the lotus elise expedition n.
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The Lotus Elise Expedition

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The Lotus Elise Expedition - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Lotus Elise Expedition. By: Elise Petruska and Alexis Duperree. 2011 Ford Mustang.

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the lotus elise expedition

The Lotus Elise Expedition

By: Elise Petruska and Alexis Duperree

2011 ford mustang
2011 Ford Mustang
  • This mustang travels 26 miles per gallon. Since it will take us 37 hours and 2 minutes at 26 miles per gallon, it will take us a full 2154 miles which will take 83 gallons at $3.11 per gallon making our cost for gas $158.13.
our expedition
Our Expedition
  • We will travel 2154.01 miles
  • Mellon- Niagara Falls- New York City- Boston- Wheeling- Chicago- Mellon
  • The trip will take 36 hours and 2 minutes
niagara falls
Niagara Falls
  • Has three bridges to look over its beautiful roaring waters.
  • Rainbow Bridge-is the closest bridge to the falls. The bridge is just down the river from the Niagara River. This bridge is open to all pedestrians and non-commercial vehicle traffic.
  • Whirlpool Bridge- is the oldest bridge over the Niagara River. This bridge is only a mile away from the Rainbow Bridge.
  • Lewiston-Queenston Bridge- is the newest bridge over the Niagara river is close by the Niagara Falls International Airport. It is also a short distance to the escarpment.
new york city


Statue of Liberty

Empire State building

30 Rockefeller Center

Radio City Music Hall

Yankee Stadium

New York City

“So here we are in New-York. To a Frenchman the aspect of the city is bizarre and not very agreeable. One sees neither dome, nor bell tower, nor great edifice, with the result that one has the constant impression of being in a suburb. In its centre the city is built of brick, which gives it a most monotonous appearance. The houses have neither cornices, nor balustrades, nor portes-cocheres. The streets are very badly paved, but sidewalks for pedestrians are to be found in all of them. We had all the trouble in the world getting lodgings because at this time of year strangers abound; and we wanted to find a pension rather than an inn. At length we succeeded in establishing ourselves admirably in the most fashionable street, called Broadway." Quote from Alexis’s Journal.

  • "Boston is a city of sixty thousand souls. Its harbor is magnificent; it is situated on the middle of an island, and you reach it from every side by means of causeways which have been constructed across the water. Much less commercial bustle is to be seen there than in New-York, but the general aspect of the town is much more agreeable. The latter lies on a flat terrain and offers to the eye, no matter from which side it is observed, but a single row of houses. Boston, on the contrary, is built on uneven and mountainous ground, in such a way that to the observer at a certain distance, it presents some charming views. It contains many private houses constructed with taste and elegance; [yet] in the matter of public edifices, I see but the government house [State House] in the least remarkable. . . ."

Beaumont (Pierson, 351)

  • After a day on the water we arrived within a league of a small town named Wheeling."

Beaumont (Pierson 545)

Wheeling is a small town that at the time did not have many attractions for Alexis to record.

  • Population= 31,419
  • Nickname= The Friendly City
  • Third most populated city in U.S
  • Alexis Tocqueville never visited Chicago during his expedition so there are no journal entries about Chicago from his expedition.
two influential people
In 1607-1608, Henry Hudson led voyages to find a northeast passage across the Arctic Ocean on his ship, “The Half moon”. While looking for the passage, he came into what is now called the Hudson River finding the state of New York.

Hamilton specialized in defending Tories and British subjects in Rutgers v.Waddington because he was a law practice in New York. In 1784, he founded the Bank Of New York. Heserved in the New York State Legislature and attended the U.S. Constitutional Convention in 1787. Throughout the convention, Hamilton argued consistently for a strong central government including a king-like president and an upper legislative body based on the English House of Lords.

Two Influential People



our proposal cultural edition
Our Proposal (Cultural Edition)
  • Our proposal is to bring more monumental features to Pittsburgh. New York has a wide population of cultural monuments, like the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building. These kinds of monumental culture will help Pittsburgh cherish their home city.
statue of liberty fact
Statue of Liberty Fact
  • Statue of Liberty Fact-For American immigrants, it once represented the hope of a new life, because it was the first sight they saw of the United States of America. For others, it represents the pursuit of freedom and liberty across the globe. To those living in New York City, the Statue of Liberty simply represents home.
our proposal social edition
Our Proposal (Social Edition)
  • Our proposal is to bring more entertainment and liveliness to Pittsburgh. New York has one of the most busiest and alluring places in the world, Times Square. As well as Times Square, it also has a very memorable and famous theatre called Broadway. Pittsburgh should get more liveliness and spirited places like these because it will help advertisements, it will bring more tourists, and it will help Pittsburgh be more social.