crct test taking strategies
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CRCT/Test Taking Strategies

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CRCT/Test Taking Strategies - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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CRCT/Test Taking Strategies. Ashley Jimerson Lisa Hendrix. How do I better understand and help my students prepare for the CRCT?. What is the purpose of the CRCT?. Measures how well students acquire the skills and knowledge described in the GPS and QCCs

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crct test taking strategies

CRCT/Test Taking Strategies

Ashley Jimerson

Lisa Hendrix

what is the purpose of the crct
What is the purpose of the CRCT?
  • Measures how well students acquire the skills and knowledge described in the GPS and QCCs
  • Yields information on academic achievement
  • Diagnoses student strengths and weaknesses as related to GPS/QCC
  • Gauges the quality of education throughout Georgia
what content areas are tested
What Content Areas are Tested?
  • Grades 1-8 take the CRCT
  • All grades are assessed in reading, language arts, and math
  • Grades 3-8 are also assessed in science and social studies
  • Grade 3: reading (must pass)
  • Grade 5 & 8: reading and math (must pass)
predicted performance on the crct
Predicted Performance on the CRCT

3rd Grade Reading

  • ITBS: Below 25th percentile
  • Performance Series: Below a scale score of 2150

5th Grade Reading & Math

  • ITBS: Below 25th percentile
  • Performance Series: Below a scale score of:
    • Reading 2490
    • Math 2390

Required to have a spring conference

what if a student doesn t pass
What if a student doesn’t pass?
  • Attend Summer School (June 4-29)
    • Receive services and are tested only in the area not passed
  • Re-take the test without Summer School
  • Conference is held if re-take is not passed to determine next step of promotion or retention.
online assessment
Online Assessment
  • See handout for Teacher, Student, and Parent directions
  • Https://
  • Login: Student or Teacher ID and password
practice assessment
Practice Assessment
  • Schoolbox has CRCT practice books.
  • Contains:
    • Grade & Subject area specific standards
    • Practice pages
    • Mini-tests & Final tests
    • Answer key
test taking strategies
Test Taking Strategies
  • Think positive!
  • Read all the answers before marking one
  • Process of elimination
  • Don’t guess blindly-make an educated guess
  • Skip, return, check
  • Underline/notice key words and phrases
  • Respond to the question that is being asked
  • Reading Passages: read the questions FIRST
  • If your answer doesn’t match- rework it
  • CHECK over your answers
  • Your first guess is usually right
on the crct explain means
On the CRCTExplain means:
  • In your own words, tell how or why
  • Tell about
  • Discuss
on the crct summarize means
On the CRCTSummarize means:
  • Give the short version
  • Tell the main ideas or the most important parts
  • Sum it up

So, what happened was . . .

on the crct compare means
On the CRCTCompare means:
  • Give all the likenesses or similarities between two or more things
  • How are they alike?
on the crct contrast means
On the CRCTContrast means:
  • Tell all of the differences between two or more ideas
  • How are they different?
on the crct describe means
On the CRCTDescribe means:
  • Tell about using the five senses (touch, smell, scent, sound, and look)
  • Paint a picture using words
on the crct predict means
On the CRCTPredict means:
  • Tell what you think will happen next
  • Make a guess about

the next event

  • Think ahead
on the crct support means
On the CRCTSupport means:
  • Back up with details
  • Give reasons for
  • Give the facts about
  • Defend your

ideas/ beliefs

on the crct evaluate means
On the CRCTEvaluate means:
  • Tell the value of
  • In your words, tell the good and bad parts
  • Put in rank order
  • Judge or rate
on the crct analyze means
On the CRCTAnalyze means:
  • Break into parts
  • Study the individual pieces
  • Take apart
  • Look at closer
on the crct infer means
On the CRCTInfer means:
  • Read between the lines
  • Make an educated guess
  • Look for hidden information
  • Figure out

Be a detective!

on the crct formulate means
On the CRCTFormulate means:
  • Put together
  • Come up with
  • Create
  • Make
  • Design

Well, in my opinion . . .

on the crct trace means
On the CRCTTrace means:
  • Write in order from beginning to end
  • List in steps
  • Outline
  • Track or follow