6 signs that tell it may be time to replace your roof n.
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Signs that Tell It May Be Time to Replace Your Roof PowerPoint Presentation
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Signs that Tell It May Be Time to Replace Your Roof

Signs that Tell It May Be Time to Replace Your Roof

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Signs that Tell It May Be Time to Replace Your Roof

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  1. 6 Signs that Tell It May Be Time to Replace Your Roof

  2. Many feel the need to have their roof replaced when they notice leaks in their ceiling. But apart from leak problems, there are several other factors to consider. Check out these signs before you call for your local roofer. How do you tell whether it's time for a roof replacement?

  3. Your Roof is over 20 years Old • A roof can last up to 20 to 25 years. There are times when a roof reaches this age without any problems. But even if there are no noticeable failures with your roof, if it starts to look worn, it may be best to have it replaced. • This is especially the case if yours was only installed over several layers of old roof. Delaying roof replacement may only result to costly issues later on.

  4. Shingles are Curled or Cracked • Another sign your roof is in need of replacement are curled shingle edges. If you notice that there are already bald spots where you're getting direct sunlight, it could mean that your shingles are already failing. • But if your shingles were only installed recently, this could mean there are issues with the work your previous contractor rendered. You may want to contact another roofing contractor for a roof analysis. But this time, be sure you're working with a HAAG certified roofing inspector.

  5. Shingles are Missing • Missing or cracked shingles can be a result of a wind or storm damage. You can have one or few pieces patched up but if the issue keeps recurring, you may want to consider redoing your entire roof. • Always check if your shingles are intact, especially after a storm. Professional roofers offer a roof storm damage inspection to see if any roofing job is necessary.

  6. Moss is Growing on your Roof Surface • Some have their roof replaced once they see moss start to crawl and spread on its surface. This can be an aesthetic issue and may be resolved by brushing. However, you'll want to be very careful so as not to damage the granules on top of your shingles. • When these granules are chipped off, the shingles start to lose their purpose. Whether you only want the moss scraped away or would like your shingles replaced with moss or algae resistant options, you may want to consider hiring a professional roofing contractor instead.

  7. Roof is Drooping • If you notice that your roof is starting to sag, there could be problems with your roof foundation. Avoid taking matter this into your own hands. • You'll want to ensure that your new roof will no longer have structural issues. A sagging roof should be easy to resolve if the problem is small. Either way, it's best to call in a roofing expect as soon as possible.

  8. Neighbors are having their Roof Replaced • Don't wait until you see the daylight through your roof. If you see your neighbors getting a roof replacement, it may be time to have yours replaced too. Call a professional roofer in your area for a thorough inspection of your roofing system. • Your roof protects your family from the sun, wind, storm, and rain. It should stay structurally sound for many years. Entrust your roofing needs only to experts roofers to ensure quality services.

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