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High speeds and high quality color have a whole new platform. PowerPoint Presentation
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High speeds and high quality color have a whole new platform.

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High speeds and high quality color have a whole new platform. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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High speeds and high quality color have a whole new platform. Now, with the integration of the new generation e-BRIDGE platform, the possibilities are limitless. Full Color Line-up. e-STUDIO6550c e-STUDIO6540c e-STUDIO5540c e-STUDIO4540c e-STUDIO3540c

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High speeds and high quality color have a whole new platform.

Now, with the integration of the new generation e-BRIDGE platform, the possibilities are limitless.

Full Color Line-up
  • e-STUDIO6550c
  • e-STUDIO6540c
  • e-STUDIO5540c






Tandem versions also available for the 6550c series

easy integration
Easy Integration

The e-STUDIO6550C series offers superior connectivity and system integration. Users can easily integrate e-STUDIO products into their office workflow.

Easy Integration
  • Upgraded e-BRIDGE Open Platform (Standard)
    • The upgraded e-BRIDGE Open Platform provides more flexible integration into solution applications
    • Added output management interface
    • Retrieve User/Device/Log/counter information
    • Upgraded EWB (embedded web browser)
    • URL for EWB screen can be registered in a template
    • EWB screen can be set as the default screen
Print Applications in the Driver
  • Print applications likee-BRIDGEJob Pointwill be able to be put directly into the printer driveras a tabby using plug-in
Meta Scan
  • The Meta scan function is an important element of e-BRIDGE Open Platform and has been upgraded to improve usability and connectivity.
  • Some variables have been added such as "URL of saved folder" or "Saved file name”
  • XML file format has been improved
  • e-BRIDGE Re-Rite provides an attractive document capture solution to customers. Customers can easily convert paper documents in to documents with searchable text.
Tandem Printing
  • The standard Tandem Printing function allows a print job to run simultaneously on two different e-STUDIOs on the same network.
    • A large number of outputs can be produced in a short period of time
    • Works with e-BRIDGE 3 products
e-BRIDGEJob Point
  • e-BRIDGE Job Point allows users to split a large job and send it to ten different e-STUDIO products, automatically or manually.
  • The optional e-BRIDGE Replicator allows you to print a document on three types of paper with a single command by selecting a drawer for the desired paper type and number of printouts on the drawer selection screen of the driver
easy integration1
Easy Integration

The e-STUDIO6550C series supports reducing both customer's TCO and dealer's service cost thanks to effective management features. These features allow administrators to easily manage both device and users, reducing service technician visits

Local RBAC Authentication
  • Role based access control can be used in local authentication.
    • Introduce the RBAC function in small offices
    • LDAP server authentication is no longer required.

User authentication


Windows/LDAP server

Local RBAC Group Setting
  • By creating role-registered group in advance, administrator’s only need to register users into a group
Passwords can now be up to 64 Characters
    • including alphanumeric and special characters
      • Alphabet (A-Z, a~z)
      • Numbers : 0-9
      • Special characters: ! # ( ) * + , - . / : ; = ? @ \ ^ _ ` { | } ~
  • Character Lengths of Passwords
  • 64 Characters
  • Alphabet (A-Z, a~z)
  • Numbers : 0-9
  • Special characters: ! # ( ) * + , - . / : ; = ? @ \ ^ _ ` { | } ~
The new Print Job Quota function subtracts pages already printed from the "Quota" limit set for individuals and departments
  • Quota Counter
System Maintenance by Administrator
  • The e-STUDIO6550C series offers administrators the capability to perform some system maintenance functions which in the past required a service technician.
    • Administrator maintains flexibility
    • Reduction of service calls.
System Maintenance by Administrator
  • Administrators can easily install or delete the display language.
    • The e-STUDIO6550C series pre-installed 13 languages. (English (US), English (UK), German, French, Spanish, Italian, Danish, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Dutch, Polish and Russian)
  • Data cloning
    • The e-STUDIO6550C series provides the cloning function for administrators without calling a service technician
      • Control panel and TopAccess.
System Maintenance by Administrator
  • Updating system software with patch files
    • Administrators can update the system software by using the control panel or TopAccess.
    • Since update files are provided as a patch file, update time is shorter than in the past
    • Faster turn around of features and fixes
  • Adding new function by plug-in
    • Administrator can install the optional functions by using a plug-in feature like options
    • Dealers can easily install special functions prepared for specific customer
This application is an upgraded version of the e-BRIDGE Fleet Management System, software for uniform management of MFPs on a network.
    • Until now, this software had to be installed on both the server and client. ‘
    • In the new version, the client software is now web-based, allowing administrators to use EFMS with a web browser on their own PCs
    • User convenience is also enhanced, with features such as a customizable tree-view display and the editing of the names of registered devices.
  • BRIDGE Fleet Management System (EFMS) Version 5.1
Data Convertor
    • Convert program data from old models to new models
      • This is a very useful tool to transfer address books, templates and other data.
  • e-BRIDGE RBAC manager
    • Local role Management
  • Service Tools
When multiple e-STUDIO MFPs were installed, it used to be necessary to install a separate printer driver for each device type
    • By installing the new Universal Printer Driver, users can print on any new generation e-STUDIO series model
      • Greatly reduces administrator work
    • The new universal driver also supports e-BRIDGE 3 models.
  • Universal Print Driver
The Universal Driver can be used as a driver specialized for each model or as a common driver with limited features.
  • It also permits switching between PCL6 and PS3
  • Language Selection
    • Users can easily select the display language from 17 preinstalled languages
    • Administrator not have to install printer driver by language.
  • Users can handle almost every printing need using only the Universal Driver
  • Universal Print Driver
In previous models, the printer driver features were integrated,
    • Except for the three core tabs Basic, Finishing, and Other, all tabs are now plug-in types
    • Each tab can be freely installed and uninstalled
    • Administrators can control the use
  • Universal Print Driver Plug ins
Formerly, driver settings could only be stored as profiles.
    • The new models can now display these settings as one-touch templates
    • Applications that have a quick print feature will be able to directly access the One Touch Template feature
  • One Touch Template Feature
Past MFPs put the print job into standby status if toner or paper ran out during printing
    • This halted not only the current job but all following print jobs
  • Job Skip Function
eco features
Eco Features

