resumes and cover letters for educators
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Resumes and Cover Letters for Educators

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Resumes and Cover Letters for Educators - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resumes and Cover Letters for Educators. Design and Deliver a Teacher Resume That Sells Your Strengths. Dr. Tom Stephens. Your Resume Should Be…. Chronological order Use a 12 pt. font Use a sans serif font such as Arial Bullet point key items Use of white space 1" margins

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resumes and cover letters for educators
Resumes and Cover Letters for Educators

Design and Deliver a Teacher Resume That Sells Your Strengths

Dr. Tom Stephens

your resume should be
Your Resume Should Be…
  • Chronological order
  • Use a 12 pt. font
  • Use a sans serif font such as Arial
  • Bullet point key items
  • Use of white space
  • 1" margins
  • 2 pages in length
  • White paper
resume categories

Personal Data




Teaching Experience

(if any)



Student Involvement/


Volunteer Work




Portfolio Available

Resume Categories…


  • Names, titles and contact information should be on a separate piece of paper.
  • Plan multiple reference lists with names targeting specific schools/districts.
resumes personal data
Resumes: Personal Data…
  • Name
  • Current and permanent address
  • Phone number
  • Email address and/or personal website

Clint Eastwood

Current Address: Permanent Address:

4117 Hearthside Dr. 200 S. Michigan Ave.

Hollywood, CA 28412 Chicago, IL 60604

(910) 345-8173 (312) 255-0510

[email protected]

resumes objective
Resumes: Objective…
  • Statement of purpose
  • Concise and focused…no philosophy statements here
  • Short-term goal…list the position you want
  • List the certification area and coaching duties you are willing to do, list preferred grade levels

To obtain a High School Social Studies teaching/coaching position.

To become an Elementary Teacher.

resumes education
Resumes: Education…
  • Degree, Major and Date (month & year)
  • College or university and location
  • Minor or Concentration
  • G.P.A. (if 3.0+)
  • Honors
resumes education8
Resumes: Education…

Sample: (MA & Bachelor of Arts Degree)

Sample University 2009 - Present

Master of Arts May 2010

Certification: Mathematics 9 – 12, May 2010

Bachelor of Arts, December 2008

University of North Carolina at Wilmington

Concentration: Mathematics

Teaching Fellows Scholarship Program

Dean’s List: 3.8 GPA

resumes teaching experience
Resumes: Teaching Experience…

(Includes some teaching experience)

  • Support your objective
  • Title (Teacher, Teacher Intern, Student Teaching)
  • Place of employment & location (not complete address)
  • Dates employed (Fall 2002, 8/02-12/02, Summers)
  • Description of duties…POWER VERBS
    • NO personal pronouns
    • NO “Responsibilities include”
resumes teaching experience10
Resumes: Teaching Experience…

(If you have no K-12 teaching experience)

  • Support your objective
  • Title (*Tutor, Para Professional, Instructional Assistant, Practicum observations)
  • Place of employment & location (not complete address)
  • Dates employed (Fall 2002, 8/02-12/02, Summers )
  • Description of duties…
  • NO personal pronouns
    • NO “Responsibilities include”

* Consistent tutoring.

resumes related experience
Resumes: Related Experience…

(If you have no very few educational experiences)

Trash Middle School, Somewhere, MO

Observation, Spring 2009

  • Observed teacher in 7th grade math class of 25 students
  • Created lesson plans utilizing technology
  • Tutored students in math during group sessions

Private Tutor, Fall 2008

  • Tutor 5th grade student in reading and 3rd grade student in math
  • Created activities to assist with learning styles
resumes recent experience
Resumes:Recent Experience …
  • Unrelated to objective; shows work history and transferable work skills
  • Title and dates
  • Place of employment & location (city, state)
  • Not necessary to describe duties
  • List in reverse chronological order (start with most current first)

Hostess, 12/00-Present

Carraba’s Restaurant, Wilmington NC

Customer Service/Cashier, Jun 1999-Present

JC Penney, Chicago IL

resumes student involvement activities volunteer work
Skills (Summary of Qualifications):

Most schools look for

teachers with experiences

outside of the classroom


Training/teaching skills

Positive student role



Campus organizations

Community involvement

Church activities

Athletic involvement

Leadership roles

Resumes:Student Involvement/Activities/Volunteer Work ...
resumes more activities
Volunteer Work:

Community service, tutoring, teacher’s aide, and much more…

Looks great on a resume


Scholarships, Dean’s List, Awards, Outstanding achievement

Resumes: More Activities …
resumes references
Resumes: References…

List references on a separate page

      • Name and title
      • Place of employment/organization work for
      • Work Address
      • Phone
      • If including references, list 3-5 people and get permission first
  • ASK FIRST!! Professors, Employers (present or past), Faculty Advisors (seek out individuals)
  • Create more than one list
cover letters
Cover Letters
  • Same paper as resume
  • 1 page, 2-3 paragraphs
  • Address to specific person. NEVER To Whom It May Concern
  • Tailor each letter to each position and employer
  • Create a couple of highlights
  • Always send with a resume
cover letters format
Cover Letters: Format…

