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How to:. Speak like a pro. Can you find the errors?. And how Not to……. Here’s my problem Here’s my belief Here’s my evidence Here’s my solution ……all in a 4-8 minute speech. Your criteria for a complete Presentation.

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your criteria for a complete presentation

Here’s my problem

  • Here’s my belief
  • Here’s my evidence
  • Here’s my solution

……all in a 4-8 minute speech.

Your criteria for a complete Presentation.
grab the audience s attention

Just as you grabbed your reader’s attention for your research paper, you must do the same with a speech.

  • Use similarly mentioned techniques of:
    • Telling a story
    • Stating a shocking fact
    • Asking a rhetorical question
    • Engaging the audience’s participation
Grab the audience’s attention
story telling

Tell a brief story about someone or something that is involved or has been affected by your research topic.

Make it brief, passionate, and paint a picture with a picture

Story Telling
sarah was fat
Sarah Was Fat!

She was 5’6”, weighed 115 pounds which is actually considered medically underweight; yet she considered herself huge in “fashion magazine terms.”

Surprising Fact or a quote………..You can accompany your fact or quote with a picture, but it’s not necessary.
  • One out of five people in this classroom have herpes!
  • 25% of all car accidents are caused by cell phones.
  • At this moment 250 million people are checking their Facebookstatus.

Audience Participation

  • Poll – (show of hands)

“Who here communicates with others? “

  • Class Dialogue: “How do you do that?” (Ask for 3 or 4 responses.)
  • (Can you guess the topic of this presentation?)
circle two on your list

Do you have a shocking fact or a story from your research that would “grab the audience?”

Is there a quote or quick excerpt from a video/music that you could use?

Pair/Share – Give each other suggestions.

Circle two on your list
after you grab their attention

Introduce your topic – (Here’s my problem).

Define any part of your topic that needs clarified and finally…..

State your Thesis –

(Here’s what I believe)

Let your audience see it and hear it.

After you grab their attention…..
after you clearly state your thesis

Present your evidence (we call them “Sub-Topics).

Briefly provide a sampling of evidence for each.

Choose your most convincing stories, statistics, and data.


After you clearly state your thesis…
bore your audience

With a lot of words, and numbers and charts.

on a side note

For power point slides or visual aids, you should always give your source credit.

Ps. I think you know this by now.

Cite each slide with a parenthetical citation – just like below.

Add a Works Cited page with citations from anything you included in your power point. Copy and paste your last page from your research paper and include only the citations that you included in your power point presentation.

(Priestap 34).

On a side note:

Present your evidence in a variety of ways.

Power Points

Very Visual Charts


Audience Polls

Short Videos - Approximately 1-2 minutes in length..

Embed a link

remember your audience
Remember your audience!!!
  • There are 8 “intelligences” in your audience that you must consider.
  • Math
  • Linguistic
  • Musical/Rhythmic
  • Bodily Kinesthetic
  • Science/Natural
  • Interpersonal
  • Intrapersonal
  • Visual/Spacial
audio and visual aids a good idea

Power Points – An electronic note card

    • Caution: Do not read!!!! You will put your audience to sleep!!
  • Graphs or Charts – Give your audience a quick glimpse at your data…..but keep it short!!
  • DVD or online streaming video– Short example, real-live event, brief documentary….but remember, you must be the story teller and teacher.
Audio and visual aids…..a GOOD IDEA!
other cool ideas for a presentation





Cell Phone Survey)

Hand-outs, worksheets, questionnaires, and surveys.

Audience participation (show of hands, dialogue, questions, action, etc.)

Other cool ideas for a presentation!
circle two on your list1

How can you best present your evidence so that the audience can see, feel, or hear your information.

Don’t be limited by my suggestions; think of your own ways to share your evidence.

Pair/Share – Give each other suggestions.

Circle two on your list
and finally end a bang

What is your solution!


  • QUOTE,
  • VIDEO,
  • STORY,

List two or three ways that you think would help you end your presentation with passion.

…..and finally….end a bang!!!
performance tips

Practice audibly in front of a mirror or your dog, 3 times

  • Practice with your technology and props
  • If you’re not using a power point, use note cards to outline your speech.
    • Double space
    • Quick phrases as verbal reminders….don’t read from them.
  • Make eye contact with your entire audience.
  • Smile
  • Don’t be afraid to use comfortable gestures…but don’t over or under do it.
Performance tips:
voice control

Keep a slow, steady pace.

Pause when necessary….to make a point….for emphasis….to get your audience to think.

Change your pitch and volume.

Voice control
you have 4 8 minutes to present 18 weeks of work
You have 4-8 minutes to present 18 weeks of work

Make this presentation something that you’ll be proud of. We want to “hear and see your research!!!