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Mrs. Rodzen English 7

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Mrs. Rodzen English 7. 2013-2014. Class Rules. Rules need to be followed to create a safe learning environment. Following the rules will result in every student learning as much as possible while having fun. Rules, when broken, will hinder learning and result in consequences. Rules.

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class rules
Class Rules
  • Rules need to be followed to create a safe learning environment.
  • Following the rules will result in every student learning as much as possible while having fun.
  • Rules, when broken, will hinder learning and result in consequences.
  • Be seated and working when the bell rings.
  • Treat each person with respect and dignity.
  • Bring all required books and materials with you and take them with you when you leave.
  • Follow all directions.
  • Follow all rules and guidelines in the student agenda book.
  • The bell does not dismiss the class, the teacher does.
  • Consequences occur when the rules are broken. If you do not like the consequences, don’t break the rules!

1st Offense: Verbal Warning

2nd Offense: Written Warning

3rd Offense: Contact Home

4th Offense: Detention

  • Severity Clause: If your behavior is extreme, the consequence will be extreme.
  • Procedures are necessary to create a positive learning environment.
  • Procedures are the way we do things to ensure maximum time on task.
  • Procedures enable us to learn as much as possible and enjoy our time in class together.
intercom procedure
Intercom Procedure
  • Freeze and LISTEN!
  • Stop talking immediately
  • Stop moving around
entering the classroom
  • Walk quietly to your seat and sit.
  • Take out your materials: notebook, textbook, homework, and pencil/pen.
  • Head your notebook page properly.
  • Copy the objective for the day and begin your Do Now in your notebook.
  • Start each day on a new page.
  • Be sure to put a date on each page.
  • Label everything.
  • Record all notes and vocabulary.
  • Always write page numbers and number all questions/problems.
  • Write responses in complete sentences!
  • Copy examples while taking notes.
asking questions
  • Questions are a very important tool when learning!
  • Raise your hand to ask a question and wait to be called on before asking your question.
  • Do NOT be embarrassed to ask a question, someone else in class is probably thinking the same thing you are.
  • Ask questions as soon as you are confused; someone else is probably just as confused!
  • You must have two homework buddies that you can always contact: phone, email, Facebook, twitter, etc.
  • All assignments will be posted online on our class page.
  • No make-up homework will be available for students who are present in class the day it is assigned and the day it is due.
reviewing homework
  • I will check that the homework is complete, if it is you receive the total points it’s worth, if it’s not you receive a 0.
  • All homework assignments will be reviewed in class so that you can see how well you are doing!
  • When reviewing homework:
    • Have your textbook open to the correct page and your notebook with the answers open or have completed worksheet on your desk.
    • Correct your answers: put a check or copy the correct way to solve the problem.
    • If you have difficulty with the homework, please see me for help!
    • If you arrive to class tardy with a pass, quietly hand it to me and join in the class activity.
    • If you arrive late to class without a pass, quietly go to your seat and join in the class activity.
      • You will receive a 15-minute detention.
    • If you are tardy to my class twice in one week, you will receive a 30-minute detention.
  • Before School
  • Before or After Lunch
  • After School
  • Please do not ask to visit your locker during class.
  • If you forgot something, borrow from a friend.
  • It is your responsibility to show me any work that was due the day you were absent.
  • You have 2 days for every 1 day you are absent to make up the missed work.
  • All handouts/worksheets will be available to you upon your return.
  • Once the work is made up, it is your responsibility to show me it so that I can give you credit.
our classroom
Our Classroom
  • The classroom is a place for ALL of us to learn.
  • If we want a clean classroom, then we must keep it that way.
    • Clean up after yourself!
    • Throw away all garbage!
  • The supplies we have must last us all year.
    • Be careful while using the supplies.
    • Return supplies in the same condition you receive them.
    • Please remember not to take them with you.
    • Once the supplies are gone, we can no longer complete engaging activities that involve them.
sharpening your pencil
  • Before class
    • As soon as you enter the classroom, you may use the sharpener on the way to your seat. Remember: you must be seated when the bell rings!
  • During group work
    • You may go directly to the sharpener and directly back to your seat without disturbing others.
  • Never more than once a day.
  • Two pens (black or blue and any other color for revising and editing purposes), a pencil, and a highlighter.
  • A three ring binder (1 1/2") with filler paper and four dividers for reading, writing, vocabulary, and grammar.
  • A folder.
  • Post-it notes (3x3") in any color.
  • Textbook & Novels: supplied by the school and must remain in good condition.
  • Please bring all of your textbooks and other materials to class every day.

Grades are calculated as a percentage of total points for the marking period, with larger assignments being worth more points. There is no extra credit work in English.  In addition, the English department has a no tolerance policy for plagiarism.

star student

A star student:

  • Completes all assignments
  • Participates in class
  • Follows all rules
  • Is kind and helpful