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Web Conferencing. Rosebud Cluster Day February 2010 Emma Schafer. What is Web Conferencing?. Web conferencing software allows groups of people to meet and collaborate online from their own computer.

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web conferencing

Web Conferencing

Rosebud Cluster Day February 2010

Emma Schafer

what is web conferencing
What is Web Conferencing?
  • Web conferencing software allows groups of people to meet and collaborate online from their own computer.
  • Presenters and participants interact using a variety of features such as: audio, video, instant messaging, shared interactive whiteboard, polling, file sharing and application sharing.
  • Web Conferencing is used to: conduct live meetings, train people or give presentations via the Internet.
  • Participants have either a downloaded application on their PC’s or take part in a web based meeting by following a link sent to them to enter the conference.
features of web conferencing
Features of Web conferencing
  • Slide show presentations: Powerpoint and keynote slides are presented while the presenter discusses the slides.
  • Live or streaming video; Webcam, digital camera or multimedia files are presented to the audience.
  • VoIP: Real time audio communication
  • Meeting recording: Presentation activity is recorded for future reference
  • Whiteboard, Annotation: Highlight or mark items on the slide presentation and/ or make notes on a blank whiteboard.
  • Text chat: Love question and answer sessions for people in the conference.
  • Polls and Surveys: Presenter directs multiple choice questions to the audience.
  • Screen, Desktop & Application sharing: Participants can view the presenters screen.
some ideas for how web conferencing may be useful in your classroom
Some ideas for how web conferencing may be useful in your classroom:
  • Have an expert visit your classroom
  • Contact an author or poet
  • Connect with other schools around the world
  • Use to support transition work between primary and secondary schools.
  • Story Telling
  • Web Conference as part of a ‘Book Day’
  • Have a conference with a historical character
examples of web conferencing providers
Examples of Web Conferencing providers:
  • Communicator: Provided free for edumail to edumail accounts (No whiteboard)https://www.edumail.vic.gov.au/EduMailOnline/cquickguides.htm
  • Skype: Free download (No whiteboard) http://skype.com/intl/en/
  • Dimdim: online, open source. No installation of software required. Can host meetings for up to 20 people free of charge (more with a premium acct)http://www.dimdim.com
  • Elluminate: Online Conference space provided by DEECD for many participants, Vroom for up to 3 participants free through elluminatehttp://www.elluminate.com/
what is elluminate
What is Elluminate?

Elluminate is:

  • the software currently used by the Department to provide web conferencing to staff and educators around Victoria. The diagram below displays the main features of an Elluminate web conference.
  • easy to install and use – you don’t need to download any large software files
  • easy to join – all you have to do is click on a link in an email or website to enter a web conference
  • cross platform - it supports Windows PC, Mac, Solaris, or Linux
  • optimised for low bandwidth - you can interact with little lag time, regardless of internet connection speed, even at 28.8.kbps
  • recordable – even if you miss a session, you can view it online at a later stage.
elluminate session link
Elluminate session link:


participants window
Participants Window
  • Raise/Lower Hand
  • Emoticons
  • Polling
  • Step Away
  • Permission to use Microphone
  • Audio Setup Utility
    • Tools  Audio  Audio Setup Wizard
  • Optimal Microphone Setting
chat window
Chat Window
  • Permission to use Chat
  • Send a Text Message
    • Public
    • Private
whiteboard tools




Text Editor



Filled Ellipse

Filled Rectangle



Laser Pointer

Import an Image

Clip Art

Screen Capture

Whiteboard Tools
  • Permission to use the Whiteboard
  • Tools
  • Types
    • Yes/No
    • Multiple Choice
    • Slowdown/Speedup Class Pace
  • Responses will appear in the Participants window if the moderator has selected to show them
so let s get interactive find out about each other
So, let’s get interactive & find out about each other

Secondary Teacher

Primary Teacher

Education Support

Principal/Leadership Role

15 tips for successful web conferencing
15 Tips for successful web conferencing
  • Develop a Web Conferencing Mindset
  • Clearly identify objective for the WC.
  • Prepare your materials ahead of time.
  • Log into session ahead of time to check settings and pre load files.
  • Ensure you allow time for ‘social interaction’ in each WC
  • Plan your questions ahead of time... Because you cant see the body language.
  • Remember , you can accomplish many different objectives during your WC.
  • Share responsibilities during your WC (it is often useful to have more than one moderator).
  • Use WC for short “ad hoc” virtual meetings as required.
  • Use WC “typing” feature to record key points of a discussion.
  • Remember to ask questions and use polls to maintain interactivity of WC.
  • Get input from participants on “things that are new”.
  • Build comfort and confidence through practice.
  • Don’t be afraid to try things.
  • Have fun!
where to from here
Where to from here?
  • Click on the link below to watch a recording of this session: https://sas.elluminate.com/mrtbl?suid=M.8C1DF3BC1F62069EF678021E5B17E1
  • Don’t forget to visit the Virtual Conference Centre to check for DEECD Session:


elluminate resource materials
Elluminate Resource Materials
  • Visit www.elluminate.com/training for:
    • User Guides
    • Quick Reference Guides
    • Recorded Training Sessions
    • Register for Live Training Sessions
  • Elluminate Technical Support http://www.elluminate.com/support/
  • The Elluminate User Group available from www.learncentral.com
  • 3 for Free vRoomwww.elluminate.com/vroom/