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humorously speaking

Humorously Speaking

Cathy Kuo, Fluency

August 5,07

2 what is humor
2.What is Humor?

“ Humor is the great thing, the saving thing. The minute it crops up, all our irritations and resentments slip away and a sunny spirit takes their place. “

Mark Twain 1835~1910

“The world is

a tragedy to those who feel but

a comedy to those who think.”

Horace Walpole


humor has many benefits for speakers
Humor has many benefits for speakers:

1.Help establish a bond with your audience

2.Win over a hostile audience

3.Keep the audience interested

4.Emphasize or illustrate a point.

5 Help people remember you


“Ring…Ring… “Daddy! I'm kidnapped! Come and

rescue me! I was badly beaten and I'm hurt! Daddy~~~”

Does it sound familiar to you? Yes! That's right! It's a

telephone fraud. Have you ever received a telephone fraud

before? What's your reaction toward it? A smart reply

might be: “Oh~, really! Take her, don't bring her back,

cause I have 10 more kids at my home.” Or you can say:

“Wow~ kidnappers?? You guys are so hard-working. It's

Sunday; don't you have a day off?” Here is another one:

“Again??~~~ She has been kidnapped for three

times today!” Claire Lin < Tragic Hero>


1.Age range

2. Male / Female ratio

3. Political orientation

4. Education

“ The world is so well stocked with keen, clean fun that there is no excuse for playing in the mud to get a laugh. You can write it down as an axiom that someone maybe offended by an off-color join, but that no person is likely to take offense at a clean one.”

“Dr. Ralph C Smedley”

pro 2 leave them with a smile
Pro 2. Leave Them With a Smile

6 elements of humor:

Target Hostility

Realism Exaggeration



“Come to join our English M-J club. If you

are interested but don’t know how to play,

don’t worry, we will teach you for free!

Learn it right now! Life is short, time is

money. Hope all of our dream retirements

come true. Emily, Sammi ,Cathy ,don’t forget,

later 4 o’clock , my house. “

Jessie Huang < My Dream Retirement>


“We can cook this watch and see what will

happen.” Five minutes after, I heard a “boop”

from the hotpot. The watch glass was broken.

My heart was broken, too! Then I saw two

Mickey Mouse’s arms were floating and

sinking in the soup with other tiny screws and


Solomon < My Hotpotology>









Grace Hsu<安潔莉娜的奶奶>


“ I remembered the first time I had sex,

I made a big big commitment to that girl…

I married her ! And now, I am still paying

the price. Boy! It’s not just a commitment, It’s


Simon Lin

< My one night stand experience on the internet>


“36 is around what we called “middle

age” and middle age simply means

when your age starts to show around

your middle. “

Hubert You < What does it really matter>


“Honey, I'd like to join Toastmasters.”

“No, you just stay home. Take good care of

my kids. What Toastmaster? You are the

toaster. I am the Master!”

Jessie Lee

< How to divorce your spouse>

play on words
Play on words:



不!是「3M」!Make money, make love and

Make friends”

Camille Lai <明日之星>


“Oh God! It's so hard to make a living

nowadays. Everything is so expensive. When

I go to the petrol station, gas is more

expensive. In the supermarket, food is so

expensive. Even joining Toastmaster is

getting more expensive as well.”

Frankie Wu


“I would die for her if I could smell her, touch

her and have one night stand with her.”

Allan Lo

4 more tips 4 p
4. More Tips: 4P

Set upPause

Punch Line Punch word


Tempo Rhythm

Inflection Pause


exercise 1 rhythm
Exercise 1: Rhythm

“You don’t want to fall in love, please tell me

why? Long night no sleep in your bed,

sorrows fill your dream. All the ladies say

bye-bye .Leave you no smile. Find your angel

in Toastmasters, always in paradise.”

Tell Tan < Sleepless in Tachia>

exercise 2 rhythm
Exercise 2: Rhythm

“I stood up and yell thank my father my

mother my sister my brother my daughter my

neighbor my scooter my helicopter and all

you toastmasters!”

Hubert You < What does it really matter>

exercise 3 punch word
Exercise 3:Punch word

“ Money.. no problem, especially pay

by my husband”

Lillian Chang < Fluency Beauty Salon>

exercise 4 pause
Exercise 4:Pause

“今年夏天,我 30 歲(停頓)…的兒子



Grace Hsu<安潔莉娜的奶奶>

exercise 5 tempo
Exercise 5: Tempo

”Emily! It is your turn . Hurry up ok ! You

swim too slowly .Middle 碰. Cathy, wait . It

is 發..碰Ho!Ho!My turn again.Wow!white

board.Ya ! I got big 3 dollars ,(大三元)and

touched myself (自摸) I won! I won !”

Jessie Huang < My Dream Retirement>

exercise 6 inflection
Exercise 6: Inflection

“Do you have a boy friend?

Have you met any decent men lately? 

No?  Told you many times--Don't put your

eyes on your head!  You are tall enough. “

Sammy Su < My Mom and My Dates>

what is humor for
What is humor for?

“Life is tough, and if you have the ability

to laugh at it , you have the ability to

enjoy it.”

Salma Hayek