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University of Minnesota Extension:. Non-Trivial Pursuit. The Rules of Play. Please fill out a “Contestant Card” to play Contestants answer 5 questions You must answer one question at each point level You will receive a prize based on the number of questions answered correctly.

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the rules of play
The Rules of Play
  • Please fill out a “Contestant Card” to play
  • Contestants answer 5 questions
  • You must answer one question at each point level
  • You will receive a prize based on the number of questions answered correctly.

BONUS questions (one per category) can show up at any time. They are each worth a separate prize and are an option ONLY IF the “category question” is answered correctly!


Fabulous Prizes!

1 Question : Extension “mood pencil”

2 Questions: Extension pen

3 Questions: Extension mug

4 Questions: Extension travel mug/t-shirt

5 Questions: Extension curriculum

Final Drawing: U of M sweatshirts

extension non trivial pursuit
Extension Non-Trivial Pursuit!

Food and Agriculture




































community 10 point question
Community10 point Question

Fill in the blank…

The U-Connect Mission Statement: Enhancing the civic

and _ _ _ _ _ _ capital of Minnesota’s citizens and communities

community answer 10 points
Community Answer = 10 points
  • Answer =Social
  • NOTE: The expected outcomes of U-Connect Programs are that communities will be strengthened through:
  • Improved practice by community issue task forces
  • Improved public participation strategies by public organizations
  • Increased leveraging of social capital by community members
community 20 point question


Community20 point Question

Multiple Choice Question…

Which of the audiences listed below is NOT a targeted audience for U-Facilitate programming?

  • Members of local units of government (county, city, township)
  • Work teams from community and non-profit organizations
  • Private business
  • Community committees and boards
community answer 20 points
Community Answer = 20 points

Answer = C. Private Business

NOTE: Our programs do not focus on private sector audiences


community bonus question 5 points
Community BONUS QUESTION[5 points]

Fill in the Missing Letter…

Access_ Info helps small business owners, local governments, nonprofit agencies, community planners and those who are new to the internet workforce make informed decisions about using the internet.

community 30 point question
Community30 point Question

Open Ended Question…

Name the Community Economics program that shows how well your town attracts retail customers, as compared to other communities.

community answer 30 points
Community Answer = 30 points
  • Answer = “Retail Trade Analysis”
  • Note: This program will:
  • Provide accurate local sales data.
  • Help your community plan for business expansions
  • or recruitment.
  • Compares your community to others.
  • Helps you to assess strengths and opportunities for
  • your local businesses.
community 40 point question
Community40 point Question

Open-Ended Question…

Which is the longest continuously operating U-Lead program in our state?

community answer 40 points
Community Answer = 40 points

Answer = “Emerging Leadership Program”

Note: The first ELP class graduated in 1985 and now has more than 600 alumni/ae in a 21-county region of NW and WC Minnesota!

community 50 point question
Community50 point Question

Open-Ended Response…

Name at least two communities or counties that have done a social capital assessment through the U-Connect Program.

community answer 50 points
Community Answer = 50 points
  • Answer =Bagley, Grafton and Red Lake Communities; Nobles, Pipestone and Rock Counties
  • Communities (data set = 406) were part of our first pilot of the tool with Horizons I communities (2004)
  • Counties (data set = 960) were part of the Southwestern Meth Taskforce in SW MN (2006)
environment 10 point question
Environment10 point Question

Fill in the Blank…

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ is the major pollutant in 2/3 of Minnesota’s impaired waters?

environment 20 point question
Environment20 point Question

True or False…

Dairy cows that drink water with high arsenic levels have arsenic present in their milk.

environment answer 20 points
Environment Answer = 20 points

Answer = False

The Department of Health estimates that 8% of water wells in West Central MN exceed guidelines for human health exposure to arsenic, but dairy products have been determined to be safe. No arsenic was detected in milk or cheese from cows that drank water that was high in arsenic. This peace of mind improves the relationship between Minnesota’s dairy industry and its consumers.

environment 30 point question
Open-Ended Question…

Name three programs the University of Minnesota Extension offers to address issues of the Environment?

