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Mens shirt online PowerPoint Presentation
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Mens shirt online

Mens shirt online

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Mens shirt online

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  1. Made to measure shirts online Buying a good fitted shirt is always difficult. Many men face this difficulty of being able to find a shirt that exactly fits their body. It is not easy to find shirts that have exact dimensions for standard sized shirts. You would find mostly mean wearing shirts that are ill fitted. Made to measure shirts or custom made shirts are solution to such problems. These made to measure shirts are designed and created in such a manner that it offers the wearer the most accurate fit that they require.

  2. So what exactly is made to measure shirts? Usually when you walk into a store, you look for shirts size based on the neck and sleeve length. The made to measure shirts are more from just neck and sleeves. These shirts are made exactly the size that fits your body. The more the shirt is properly fitted to you, the more elegant it looks. So while going for made to measure shirts, here are some important details that you should be providing to the tailor to stitch a shirt of your size:-

  3. Shirt Length - This is the first and the foremost thing to look at. A proper shirt length would ensure that the made to measure shirts are neither too long nor too short. After all, every details counts when it comes to stitching a good quality shirt.

  4. Chest - A shirt should have proper fitting around the chest. Neither should it be too loose or too tight. The made to measure shirts are designed keeping in account that it should fit only the desired person.

  5. Neck - likewise normal shirts, even made to measure shirts require accurate dimensions of neck. Even if you are ordering online, there are ways that you can give your accurate measurements.

  6. Waist - Each size is different and hence the clothes should be worn according to the shape of body. While going for made to measure shirts, keep one thing in mind that it should perfectly fit on the waist. Again, it should not be too tight, else, when you would sit your stomach would peep from the gap of the buttons.

  7. Hip - Shirts should be made in a way that it should not hang or cling on a body. Therefore, even though the shirts are tucked from the hip still it should be well fitted and not tight around the hip.

  8. Shoulders - sometimes you must have seen that when you go buy a ready made shirt, you might not find shirt that perfectly fits all the angles of your body, especially on shoulders. The made to measure shirts are created considering the shoulder width of an individual. Sleeves - sometimes readymade shirts of your own size have shorter arm length and if you want a proper sleeve length, then you would have to compromise on your other fittings. But made to measure shirts would fit your sleeve exactly

  9. Fitting - Depending on the shape of your body you can choose from a regular fit or slim fit. A larger sized males would look for shirts that are little loose and comfortable and does not show their bulges. For more information about made to measure shirts in London please visit measure-shirts/

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