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The Key To Time By: Brandon Goldstein PowerPoint Presentation
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The Key To Time By: Brandon Goldstein

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The Key To Time By: Brandon Goldstein - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Key To Time By: Brandon Goldstein. The Key To Time Part 2

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The Key To Time By: Brandon Goldstein

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TheKey To Time

By: BrandonGoldstein


TheKey To TimePart2

Meepadon now knowing what to do scurried along to the dimension of Earth still wandering what task he would have to do in this strange dimension. Then it he saw it, a giant monster named a snoora. The snoora was a beast that was as tall as a T-rex, had the head of a lion, the body of a shark, and the wings of an eagle. It was one of the most feared things alive. The snoora took one glimpse of Meepadon, and took flight. Meepadon thought he had won, but he was terribly mistaken the snoora turned around and fired a fire ball at Meepadon. Meepadon not ready to give up just yet he sent the orb of the past which rested on his left shoulder toward the ball. The orb hit the ball and the ball went hurling back at the snoora as if it was magic . The snoora fell to the ground defeated, and right above his tale sprouted the portal to the dimension of ice.

Meepadon found his task quickly since it slept right in front of where he came in it was the ice dragon. Legend had it that if you touched it you would freeze to death. The dragon awoke and got ready to destroy Meepadon. Meepadon fired his orb of the future into the dragon’s mouth hoping that the dragon was going to fire an Ice Ball at him. In a few seconds the dragon freezes to death and a portal opens leading to the final dimension. Meepadon entered the portal to be welcomed by the god who caused it all, Koora the god of destruction. Meepadon got ready to fight because beating Koora would be his last challenge. It all came down to this, would Meepadon be victorious and change everything back to order or will Koora end him. Meepadon started glowing and the orb of the past and the orb of the future combined to make the orb of the present. Meepadon fired the orb at Koora and Koora fired the orb of destruction at Meepadon. As the two orbs collided a blinding light was there and poof Meepadon was lying down in a meadow. He stood up and before him was his father.