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Rose Rojas, Assistant Director for Transfer & Articulation, District Office PowerPoint Presentation
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Rose Rojas, Assistant Director for Transfer & Articulation, District Office

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Rose Rojas, Assistant Director for Transfer & Articulation, District Office - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Rose Rojas, Assistant Director for Transfer & Articulation, District Office

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  1. Rose Rojas, Assistant Director for Transfer & Articulation, District Office Kelly Gwilliam, Director for Community College Relations, ASU

  2. Alliance Goals • Double the number of Maricopa students transferring to ASU over the next five years. • Double the percentage of Maricopa students transferring to ASU with an associate's degree. • Increase the rate of Maricopa transfer students earning a bachelor's degree. • Ensure seamless transition of students between Maricopa and ASU. • Expand opportunities for direct transfer to specified ASU degree programs through Maricopa to ASU Program Pathways (MAPPs)

  3. Progress and Updates • Complementary websites for Maricopa and ASU have been redesigned. • Approximately 91 MAPPs are available to Maricopa students. • New campaign of print materials including posters, table tents, and student success stories. • Continuing to work on ASU office spaces at the Maricopa Community Colleges.

  4. Why MAPPs • MAPPs provide Maricopa students a parallel path the same as a native student at ASU. • MAPPs offer meaningful benefits: • Cost-effective pathway ensuring all courses transfer and apply to an ASU degree. • Guaranteed admission into university and degree program upon successful completion. • Eligibility for tuition commitment program and specific scholarships.

  5. MAPP Processes for Sign-Ups • Switching between MAPPs is discouraged as this can impact catalog year and other benefits. • Please check with Kelly Gwilliam (ASU) if you are working with students that truly want to switch. • Students must sign up within the academic calendar year. Summer sign ups must be sure to be on the appropriate catalog MAPP. • Students with outside pass-through credit must notify ASU and submit forms prior to signing up.

  6. To sign up students for a MAPP or not to - that is the question!!!!

  7. Language Requirement • In programs where there is a second language requirement, students should satisfy the requirement prior to transferring to ASU. • Students could satisfy the foreign language graduation requirement by passing a 4th semester (intermediate level) language exam with a grade of “C” or better. Please note: except for Spanish, French, and German, NO CREDIT is awarded when a proficiency test is successfully passed in another language.

  8. Business • Alternative Accounting course sequences • WP Carey FAQs under Resource Tools on Alliance website • Switching between business majors

  9. Criminology • Maricopa does not have a current equivalency for ASU’s CRJ 201. • CCTA is working with the Administrative of Justice Instructional Council to see if the can create or modify an existing course. • For now, students need to take CRJ 201 prior to transfer at ASU in order to complete the MAPP requirements.

  10. Kinesiology • Earlier in the semester, there was a mistake in the special requirements section of that MAPP document. It listed a 3.0 GPA for admission listed; however, the actual GPA is 3.3 for admission. • Each student signed up for Kinesiology over the summer and during the fall was individually contacted via phone and email.

  11. Nursing • Prior to fall 2010, only those students who had a 2.75 GPA in the specified set of courses and met all of the other requirements of the RN-BSN pathway were guaranteed admission into the program.  Those with a 2.50-2.74 GPA in that specified set of courses were also considered for the program contingent upon available space.  • Effective this semester, resources will be devoted such that all students with a 2.5 GPA in the specified set of courses, who also meet all of the other requirements, will be guaranteed admission in to the RN-BSN program.

  12. Coming Soon • Additional MAPP majors to be added. • Continue to prepare ASU offices at the Maricopa Community Colleges. • Associate of Applied Science (AAS) – Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS).

  13. Promotion and Communication • Small group activity – discuss and share with larger group • What is working well? • What are ideas for improvement?

  14. Questions and Concerns • What elements are still confusing? • What are recurring issues with the students you see? • What still needs clarification?

  15. Online Resources