Environment30 point Question
environment answer 30 points
Environment Answer = 30 points
  • Answer = 6 options
  • Shoreland Education
  • Onsite Sewage Treatment Programs
  • Trees and Woodlands
  • Stormwater Education
  • Environmental Science Education
  • Housing Technology
environment 40 point question


Environment40 point Question

Open-Ended Question…

Name four common causes of onsite sewage treatment system freeze ups 

environment answer 40 points
Environment Answer = 40 points

Answers =

Lack of Snow Cover, Compacted Snow, Compacted Soils, Lack of Plant Cover, Irregular use of System, Leaking Plumbing Fixtures and Furnace Drips, Pipes not draining properly, Cold Air Entering the System, Water Logged System

Notes:The Onsite Sewage Treatment Program provides homeowners with best management practices to keep their septic systems operating properly. The goal is to ensure that homeowners can treat wastewater while protecting human and environmental health in a cost-effective manner.


environment bonus question 5 points
Environment BONUS QUESTION[5 points]

Fill in the Blank…

U of M Extension training in the are of housing helps mitigate the risk of _____ Exposure in 8,320 homes per year.

environment 50 point question
Environment50 point Question

Open-Ended Question…

What is the net community benefit (in dollars) for a small, medium, and large well-maintained tree?

environment answer 50 points
Environment Answer = 50 points

Answer = $3 - $5 per small tree

$4 - $34 per medium tree

$58 - $76 per large tree

Note: Urban landscapes educational programs derive economic benefits due to cost savings in managing water quality; reducing storm water processing, air pollution and energy needed for heating and cooling homes and building; and increasing property values. 

family 10 point question


Family 10 point Question

Open Ended Question…

What program addresses parent conflict and decision-making in times of divorce?

family answer 10 points
Family Answer = 10 points
  • Answer = Parents Forever
  • Note: Among other things, the program teaches parents how to:
  • Address the best interests of the children
  • Avoid conflict in front of the children
  • Keep children out of the middle of parental
  • disagreements
  • Provide the children to emotional and physical
  • access to both parents


family bonus question 5 points
Family BONUS QUESTION[5 points]

True or False…

The Nutrition Education Program (NEP) is a federally funded program whose goal is to provide nutrition education to all citizens of Minnesota.

family bonus question answer 5 points
Family BONUS QuestionAnswer = 5 points

Answer = False

Note: NEP provides nutrition education to limited resource audiences.

family 20 point question
Family20 point Question

Multiple-Choice Question…

In the Youth and Money workshop, the Family Resource Management area of expertise addresses some startling statistics. What is the average credit card debt of an undergraduate student?

A. $0 - $250

B. $950 - $1,000

C. $2,250 - $2,500

D. $3,500 - $3,750

family answer 20 points
Family Answer = 20 points

Answer = C. $2,327

Note: The average college student carries an average of three credit cards. As little as 10 hours of personal financial education positively affects students’ spending and savings habits.

family 30 point question
Family 30 point Question

Multiple-Choice Question…

How many Nutrition Education Assistants from the Nutrition Education Program (NEP) are there in Minnesota?

  • 87
  • 110
  • 35
  • 64
  • 150
family 40 point question
Family40 point Question

Open Ended Question…

There are three VISTA volunteers working in the Latino Financial Literacy Program. Name two of the three communities where they are located.

family answer 40 points
Family Answer = 40 points

Answer =

Worthington, Mankato, Rochester

family 50 point question
Family50 point Question

Almost a third of your teen's life is spent in school. Other than family, school is the most important influence on your child's life. Name four ways for parents to be involved in their child’s school.

family answer 50 points
Family Answer = 50 points
  • Answer =
  • Increased Communication
  • Take advantage of open houses and parent-teacher conferences
  • Build a partnership with teachers so your teen sees you working with teachers, not against them
  • Participate in School/Student activities
  • Encourage your teen to join school activities
  • Involve both parents
  • Encourage Involvement in leadership opportunities
  • Expect success
agriculture and food 10 point question
Agriculture and Food10 point Question

Multiple-Choice Question…

What University of Minnesota Extension program has been training volunteers to teach research-based horticultural information in their communities since 1977?

