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Creative Lesson Planning. Summer B Continuing Education Session 1 Brianna Lozito. Welcome Back to Gainesville!. First FYF class: General feedback Lesson Plan for 1 st Class Division of Labor Now What?!. Taking the First Steps.

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Creative lesson planning

Creative Lesson Planning

Summer B Continuing Education Session 1

Brianna Lozito

Welcome back to gainesville
Welcome Back to Gainesville!

  • First FYF class: General feedback

  • Lesson Plan for 1st Class

  • Division of Labor

  • Now What?!

Taking the first steps
Taking the First Steps

Go to the Instructor Resources page, at

Username: fyfresources Password: 05fyf06

Using past resources
Using Past Resources

This are some of the options for lessons, broken down by topic.

Once you are on a specific topic, the screen looks like this...

What s your style
What’s your style?

  • Take a moment to write down the most engaging professor you’ve had at UF, and what about their teaching style did you enjoy the most?

  • Think about any lessons that stood out to you, write how you felt during them, and what made you remember the information or be excited to be present.

What makes a lesson unique
What makes a lesson unique?

  • As a group let’s come up with some ideas for what makes a lesson unique and interesting.

Your lesson your way
Your Lesson, Your Way.

  • 1. What is the end result of your lesson?

  • 2. What have you not used yet in your class? (Think about presentation style, group work, videos, prezi, speakers, individual projects, etc)

Your lesson your way1
Your Lesson, Your Way

  • 3. Now you have the end result, and how you’re going to teach the information. Let’s put the rest together!

    -Everyone, on that sheet of paper you have write down a lesson you’re responsible for.

  • Write down the end result you would like for your students to get from a lesson on this topic and then get ready to...

Do the noodle dance
Do the Noodle Dance!


  • Well, you don’t have to do this, but work with the person sitting next to you for 5 minutes and come up with three possible ways to make a creative lesson with your topic, using different styles and tools.