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Lolo jmqqqqqqqqgy’p[}|\kl jo

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Lolo jmqqqqqqqqgy’p[}|\kl jo

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Lolo jmqqqqqqqqgy’p[}|\kl jo

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  1. NATIONAL CONFERENCE ON AGRICULTURE FOR RABI CAMPAIGN 2014 New Delhi 17-18 September’2014 a presentation by Department of agriculture Arunachal Pradesh Lolojmqqqqqqqqgy’p[}|\kl jo

  2. TARGET AND ANTICIPATED ACHIEVEMENT DURING KHARIF - 2014 Appx.15% shortfall in Kharif production anticipated due to erratic distribution of rainfall, flood during August and deficit rainfall from April to June’2014 as per preliminary estimate.


  4. Pulses scenario…. Arunachal Pradesh require about 8.80 MT of pulses per day and appx.32000 MT(annual) presently as per WHO recommendation. By 2017, annual Pulses requirement shall be about 38000 MT Per capita availability out of state’s own production is 27g/ capita / day (32% of requirement) Present Pulses production is appx.10000 MT (68% deficit) Production level to be achieved at least at 30000MT by 2017 strategy for enhanced Pulse production Appx.20000 ha Rice fallow to be brought under Rabi Pulses (Lentil,Pea,Green Gram, Bengal Gram) Pulse productivity to be enhanced to 15 qtl ha-1 from present 10 qtl ha-1 by varietal replacement & better crop management. Rice-Pulses cropping sequence for double cropping to be intensified in assured irrigated areas. Promote improved Pulse cultivars in Shifting cultivation areas(Jhum areas)

  5. OIL SEEDS UNDER NMOOP(MM-III) Oil Palm Demonstration Garden at CAU campus, Pasighat Oil Palm Production : 20000 ha area to be covered in 5 years. MoU signed with private Oil palm developers for 15000 ha with 1.M/s Rucchi Soya Industries Ltd for West and East Siang districts 2.M/s 3-F Oilpalm Agrotech for L/Dibang Valley District 3.M/s Sivsais Oil Palm for Lohit,Namsai,Changlang,Tirap districts.

  6. Oil Palm Nursery at Jairampur (Changlang district)Being developed by M/s Sivsais Oil Palm 70000 sprouts sown Issue for consideration under NMOOP Revisit of existing cost sharing under NMOOP(75:25) may be considered to make it 90:10 as state finds it extremely difficult to provide 25% state share from its Annual Plan Budget due to other inescapable expenditures.

  7. OIL SEEDS Strategy for enhanced Oilseeds production • Area expansion under Mustard • Promote Sunflower,Soyabean & sesamum cultivation in potential districts • About 5000 ha Rice fallow to be covered under Rabi Oilseeds • Provision of water conveyance pipes for irrigation during moisture stress conditions • Seed treatment and ICM to be ensured with involvement of KVKs • Liming to be encouraged • Demonstration on Zero tillage in Mustard

  8. Thank you GOLDEN PAGODA NAMSAI A presentation by A.K.Purkayastha Advisor Department of Agriculture