Water/energy conservation & management for rural Arizona’s water and wastewater systems
  • Energy efficiency attributes of Ag
  • NAU Contacts: Abe Springer, Tom Acker, Steve Mead, Bill Auberle, Charlie Schlinger, Dean Smith
  • Collaborators: UofA Yuma – Kurt Nolte
  • Partners: NREL, US Bureau of Reclamation

Yuma Lettuce Energy Map

rural developing world
Rural / Developing World
  • Engineers Without Borders (EWB)
  • Rural energy and water supplies
  • Field applications in Ghana, Africa
  • Wind powered shallow water well pumping and purification
  • Kenyan market for rural wind power
  • NAU Contacts: Paul

Trotta, Aaron Denham

Tom Acker, Dean Smith

  • Partners: EWB
nau curriculum
NAU Curriculum
  • Master of Science in Engineering
    • Emphasis in Sustainable Systems
  • ME 451 – Renewable Energy Systems
  • ME 499/599 – Wind Energy Conversion Systems
  • EGR 501 – Sustainable Systems Engineering
  • SUS 599 – Powering The Plateau
  • CENE 440/540 – Env. & Energy Policy
  • CENE 599 - Sustainability of Environmental Biotechnology
  • ECO 328 – Energy Economics and Policy 328,
  • ECO 325 – Environmental Economics 325
  • Interdisciplinary course on climate mitigation: campus solutions
  • ITEP K-16 Outreach program
  • NAU Contacts: Tom Acker, Bill Auberle, Dean Smith
emerging areas of expertise
Emerging Areas of Expertise
  • Fuels / Engines / Vehicles
  • Control Systems
  • Power Systems
  • Food consumption, production, migration
  • Business start-ups / Technical support

NAU Contacts: John Tester; Niranjan Venkatraman; Allison Kipple; and Dean Smith

Partner: NREL; testing, design, manufacturing

nau institutional support
NAU Institutional Support

Strategic Goal 6

“…to become the nation’s leading University serving Native Americans.”

  • 1200+ Native Students (70 tribes)
  • Located close to numerous tribes
  • New Native American Cultural Center
  • Applied Indigenous Studies
  • American College & University Presidents Climate Commitment (President Haeger signed)
  • National Institute for Climate Change Research (1 of 4 Nationally)
  • Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (ITEP) – serving tribes nationally for 20 years
  • National Nuclear Security Agency Internship at Lawrence Livermore National Lab
    • College Students (9)
    • High School Students (10)
how can tribes help
How can tribes help?
  • Join the TCERC Advisory Committee
  • Tell us what services you think TCERC needs to prioritize and develop
  • Partner with NAU to assist with development efforts

NAU Contacts:

  • Dr. Joseph Martin;
  • Ann Marie Chischilly;