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Facebook Hustling. The things you are not doing that is costing you the real money!. With… Bill Hugall (Hustler). You have a Choice to BE Somebody. Things we are going to cover. Your Profile. Why it might suck and how to fix it. Posting.

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Facebook Hustling

The things you are not doing that is costing you the real money!

With… Bill Hugall (Hustler)

You have a Choice to BE Somebody

Things we are going to cover

  • Your Profile. Why it might suck and how to fix it.

  • Posting.

  • Why people never respond to your adoration and talks of dreams.

  • Liking. How to, where to and why to.

  • Facebook pages (why I don’t like your page and how to make me)

  • Why JV’s Don’t fall into your lap when they should!

  • Friends How to make them…. The truth.

And some other cool shit 

Your Profile (The basics)

Clean image so people know what I

look like. Make sure the image displays

A confident person, but Bill!!

Clean simple cover that looks good!

Add Real Photo’s. Who want to friend and work with

A faceless live less person? Let people in.

What do you ACTUALLY do?

Posting! Every thing is a Move.

Also known as Hustling

Do you know these guys? Of course you do.

How many times do they comment on your status?

Why do we want them to? To get their attention…. Maybe.

More Importantly…

when they like what we say so do other people and the friend requests

Pour in.

It seems simple, but

When people see that

Big names like your post.They like it to. Giving you

Instant position and

Leverage. How so?

Most people online are full of shit and just want to sell their shit and Think of everyone

They meet as a dollar sign. I like to look for who I can work with and

how we can make money together. I have a valuable asset that most don’t…I have time. People with big dreams need time. So by getting in and meeting these people7

I am able to use my time as a means to help them out. Yes I get paid for that 

Why the big names don’t care about

Your dreams or that you think they rock

1.) Everybody has a big mouth and big dreams. They think by telling all this to people

Makes them an exception that they should look out for.

2.)These people sell information!!!

They aren’t looking for people who want them to help them or a free ride because you have

No money. The product was their help. They do care about people who get results with

What they sell. ACTION TAKERS. *** My secret tip. Use their free content to get results

Everyone loves REAL action takers.

Makes their business looks good and puts you on their radar.

3.) DO Not BOW DOWN!!! Be yourself. If they don’t like it tough shit.

This was a pain in the ass to get but many big names followed in liking my page

Giving me more authority to promote my page with. Example of the ad. Join 6 figure earners and the IM Elite on IM Marketing With Bill

Why JV’s Don’t fall into Your Lap followed in liking my page

Most newbies think that JV means to promote a product with someone else.This couldn't be farther from the truth.A JV for those of you who don’t know. Mean Joint Venture. Not promote my shit and I will

Promote yours. This is why most people fail with this method.

It is about meeting like minded people with the same goal (ass loads of money) using the

Others skills and assets to make money while the use your skills.

Some of you have no money but can code and whip off sites. Tis more important

To my business than money. I don’t want and don’t need your money.

I do need and want your skills.

That does not mean I want you to come up to me and say hey Bill

Let’s make some money together. Truth be told… I like working with

Friends and people I trust. So the odds of me doing business with you are

Slim to none.

Bill I have no friends I thought I was just going to make money by pushing buttons.

You can do that, but you will want more! To get to more you need to find like minded friends

The secret Hustle Sauce(Really just the simple truth)

Go into groups and find people there who say some things that resonate with you.

Not industry stars and people you think are IM Wizards. They have bigger fish to fry 

So find People that seem to want what you want and talk like you talk.

Friend these people and get to know them. Have skype, ad a hangout or 10.I have had 3 hour calls with strangers that have lead to big deals. The only way I knew them was through their posts.

Finding the right groups to meet Bill

Fellow Hustlers In.

Hustlers hangout in all the right groups. Groups that follow Big names and a lot of them

This is how you find those groups.

Type in a group of an IM topic that

you are interested in. Join the group.Then you will see suggested groups. This is the

Magic of it all.

Find groups that have images of people you have

Identified as being industry leaders.

Hustlers Will always be there!!

Big names are big for a reason They know their shit

So get in there and start studying the page.

Don’t get star struck (we will deal with this when we talking about liking)

Study the group for active members. The ones who are talking, sharing, and helping

Out are the people you want to meet. Then send a friend request and strike up

A chat. Don’t lead with money No one will talk to you.


So don’t get into business. Make a friend.

This will help those of you who are

Struggling with the opinions of your family and friends that think you are a messed up

For chasing your dreams.

Make new friends that support and encourage your growth

And success while you do the same for them.

This leads to money. If the person you just met as a baby and victim…. Move on.

Find someone with a “winning get shit done mentality”.

Liking and Commenting talking about liking)

These are your doorways to the aforementioned Relationships talking about liking)

Every group you get into like all of the posts.

Not just the posts the person who runs the group makes, but all of them!

Comment when you join the group let people know you are there.

Then add some value. This can be a post about failure our successes you have had.

Failure posts have landed me some amazing meetings with very expensive

Marketers for free. Those people who are trying are the people that get help.

Results are any information you are getting about what you are doing.

Good or bad.

By commenting often and about action.

The non action takers will be drawn to you the action takers will notice you.

I hope this is all starting to make sense to you about how powerful

Relationships can be to you and your business. When you actually

Stop worrying about making money, and starting learning how to

Market, position, brand and build relationships you will finally start

To see the bigger money.

Remember this is about both of you getting rich not you getting rich!