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Organizational Structure 2010-11. Organizational Structure. Currently, there are 58 Chapters (one at each Dental School) Each chapter elects two delegates to represent them in the House of Delegates. Chapters are grouped into 11 Districts. Each District elects a Trustee.

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Organizational structure
Organizational Structure

Currently, there are 58Chapters

(one at each Dental School)

Each chapter elects two delegates to represent them in the House of Delegates

Chapters are grouped into 11 Districts

Each District

elects a Trustee

HOD elects the

Executive Committee &

Speaker of the House

House of Delegates is comprised of 116 delegates

Board of trustees
Board of Trustees

Board of Trustees is comprised of 17 members

  • President

  • Two Vice Presidents

  • Eleven District Trustees

  • Ex-officio members

  • Immediate Past President

  • Speaker of the House

  • Editor-in-Chief

  • Executive Director

Positions appointed by the board of trustees include
Positions appointed by the Board of Trustees include:



Council Chairs

Regional Legislative Coordinators

Delegates & Alternate Delegates to ADA HOD

Organizational structure 2010 11

Reviews association programs and activities

Assigns work to various groups within ASDA: Councils, BOT, Staff

Establishes task forces & committees

House of Delegates

The Governing Body


Determines association policy

Amends Constitution & Bylaws

Organizational structure 2010 11

Completes work as assigned by the House of Delegates

Determines interim policy between meetings of the HOD

Monitors and adjusts the Strategic Plan

Establishes task forces & committees

Board of Trustees

The Administrative Body


Approves ASDA’s budget

Coordinates and manages ASDA’s activities

Assigns work to Councils, Task Forces and Staff

Organizational structure 2010 11

Executive Committee


Two Vice Presidents

Executive Director

Administration and management of ASDA business between meetings of the BOT

Determine interim policies between meetings of the BOT

Positions appointed by the executive committee include
Positions appointed by the Executive Committee include:


ASDA Representatives to ADA Councils

Organizational structure 2010 11


  • Councils complete work referred by the HOD or the BOT (i.e. research, development of policy or position, etc.)

  • Councils also review ASDA policies, programs & activities related to their area of concern and make proposals to the HOD or BOT

Council on Education

Council on Licensure

Council on Sessions

Council on Professional Issues

Council on Membership

Council on Communications

Organizational structure 2010 11

Task Forces

The House of Delegates may establish Task Forces on areas of concern not covered by standing Councils. These Task Forces continue in existence until their work is completed.

Task Forces are focused on a specific issue, while Councils are responsible for more general areas of interest to members.

Organizational structure 2010 11

Editorial Board

  • Sets policy for ASDA publications & website

  • Discusses potential topics and plans content

  • Identifies & contacts authors for publications

  • Educates members on ASDA’s publications


Four Contributing Editors appointed by the Editor-in-Chief



Organizational structure 2010 11

Legislative Grassroots Network

  • Monitors state and national legislative activities

  • Educates membership on legislative issues

  • Works with staff to plan Lobby Day

  • Completes work referred by HOD

Chair of the LGN

Vice Chair of the LGN

Regional Legislative Coordinators:

Eastern, Central, Western

Board of Trustees Liaison

Organizational structure 2010 11

Maintenance of all official association documents & records; administration of association programs

Establishes and maintains working relationships with outside organizations and companies

Markets ASDA to prospective members and sponsors; generates non-dues revenue

Plans and prepares Annual Session as well as other association meetings

Publishes ASDA’s publications; maintains website



Completes work assigned by BOT, HOD, Councils, etc.

Provides service to members & chapters

Manages association finances