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  2. There will be choices that you may pick out of: 1, 2 or maybe 3.But if you don’t chose the right path you may die…begin your adventure.

  3. One ordinary night…you were playing Candyland with your friends, You were having lots of fun. You were in the living room and you were at a sleep over at your friends. It was getting late and your friends fell asleep on the floor. You fell asleep on the game board. Then all of a sudden you get sucked in the game. When you woke up you did not know where you were but you thought about it and you didn`t believe it but you looked around and started to believe but not all the way. You can go right to the Chocolate River or go left to the Bouncy Gumdrops. Bouncy Gumdrops Chocolate River

  4. Chocolate RiverYou choose to run to Chocolate River because you thought it was ssssssssoooooooo tempting . You are ordered to drink some by the troll that just appeared from under the very bright blue and yellow bridge. Drink it

  5. Bouncy Gumdrops • You choose to go bounce on the Bouncy Gumdrops. You can see two pathways, one way leads to the Lollypop Forest and the other one you can go to the castle made out of 100% candy. Lollypop Forestcandy castle

  6. Candy castle You chose to run to the candy castle that is made out of gummy bears. It has been invested by gummy bears, so no one lives there, at least not for quit a while. Talk to king candy grandma peanuts house

  7. Lollipop Forest You choose to go to Lollipop Forest. You notice that some stomps were getting louder and louder. You hear hut, hut, hut, hut, hut…then you see the Lollies marching closer and closer as they come towards you. They take you somewhere. King lollipop

  8. Grandma peanuts house You choose to go to grandma peanuts house and she gets you into her. She seems nice but your not sure. You ask if you can stay the night because you have nowhere to stay. She says yes but the next morning you wake up under water and you die. Start Over

  9. Talk to King Candy You talk to king candy and he saying that he is getting ready for a big fight and you ask if you can be in it and be the leader. Get ready for the big fight

  10. OH NO!!!!The troll pushed you!Start over 

  11. GET READY FOR THE BIGGEST FIGHT You died when you fought the dragon and he killed you. Start over

  12. King lollipop You choose to come and try to get the crown that King Lollipop stole and you did it!!!!!! You snuck into the very bedazzled castle there were millions of doors, it took you three hours to look in every door finally you get to the most bedazzled room in the whole entire castle. You see the crown. You take it and put it to your side. Go to the crown

  13. THE CROWN!!!!!!! You choose to come and try to get the crown that he stole and you did it!!! You snuck into the very bedazzled castle there were millions of doors it took you three hours to look in every door finally there is the last door in the entire castle and you look in it and there it is the crown in the most bedazzled room the castle and you return it to its rightful owner.

  14. CREDITSThank you to the nameless forest and dreamstime and morguefile