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School SRDS Briefing. Updated March 2013. Content. Timescales and outcomes Meeting discussion points School Strategic priorities Research Quality & Impact (incl. link to RRNA process); Improving student experience Recruitment contributions Managing expectations Closing the review process.

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School srds briefing

School SRDS Briefing

Updated March 2013


  • Timescales and outcomes

  • Meeting discussion points

  • School Strategic priorities

    • Research Quality & Impact (incl. link to RRNA process);

    • Improving student experience

    • Recruitment contributions

  • Managing expectations

  • Closing the review process

Timescales and outcomes
Timescales and Outcomes


  • 100 % of reviews complete with paperwork signed by Head before end July 2013.

  • Rigorous checking & chasing !


  • An agreed set of SMART objectives

  • Clarity of priorities

  • An appropriate training and development plan

  • Meeting discussion points
    Meeting discussion points

    • Successes and achievements

    • Feedback sought from others (3 good, 3 to improve)

    • Issues raised in the SRDS form

    • Job description

    • School strategic priorities

    • Objectives for the next 12 months – taking into account:

      • School objectives;

      • Overall workload;

      • Career aspirations (incl. Grade profiles).

    Meeting discussion points continued
    Meeting discussion points (continued)

    • Leadership and management standard (expectations for supporting others) => team-working development & support

    • Future career development (including specific promotion discussion if appropriate / requested)

    • Health and safety requirements associated with the role (e.g. people / lab management)

    • Evaluation of past training and development

    • Future training and development needs

    School strategic priorities part 1
    School Strategic Priorities (part 1)

    Research Quality & Impact

    • Raise quality of research outputs

      • Need to set high research ambitions for academic & research staff with SRDS a key route for ensuring discussion of needs for achieving this. Must be a minimum of 3* REF

      • As per Research Charter & RRNA report (to be circulated this week) identify & discuss actions possible to enhance research quality &/or impacts

      • Include discussion of research group functioning, team teaching 7 support provided to others as well as that they wish to receive

      • Discuss PhD supervision and student performance / outputs as part of the Research Discussion

    School strategic priorities part 2
    School Strategic Priorities (part 2)

    Student Experience

    • Enhance quality of student experience

      • Request to see and discuss L+T feedback received and to consider actions undertaken to improve quality of student experience

      • Discuss the way in which the changing nature of student expectations, fees and access to new technologies will affect nature of modules taught in the years ahead

      • Consider feasibility of rationalising modules and their assessment (&/or programmes)

      • Reflect on general assessment & feedback concerns raised via NSS etc.

    School strategic priorities part 3
    School Strategic Priorities (part 3)

    • Enhance School Profile & Student Recruitment

      • Explicitly discuss how can in marketing and student recruitment efforts, such as ensuring discussion re web content and their upgrade of content for pages relevant to them

      • Building of international & industrial partnerships where feasible

    • Work more effectively together

      • Improve systems & processes including creating flexible roles & improved cover relations (support & academic staff)

      • Build strong collegial academic communities cross-School

        See -

    Srds packs
    SRDS Packs

    • Copy of the last review form

    • Blank SRDS review form

    • School Strategy map

    • (Academic packs) Workload model summary

    • The Leadership and Management standards

    • Information to help staff make the most of the review meeting

      Please ensure you receive the SRDS form from your reviewee at least 3 days before the SRDS meeting.

    Managing expectations
    Managing Expectations

    Clearly flag on the SRDS form issues for the attention of the

    Head of School e.g.:

    • Workload issues

    • Requirement for review of a job description

    • Career development

      Agree with your reviewee that issues will be referred to the HoS for further discussion.

    Closing the formal review
    Closing the formal review

    • Write a summary of the meeting (section 4.1 of the form)

    • Document the agreed objectives (section 4.2)

    • Log training and development needs in section 7

    • Clearly flag issues for the Head of School

    • Agree sections 4 and 7 with reviewee

    • Forward the form to Kate Higham before 26th July.

    • Diarise at least one interim ‘catch up’ meeting.

    Srds resources
    SRDS Resources

    University documents :

    SRDS scheme documents

    "Making the most of the annual SRDS meeting"

    The criteria for all grades:

    Guidance notes for staff reviewers on how to formulate development plan:

    Leadership and Management Standard:

    Srds resources1
    SRDS Resources

    School documents :

    Links to:

    • School Planning website including the School Strategy map

    • Reviewer - Reviewee pairings

    • School organisational chart

    • Workload frequently asked questions


    Kate Higham, School HR Officer: 35201: [email protected]

    Jo Squires, Faculty HR Manager: 35774: [email protected]

    Lynsey Cran, Faculty HR Officer 34670

    [email protected]

    Andy Dougill, Head of School: 36782

    Rob Mortimer, Deputy Head of School: 35251