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Zane Linde , University of Latvia , Faculty of Biology

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Zane Linde , University of Latvia , Faculty of Biology - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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European Social Fund project “ Capacity building for interdisciplinary biosafety research ” Nr.2009/0224/1DP/ Informed consent to biobank research : a need for ethical framework and coherent national regulation in Latvia.

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European Social Fund project “Capacity buildingfor interdisciplinary biosafety research”
  • Nr.2009/0224/1DP/
Informedconsent to biobankresearch: a need for ethical framework and coherent national regulation in Latvia

International conference"From informed consent to no consent? The challenges of new ethical frameworks“Tartu, EstoniaNovember 4 - 6, 2010


  • There is deficiency of publicly available information on biobanking and no public discussion on ethical aspects of biobank research.
  • There is lack of experience of participatory practices. The responsibilities regarding development of legal and ethical framework are left to experts (politicians and scientists).
  • “Well if say to me, it is a marker of analysis ... I fully believe in the man who gave the oath of Hippocrates and appreciate the professional responsibility, either, and if he is a villain then I cannot intervene there.” (Genome Project donor)4
  • There is no discussion on possible future developments of informed consent requirements in terms of liberalism and communitarianism.
  • The media is not as an intermediary between government, science and society. Only some bioethical issues, such as GMOs, are broadly covered by mass media.
  • 1,2,4 AivitaPutnina. Population genome project in Latvia. Centre for bioethics and biosafety. 2008
  • 3 Zane Linde. Geneticbiotechnologiesindailypracticeofmedicine (MasterThesis). 2010

Zane Linde, UniversityofLatvia, FacultyofBiology

Signe Mežinska, UniversityofLatvia, FacultyofHumanities

Ilze Mileiko, UniversityofLatvia, FacultyofBiology