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Photography Backdrop Stable Base Stand (3m Wide x 2.7m Tall) is made of metal with a strong stable tripod base for stability to be used in studios, indoor and outdoor to shoot wedding photography, making home videos, outdoor shoots, fashion photos. It will support and hold canvas muslin backdrop, paper backdrop, wall backdrops, vinyl backdrops with ease. It is easy to install, portable and readily packed for quick mobility.

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Cedar Photo Paper Backdrop come in variety of widths. They are a heavy weight, fine-tooth, matte paper range, thick enough to avoid creasing with normal use, designed for professional studio photography. Maximum durability, compatible with a variety of media, and is ideal for photo background, display banners, drafting and decorations providing a high quality final result. From amateurs to professionals, our paper roll backdrops are ideally suited for getting the highest quality backgrounds. Seamless paper is used to create theatrical sets, visual merchandising displays, special event environments and photographic backgrounds. The heavy paper resists wrinkles and creases. Paper is heavy-weighted, comes in a wide variety of colours and can be cut when the surface becomes dirty.


High-quality paper

Easy to use‚¬€?just unroll what you need

Cost-effective for a wide variety of uses

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