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Beta Land

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Beta Land.

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beta land
Beta Land
  • Welcome to Beta Land, home of the Beta culture. You, the Betas, are a group of aggressive entrepreneurs seeking to acquire more and more property and goods. Beta culture revolves around economic self-interest and advancement. A good Beta – a Beta who garners the respect of other Betas – is one who works hard at accumulating more wealth, as wealth equals respect in Beta Land.
beta land1
Beta Land
  • Check-in: What do Betas value most?
beta land2
Beta Land
  • Currency in Beta Land comes in the form of trading cards. These trading cards have two characteristics: (1) they come in different colors, and (2) they have pictures of animals on them.
  • The colors are: Orange, fuchsia, green, yellow, & purple
  • The animals are: Sheep, cows, snakes, & pigs
beta land3
Beta Land
  • Check-in: What are the two characteristics of Beta trading cards?
beta land4
Beta Land
  • Your goal as a Beta is to get five cards of different colors but of the same animal to make a set. For instance, if you have a yellow card and a purple card in your deck, both with pigs on them, you will try to trade cards with other Betas until you get all five colors of pig cards.
  • When you have succeeded in getting a set, you will write your name on the board with a tally mark next to your name (i.e. one tally = one set), turn in your old cards to the “bank”, and get five more cards to begin again.
beta land5
Beta Land
  • Check in: What are the two characteristics of Beta trading cards?
  • Check-in: What constitutes a “set” in Beta trading?
  • Check-in: What is the goal of Beta trading?
beta land6
Beta Land
  • Everyone will now get five cards to start-off with.
  • Look at your cards:
    • What “set” are you closest to having?
    • What colors would you need to acquire from other Betas in order to complete that “set”?
beta land7
Beta Land
  • The sounds made by the animals on the Beta currency are important to the trading process.
  • The sounds are:
    • Snake: Hsssss
    • Pig: Oink, oink
    • Sheep: Baaaa
    • Cow: Mooo
beta land8
Beta Land
  • Make the sounds of these animals:
beta land9
Beta Land
  • To trade cards involves the following steps:
    • Hold up a card with the animal that you’re looking for
    • Make the noise of the animal on the card, followed by the “first syllable” of the color that you want
    • If the other Beta has that card, she will say “Beta.” Then he/she may ask you if you have a card that she needs
    • If either person does not have the requested and/or does not want to trade, she will make a shoulder movement that means “no” in Beta trading (see demonstration).
    • Note: Betas do not speak English during trading!
    • Can I have two volunteers to demonstrate?