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UXO Sector Evaluation June – July 2008 Findings and Recommendations Dr Maligna Saignavongs Director NRA. Evaluation ToR.

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UXO Sector EvaluationJune – July 2008Findings and RecommendationsDr Maligna Saignavongs Director NRA

evaluation tor

Evaluation ToR

Evaluate progress of the UXO Sector against the 3 objectives of the National Strategic Plan. Also examine the National Strategic Plan and make recommendations for revisions;

Evaluate whether the structure of the UXO Sector is correct and if the NRA is providing effective leadership, governance and coordination as stipulated in Part IV, Institutional Arrangements of the National Strategic Plan;

Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of UXO Laoand the progress achieved against its strategy; and

Review and assess the effectiveness of Government and donor support provided to the UXO Sector and the implementation of the National Strategic Plan.

3 objectives of the safe path forward

1. Community Awareness: “UXO/Mine Risk Education (MRE) teams will visit and deliver MRE training to all impacted communities in Lao PDR and UXO/mine accidents will be reduced ….. not exceeding 100 persons/year”; 2. Survey and Clearance: “All agricultural areas considered to be ‘high priority’ will be cleared, as well as a sizeable portion of other areas identified as ‘medium priority’ – for a total of no less than 18,000 hectares of land cleared by UXO Lao alone”; 3. Victim Assistance: “A national database on Mine/UXO accidents will be developed …. to feed into the prioritization of clearance and MRE tasks. The specific needs of survivors of UXO/mine accidents ….. will be factored in all national/local public health initiatives”;

3 Objectives of the Safe Path Forward


The Evaluation was very detailed and has made many recommendations.Recommendations can be accepted or not.Accepted recommendations need to be implemented.

the next strategic plan recommendations

1. The use of scoping results as the basis for planning2. The need for greater emphasis on roving tasks and responsiveness3. The need for development of a simple system of priority setting that addresses development and poverty reduction priorities4. The development of new types of targets, given the shift in emphasis to roving tasks 5. An explanation of funding policies and mechanisms for the sector6. The definition of an exit or handover strategy for the NRA and UXO Lao residual functions.

The Next Strategic PlanRecommendations

  • 1.1 – 1.6 Agreed
    • The Evaluation Team designed a method to identify the scope of work required to clear all contaminated land that is financially “worth” clearing in 47 poorest districts. It is suggested that this exercise is revised and re-run
    • The programme cannot be limited to the clearance of paddy land…... The scoping exercise is a complex undertaking and should not be underestimated as there are many variables that need to be agreed and many data-sets that are not accurate.
uxo sector
UXO Sector

2.1 – Not agreed (restructuring the sector for 2 pillars).

2.2 – linked to 2.1.

2.3 – Agreed.

2.4 – A new prioritisation system should be developed.

2.5 & 2.6 – Agreed. QA expansion should be planned but 5 % is not feasible.

2.7 & 2.8 & 2.9 – Agreed.

2.10 – Not agreed – too soon to transition.

next strategic plan
Next Strategic Plan

3.1 – Agreed. Integrate next plan into NSEDP timing

3.2 – Not agreed. As discussed earlier the UXO Sector should remain based on the 3 pillars of VA, MRE and Clearance.

3.3 – Agreed but more aspects need to be included in the plan

  • 4.0 – Agreed – NRA should expand its Public Relations efforts
  • 4.1 – Not agreed – new legislation will follow with the CCM
  • 4.2 – Agreed - UXO clearance legislation is required
  • 4.3 – Agreed in principle. A residual capacity needs designing soon.
  • 4.4 – Partially agreed
  • 4.5 – National Standards are approved
  • 4.6 - Agreed – accreditation should be accelerated
  • 4.7 - QA is Agreed but 5% is too large to be feasible
  • 4.8 –Agreed - Cost capture is a good idea
  • 4. 9 – Agreed – benchmarking is a good initiative but will depend on funding
  • 4.10 – Agreed – TA support should be better measured
  • 4.11 – Agreed in principle – NRA should be cost conscious
  • 4.12 – Agreed in principle – NRA remains a UN project
  • 4.13 – Not agreed – NRA functions are in PM Decree
uxo lao
  • 5.1 – More emphasis on Roving Tasks - Accepted but not at expense of area clearance capacity.
  • 5.2 & 5.3 - Agreed
  • 5.4 - Agreed in principle but requires capital investment that is disproportionate to benefits
  • 5.5 - It is not practical for MRE Teams to operate with EOD Roving Teams as they are in locations for no more than 1 day, so arranging and implementing MRE is not possible, especially if you wish to capture the target group.
uxo lao1
  • 5.6 – Accepted
  • 5.7 UXO Lao will follow any revised national priorities but it is not practical to move resources between provinces and 3 most impacted provinces have larger operations at present.
  • 5.8 – 5.10 – Accepted
  • 5.11 UXO Lao strongly disagree with this recommendation. It is based on the wrong perspective by the evaluation team.
  • 5.12 ETS should not be viewed as a prioritising tool per se, as it is one option after desk assessment and general survey (other options are Clearance, roving or release)
uxo lao2
  • 5.13 -5.15 – Accepted
  • 5.16 UXO Lao would like to conduct this cost capture study and investigate ‘cost recovery’ operations provided this is approved by the Government.
  • 5.17 – 5.18 – Accepted
  • 5.19 UXO Lao have no objection to a wider remit for the Auditors provided it is practical and with in the scope of the UNDP NEX Audit ToR
  • 5.20 - Accepted

Streamlining MOU process

  • 6.1- Agreed.

-MOFA has initiated a review process by setting up a reform committee


Cash Contribution by the GOL

  • 6.2–Agreed.
    • The GOL has been making in-kind contributions to the programme and will continue to seek possibilities to increase both in-kind and cash contributions.
    • The NRA submitted a funding request for the programme to the GOL.
    • Funding for the long term capacity to deal with the residual threat will be discussed in the context of the strategy review process.

Integration of UXO Action into Development

  • 6.4 & 6.5 - Agreed in principle.
    • The cost of UXO clearance should be included in large scale development project budgets.
    • Smaller poverty reduction and/or development projects should be supported by a humanitarian UXO clearance operator without any charge if they have limited resources.
    • Issuance of a guidance note (if not a stronger legislation) for development agencies on mainstreaming UXO clearance into their development projects will be further discussed.

Residual Capacities for UXO Disposal

  • 6.6 -Agreed in Principle.
    • The idea for a residual capacity needs discussion with all stakeholders and direction from the NRA Board.
    • A workshop to discuss options will be held to explore the options

Harmonization/Coordination of Donor Support

  • 6.3 & 6.7– Agreed.
    • Long-Term Capacity Development and TA deployment plan will be formulated alongside the strategy review process
    • A funding proposal for the UXO Sector is being developed and different funding modalities are being discussed with the NRA and MPI before being further discussed with donors.