A. Goldy Gopher Gardening Gals

B. U of M Gardening Club

C. Master Gardener Program

D. Heavenly Horticulturists

agriculture and food answer 10 points
Agriculture and Food Answer = 10 points

Answer = C. Master Gardener Program

Notes: The program celebrates 30 years in 2007. Over 4,800 people from all 87 counties have completed the 48-hour Core Course training. Working in and through each county office, participants complete 50 hours of volunteer time the first year and 25 hours each year thereafter. Five to 12 educational hours are required after the first year.

agriculture and food 20 point question
Agriculture and Food20 point Question

Multiple Choice Question…

Food Safety programs work with consumers, food service workers, producers and processors using relevant and researched information to reduce food borne health hazards in Minnesota. The majority of food-born outbreaks in Minnesota are caused by what?

A. Improper handling in food service situations

B. Lutefisk

C. Irregular food temperatures

D. Improperly functioning refrigeration

agriculture and food answer 20 points
Agriculture and Food Answer = 20 points

Answer = A. Improper handling in food service situations

Note: People die every year from foodborne illness. In the United States, the estimated number of deaths each year is 5000.

agriculture and food 30 point question
Agriculture and Food30 point Question

Open Ended Question…

The University of Minnesota, MN Soybean Growers, and MDA are working as a team to prepare for Soybean Rust. Name the new St. Paul Campus Facility where researchers will study plant pathogens before they reach MN.

agriculture and food answer 30 points
Agriculture and FoodAnswer = 30 points

Answer = The Biosafety Level 3 Plant Pathology Research Facility

Note: MN Soybean Growers Association took the lead in securing state funding for the $5 million facility. Combined with the Insect Quarantine Facility, it gives the University plant-disease-fighting capabilities unmatched in the Midwest.

agriculture and food 40 point question
Agriculture and Food40 point Question

Fill in the Blank…

_______ is the program that provides educational programs and software tools that teach ag producers and professionals about risk management concepts, tools to mitigate risk, the historical returns of risk management approaches, and sound practices in estate planning.

agriculture and food answer 40 points
Agriculture and FoodAnswer = 40 points
  • Answer = Winning the Game
  • Notes: Commodity marketing educational offerings include:
  • Gain the Pre-Harvest Marketing Advantage – Winning the Game I
  • Launch Your Marketing Plan – Winning the Game 2
  • The Post-Harvest Marketing Challenge – Winning the Game 3
  • The Road to Marketing Success
  • Master Marketer
  • Marketing Clubs
  • Winning the Game for Dairy
agriculture and food 50 point question
Agriculture and Food50 point Question

Open Ended Question…

Among other things, the Dairy Team has done research on housing dairy cows in compost dairy barns, which use dry wood shavings and sawdust as bedding. Name two positive impacts that can result from the use of pack bedding.

agriculture and food answer 50 points
Agriculture and FoodAnswer = 50 points

Answer = Cow Comfort, Udder Health, Cow Health

Notes: Two potentially negative impacts which can result from compost pack bedding dairy barns include air quality and maintenance of bedding. By collecting hard numbers on cow comfort and udder health, bedding characteristics, facilities, etc., the dairy team worked to better understand the impact of compost dairy barns on cow health and longevity. Cow comfort, cow health, and udder health all improve with compost pack bedding dairy barns.

youth 10 point question


Youth 10 point Question

Multiple Choice…

Approximately how many project areas are currently available in the MN 4-H Program?