123 College Way

Wilmington NC 28403

March 12, 2014


Director of Personnel, Superintendent, Principal

Apple Elementary School

1 School Drive

Wilmington, MO 54506

Dear _______:

Paragraphs 1-3


Sign name here





Space between paragraphs; no indents; sign name

Cover Letter Sample:

August 14, 2000

Dr. William D. Kasselhut,

Assistant Superintendent/Human Resources

The Right Way School District

519 West Chestnut Street

St. Joseph, MO  64506

Dear Dr. Kasselhut:

It is with great interest that I am responding to the recent position announcement on REAP regarding the high school English position. Currently, I am a student at Lindenwood University and will complete the program requirements for Missouri certification in English 9-12 by May 2004. I am enthusiastic and prepared to contribute my knowledge and experienced to this position.

My attached resume demonstrates my relevant experience for this position. What these materials cannot express is my uncompressing belief that all students can learn. As a positive role model, I have five years experience working with students in and out of the classroom. The highlights include:

Coaching Volleyball for Big Jump Jones Youth Camp

At-Risk tutoring for Bad Boys Institute

Please consider this letter as an expression of my interest this or any other English position that may become available in the near future. My application is available on REAP, but I will also be pleased to also complete a District application.

Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to talking with you.

Sincerely yours,

Mattie Jobhunter

Mattie Jobhunter


cover letters 1 st paragraph
Cover Letters: 1st paragraph
  • Tell why you are sending this letter and resume
  • State the position for which you are applying
  • Tell how you became aware of the position/school system
  • Mention the person who referred you

(if that happened and is significant)

  • Very short – 3 sentences at most
cover letters 2 nd paragraph
Cover Letters: 2nd Paragraph
  • Summary of your resume
  • Tell why your skills and experience would be of value to that school / school system
  • Get the employer’s attention – this letter gets them to look at your resume – use a couple of bullet points
  • Highlight special accomplishments
  • Display enthusiasm for your career and that school
  • Show you’ve done your “research” homework
  • Don’t start every sentence with “I”
  • This paragraph can be broken into a few sentences
cover letters 3 rd paragraph
Cover Letters: 3rd Paragraph
  • Wrap it up
  • Call for action
  • Ask for an application
  • You may restate your phone numbers
  • SIGN YOUR NAME - bold!!!!
  • Send a cover letter with your resume
  • Do not fax or email a resume unless it is requested - send a hard copy
  • Don’t “bug ‘em” with phone calls
  • Keep a log of where and to whom you’ve sent resumes
  • Stay positive
  • Stay positive
resumes and cover letters for educators23
Resumes and Cover Letters for Educators

Contact: Dr. Tom Stephens

Office: 314.713.6922

[email protected]



Teacher Action Verbs:

Adapted, advised, clarified, coached, communicated, coordinated, developed, enabled, encouraged, evaluated explained, facilitated, guided, informed, initiated, instructed, persuaded, set goals, stimulated.

Organizational Skill Verbs:

Arranged, Assembled, Collected, Centralized, Coordinated, Catalogued, Distributed, Disseminated, Enforced, Executed, Formalized, Implemented, Installed, Maintained, Organized, Planned, Prepared, Processed, Routed, Recorded, Reorganized, Scheduled, Updated

Communication Skill Verbs:

Acquainted, Apprised, Answered, Briefed, Conducted, Contacted, Demonstrated, Drafted, Educated, Explained, Familiarized, Handled, Informed, Instructed, Introduced, Lectured, Listened, Presented, Reported, Responded, Spoke, Summarized, Taught, Trained, Translated, Wrote

Helping Skill Verbs:

Aided, Attended, Assisted, Collaborated, Contributed, Counseled, Comforted, Facilitated, Fostered, Guided, Helped, Instilled, Mentored, Provided, Settled, Supported, Tutored, Treated

Creative Skill Verbs:

Authored, Conceived, Conceptualized, Created, Composed, Designed, Devised, Established, Invented, Originated, Revolutionized

Additional Power Verbs:

Adapted, Attained, Augmented, Awarded, Boosted, Broadened, Built, Calculated, Catered, Decreased, Developed, Ensured, Eliminated, Exceeded, Excelled, Expanded, Expedited, Fabricated, Financed, Gained, Generated, Improved, Increased, Launched, Mastered, Modernized, Published, Raised, Reconciled, Reduced, Revamped, Revitalized, Saved, Shopped, Strengthened, Supplemented, Tended, Utilized