starr enterprises solutions inc n.
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Starr Enterprises Solutions Inc.

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Starr Enterprises Solutions Inc. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Starr Enterprises Solutions Inc.

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  1. Starr Enterprises Solutions Inc.

  2. We are the Solution • As consultants we come in to organize and transform one’s professional work space in nursing home • We provide quality service and commitment to customer satisfaction • Competitive prices • Fast and quality work

  3. Why US? • Our Firm provides the highest quality of Apple products • Highly Skilled & Qualified IT professionals, Admin, and customer service representatives • Discounted rates on all products • 24/7 Customer service • Professional attitudes and good work ethics

  4. The Problem??? • Cluttered/unorganized offices and work stations • Time consuming work for nurses and nursing aides aside from their other duties • Too many medical records not updated or explained to new nurses and aids • Lost/misplaced or unsecured confidential information

  5. Slide 4 • Market- Nursing Homes • Input- Employees (IT) trainers, software programmers etc • Apple Hardware- Mac books, I pads, Desktop Macs • Budget: $ 50,000

  6. Future of Starr Enterprises • Where is your company in terms of its growth? • In terms of growth our company is continuously looking for new ways to advance. We currently have 12 nursing homes in the state of Virginia with new technological systems. • Where is your company now in the development of the solution? • We are currently looking to hire more employees to help expand our company so that we will have the opportunity to impact more lives. • How long will it take to get your solution “to market”? • Starr Enterprises has made outstanding progress in getting our company noticed. However, it may take another year or so to get other companies on board to help us reach our goal! • Where will you in the next year? • In the next year, we hope to have gained more sponsors and/or supporters who are willing to donate products to help distribute to nursing homes • What will you be in the next three years? • In the next three years, Starr Enterprises would like to be known throughout the east coast supplying every nursing home with all of its needed technological wise. • What is needed to get you from today to where you see your solution and company being successful? • We are progressing by the day and always looking for new ways to better our company. In order to continue to make a difference and continue to impact the lives of those in nursing homes we need to continue to supply technology for those who do not have it. • Who is responsible for content • Chief Management Officer _____________________ • Chief Inputs Officer __________________________