A. 5-10

B. 20-30

C. 100-110

D. 50-60

youth answer 10 points
Youth Answer = 10 points

Answer = D

There are 50-60 project areas to choose from in 4-H and they continue to implement new curriculum and projects as the interests of youth change.


youth bonus question 5 points
Youth BONUS QUESTION[5 points]

Open-Ended Question…

What are the 4 “H’s” of 4-H?

youth bonus question answer 5 points
Youth BONUS QuestionAnswer = 5 points
  • Answer =
  • Head
  • Heart
  • Hands
  • Health
youth 20 point question
Youth 20 point Question

Open-Ended Response…

According to a Tufts University study, what is one behavior 4-H’ers were more likely to engage in as compared to youth in other youth development programs?

youth answer 20 points
Youth Answer = 20 points

Answer = Giving back to their community

Notes: 4-H youth were statistically more likely than youth in other structured after school activities to be high on the contributions outcome. That is, 4-H youth are more likely to value giving back to their community and behave accordingly. This is aligned with another Minnesota 4-H impact study where 80% of 4-H youth asserted that they are making a difference in their communities.

youth 30 point question
Youth 30 point Question

Open-Ended Response…

In 2006, what percentage of youth in Minnesota 4-H adventures were youth of color?

youth answer 30 points
Youth Answer = 30 points

Answer = 30% of 4-H Adventure participants are youth of color

youth 40 point question
Youth 40 point Question

Multiple-Choice Question…

MN 4-H is collaborating with the National Guard on the “Operation Military Kids Program.” How many kids in Minnesota have been directly affected by the war?

  • 5,000 B. 10,000

C. 15,000 D. 20,000

youth answer 40 points
Youth Answer = 40 points

Answer = C. 15,000

NOTE: 3,000 Minnesota youth have been affected by the recent extension of National Guard. Operation Military Kids effectively offers support systems for affected youth & families.

youth 50 point question
Youth 50 point Question

Open-Ended Question…

Name as many of the eight key elements of quality youth development as you can (5 or more).

youth answer 50 points
Youth Answer = 50 points

Answer =

  • Youth feel physically and emotionally safe
  • Youth feel a sense of belonging and ownership
  • Youth develop self worth through meaningful contributions
  • Youth discover self
  • Youth develop quality relationships with peers and adults
  • Youth discuss conflicting values from their own
  • Youth feel pride and accomplishment that comes from mastery
  • Youth expand their capacity to enjoy life and know success is possible
general 10 point question
General 10 point Question

Open-Ended Question…

Name three of the five primary areas of focus in Extension education.

general answer 10 points
GeneralAnswer = 10 points
  • Answer =
  • Agriculture, Food and the Environment
  • Natural Resources and the Environment
  • Community Vitality
  • Family Development
  • Youth Development – 4-H
general 20 point question
General20 point Question

Multiple-Choice Question…

Info-U is offered in all but which of the following languages:

  • Hmong
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Somali
general answer 20 points
GeneralAnswer = 20 points

Answer = C. Russian

Notes: In 2006, over 1,500 calls and 2.29 million web hits were for Info-U resources other than English

general 30 point question
General30 point Question

Multiple-Choice Question…

How many specialized regional educators are employed across MN?

  • 76
  • 103
  • 128
  • 250
general answer 30 points
GeneralAnswer = 30 points

Answer = C.

128 specialized regional educators are at work in Minnesota. 36 educators and 207 program coordinators and educational assistants work in county offices.

general 40 point question
General40 point Question

Multiple-Choice Question…

How many Extension educational events were held in 2006?

A. 7,900

B. 17,920

C. 13,450

D. 16,330

general answer 40 points
GeneralAnswer = 40 points

Answer = B

UMN Extension served 398,114 Minnesotans in 17,920 educational events. This is without including FNEP and the Farm-Lender Mediation; including those numbers, 649,571 citizens were served

general 50 point question
General50 point Question

Open Ended Question…

Approximately how many million people visited Extension’s website in 2006?

general answer 50 points
GeneralAnswer = 50 points

Answer = Almost 6 million

There were 5,883,296 visitors to UMN Extension’s Web site (rated by Google as the most for any state Extension Service) These visitors viewed 48,334,566 pages.



  • PowerPoint Design adapted from the work of Virginia Cooperative Extension staff:
  • Dawn M. Alleman - Extension Agent, Norfolk
  • Mr. Philip D. Schroeder, Extension Agent, Rockingham
  • Miss Kelley L. Coggsdale, Extension Agent, Rockingham