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YellowStone National Park

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YellowStone National Park. By: Ethan Ehrlich, Drew Tudor, And Devon Nwosu. Geological Origins. It is believed that a hotspot in the upper mantle is responsible for the parks origins The movement of the North American Plate over a hotspot

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yellowstone national park

YellowStone National Park

By: Ethan Ehrlich, Drew Tudor, And Devon Nwosu

geological origins
Geological Origins
  • It is believed that a hotspot in the upper mantle is responsible for the parks origins
  • The movement of the North American Plate over a hotspot
  • This formed the YellowStone Caldera, which is considered to be the largest super volcano in North America
yellowstone caldera
Yellowstone Caldera

Diagram depicting the Yellowstone Caldera

natural history
Natural History
  • Yellowstone is found in the Taiga biome
  • The climate ranges between 0-80 degrees throughout the four seasons
  • Average rain is about 15.4 inches a year
  • Average snow is about 72.1 inches a year
  • Dominant Wildlife:
    • Bison
    • Bear
    • Wolves
    • Elk
endemic threatened endangered species
Endemic/threatened/Endangered Species
  • Endemic species
    • Sand Verbena- plant found on surface of water
    • American Dipper- an aquatic songbird
    • Sagebrush lizard- only lizard found in yellowstone
  • Threatened Species
    • Canada Lynx
    • Grizzly Bear
  • Endangered
    • Gray Wolf
    • Wolverine
    • Bald Eagle
effects on human history
Effects on Human History
  • First used by native Americans as far as 11,000 years ago
  • Region hosted fish and materials for shelter
  • In 19th century, members of the Lewis and Clark expeditions investigated the region
  • Geothermal activity startled early explorers
  • People steered clear of the area due to geothermal activity
what agency protects yellowstone
What Agency protects YellowStone
  • The National Park Service protects YellowStone
threats to yellowstone
Threats to Yellowstone
  • Eruption of the Caldera which is a super volcano
    • thought as a possible destruction of U.S.
  • Whirling disease(viral)
    • been tested positive for a little less than a quarter
      • attacks the cartilage so fish can’t eat normally
  • Hikers who carry diseases or foreign pesticides
  • Beatles and other exotic fungi
    • destroys white pine trees
      • harms grizzly bears

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