Our devices are friendly for users as well as for the earth.

Environmental Standards
    • This series complies with various environmental standards such as Energy Star version 1.1 (Tier 2) and Blue Angel Mark.
  • Eco Features
Power Consumption
    • Each model is now only 5 watts in sleep mode
      • reduced by approximately 80%
  • Recycling
    • Recycled plastics are used for 30% of all plastics
  • Eco Features
e-BRIDGE now offers PostScript Overprint Function
    • Users can check the draft version before the final print
    • Works on print from USB drive
  • PostScript Overprint
User’s can create a large size printout by separating the print image into multiple pages
  • Poster Print
When the user does not need stapling, the centerfold feature is available.
    • LD, LT-R, LG ( 17 - 28 lbs)
    • 5 sheets sets (20 pages)
    • 25 total sheets per job
      • Sets of 5 sheets
  • Center Folding
A combination of 2-in-1 and Magazine Sort & Saddle Stitch is enabled. For example, PPT data can be printed as a booklet in a combination of 2-in-1 printing and saddle stitching.
  • 2-in-1 + Magazine Sort
This function allows users to copy on the back side of a cover sheet
  • Copy to Back Side of Cover Sheet
Gigabit Ethernet is now available on all models including the e-STUDIO2040c
    • 20 ppm
  • Gigabit Ethernet on All Models
operational simplicity
Operational Simplicity

These products didn’t just catch up, in many ways, they surpassed the competition, particularly with respect to the new UI and the tie-in to Google and the cloud.  Seriously, look at Toshiba’s UI and compare it to a Xerox or Ricoh MFP. 

(Andy Slawetsky, President Industry Analysts, Inc)

The e-STUDIO6550c user interface incorporates may improvements from previous models
    • New streamline lay out with proportional fonts
  • New User Interface on Control Panel
Previous models MENU screen only displayed one template group and users could not customize it
    • Shortcut to template button
      • including Meta Scan
    • Shortcut to template group
    • URL of Web pages for EWB
    • User Authentication
  • New MENU Screen
Documents inside the e-filing box, which were formerly displayed only by file name, can now be displayed as thumbnails
    • Displaying images of documents makes it easy to find a target file or page.
    • Print Individual pages
  • e-FILING Thumbnail Preview
Images scanned using the scan or fax feature can be previewed on the control panel.
    • Remove, replace or add individual pages
  • Scan/Fax Preview
The ability to quickly find addresses by their initials has been added. This feature allows you to quickly find a desired address in a large address book.
    • As an example, you can display all addresses that begin with "a to c" or "d to f."
  • Address Book Search by Initials
Additional finishing settings have been added to allow duplexing and finishing of documents
  • Improved USB Direct Printing
The Overlay function allows you to overlay data, which was previously stored as an overlay file.
    • On the previous models, the Overlay function allowed only one background image to be used for all the pages in a job.
    • Now on this series, the "Multiple Overlay" function can apply a different overlay image on each page of a job.
  • Multiple Overlay Function
On previous models, the Private Print function did not allow you to print out until a print command was issued from the MFP. On this series, the function allows you to automatically print all your jobs held in the queue as soon as you authenticate as a user on the MFP.
    • Note: This function is turned off by default.
  • Improved Private Print
USB Keyboards will be supported
    • Program & Navigate Internet
    • Use short cuts
      • PAGE DOWN
      • PAGE UP
      • SHIFT + DELETE
      • TAB
      • UP ARROW
      • DOWN ARROW
  • USB Keyboard Support

More secure than ever, a higher level of security is achieved in several ways, a standard Data Overwrite and Hard Disk AES Encryption feature

The Hard Copy Security
    • A printing function can embed text in the output, so that the hidden text appears on the background of the copy document. This function can prohibit unauthorized copies by applying to removing the background when a copy has been made
  • Copy Protection

This function allows customerto prevent unauthorized copying, scanning and faxing by copy protection code.

  • Hard Copy Security (Optional)
Information Tracking
    • This function allows customers to trace illegal copying by the tracking code and analyzing software.
      • Printed time
      • Printed device's serial number and MAC address
      • Printed user name
      • Printed job name
      • Free description (maximum 32 Byte)
  • Hard Copy Security (Optional)












Secret research result .....



  • Hard Copy Security (Optional)
  • Time
  • Device
  • Name.....

Hardcopy Security


Information tracking




Copy protection code

the Scan function allows the administrator to select whether to enable or disable each item in the following list.
  • New Scan to Security
The standard Hard Disk Overwrite kit conforms to IEEE 2600.1
  • IEEE 2600.1—the highest security level of its kind for hard copy devices
  • IEEE 2600 Standard