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Museum Entrance. Museum of Name of Museum. Visit the Curator. Room One. Room Two. Room Four. Room Three. Artifact 1. Welcome to the Lobby. Ryanne Saunders.

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museum entrance

Museum Entrance

Museum of Name of Museum

Visit the Curator

Room One

Room Two

Room Four

Room Three



Welcome to the Lobby

ryanne saunders
Ryanne Saunders

I live in Utah with my mom and dad, a sister, two brothers, and my dog Bella. I am a cheerleader at Rocky Mountain Junior High, and my hobbies include piano, dance, arguing with my brother, and writing. I love cookie dough and my favorite color is pink.




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Note: Virtual museums were first introduced by educators at Keith Valley Middle School in Horsham, Pennsylvania. This template was designed by Lindsey Warneka under the direction of Dr. Christy Keeler during a Teaching American History grant module. View the Educational Virtual Museums website for more information on this instructional technique.

room 1 title
Room 1 Title

Artifact 3

Artifact 2

Artifact 4

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room 2
Room 2

Artifact 6

Artifact 5

Vocab: Barque

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room 3 title
Room 3 Title



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room 4 title
Room 4 Title

Artifact 12


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carter kane
Carter Kane

Insert Artifact

Picture Here

Carter Kane Is a fifteen year old boy. He has dark skin, dark curly hair, and dark brown eyes. His life was nothing but hotels and traveling with his dad. His mom died when he was young, and he has a sister that lives with their grandparents because their dad couldn’t keep them both. Carter is mature for his age, he is the clever one that usually comes up with the solution to the problems. He is hosting the god Horus in his body, and they share thoughts. Carter isn’t always funny, but he has a good sense of humor. He’s also very attractive.

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apophis conflict
Apophis (conflict)

Insert Artifact

Picture Here

Their enemy Apophis (An evil snake god that has been

imprisoned) is rising to destroy

the world. If the kids don’t find the king

of the gods, Ra, to fight Apophis In the next few days,

the world will be destroyed.

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brooklyn house
Brooklyn House

Insert Artifact

Picture Here

The main characters Carter and Sadie Kane spend

most of there time living in what they call The

Brooklyn House. There, they train young

magicians to fight evil forces, and to prepare them

for the coming of Apophis.This home is invisible to

mortals, and is on top of what looks like a regular

old abandoned building. Really, there is a huge beautiful mansion on top.

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the throne of fire by rick riordan
The Throne of FireBy Rick Riordan.

Insert Artifact

Picture Here

Carter and Sadie Kane are brother and sister. They

were born to families of royal bloodlines, but not just

any royalty, gods. Egyptian gods are their ancestors,

making them magicians. In this book they embark on a

quest to find the missing king of the gods, Ra, to restore balance to the

world. They need him to battle the evil god Apophis who is escaping from his bindings so that he can swallow the world. To find the god the kids must travel through the duat (the spirit world) to all the different places Ra used to go. When they do find him, he is senile, old, and not much use to them. Apophis breaks free and when all hope seems lost, a hero magician gives up his life to bind Apophis for just a little more time. That is how the book ends, leading into the last book that isn’t out yet.

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sadie kane
Sadie Kane.

Insert Artifact

Picture Here

Sadie has blonde hair with red highlights in it. She has

blue eyes and light skin much unlike her brother. Her

standard outfit includes leather jackets and combat

boots that match her rebel attitude and her hair. She

acts tough to partly hide how self conscious she feels. She is really a

kind person. She lived with her grandparents in England until she

became a magician, so she has an accent. She always felt jealous that

her father had taken Carter traveling and only got to visit her once a

year, until she found out her father was just protecting her.

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Anubis. Walt.

One of the complications of this book, is that Sadie has two boys that like her. She likes them both also, but the trouble is, she can’t choose one. One is extremely good looking, not very nice in my opinion, but he’s also a god. His name is Anubis. The second one, (my personnel favorite) is Walt. He is also good looking, but he’s really nice. The thing about Walt, is that he has a disease where he will only live for maybe a year longer. Sadie doesn’t know what to do because she wants to help him, but she also has to help save the world with Anubis.

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vocabulary word barque
Vocabulary Word: Barque.

Insert Artifact

Picture Here

Barque: An Egyptian ship with three or more masts.

“It was the barque of the sun god.” pg. 328.

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Ra has been missing for thousands of years, but he is the Kane’s, and the rest of the world’s, best option if they are going to defeat Apophis. Why? Because he is the king of all the gods and has more power than anything else, even Apophis.

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vocabulary word quayside
Vocabulary Word:Quayside.

Insert Artifact

Picture Here


The side of a river/dock that is level to land.

“It looked like the quayside of the river.” pg. 327

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quote pg 373
Quote: pg. 373.

“A general never shows despair, he instills confidence in his troops. He leads them forward, even into the mouth of death.”

To me, if you are going to die for a good cause, do it with honor, and keep your head up till the end.

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vocabulary word endearingly
Vocabulary Word:Endearingly.

Insert Artifact

Picture Here


Adorably, inspiring affection.

“You are endearingly clumsy.” pg. 326

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The kids travel all the way to the end of the Duat where Apophis is about to Break free. The king is

useless because he is so crazy and old so Carter and Sadie are pretty sure they are going to die.

they begin battling him and they are loosing bad. Sadie gets thrust down into a deadly pile of sand,

and Carter is knocked completely unconscious.

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epiphany resolution

Insert Artifact

Picture Here

At the brink of destruction, a magician that Sadie and Carter used to hate, comes into the duat, and saves them. He gives his life to cast an extremely draining spell that will bind Apophis for a little more time. Thankfully, they will have a little more time to try and cure the king so that he will be able to battle Apophis, but not much. The story soon ends which only means there will be another book, but it isn’t out yet.

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