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CDS Health Tech

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CDS Health Tech. The CDS System. Computerizing the Process NOT the Paper since 1995. Smart Charting. CDS Health Tech. One physician (facility medical director ) opined, "the greatest advance in medical records since the invention of paper.".

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cds health tech

CDS Health Tech

The CDS System

Computerizing the Process NOT the Paper

since 1995

smart charting
Smart Charting

CDS Health Tech

One physician (facility medical director) opined,

"the greatest advance in medical records since the invention of paper."

Order Setsfor Forms & Templates

  • Finally the Power & Convenience of Order Sets for Forms
      • Order Sets have long been a staple in Electronic Health Record Systems for both medication and ancillary orders.
      • That power is now brought to forms, templates, and result reportswith the ability to specify the parameters of any diagnosis or procedure using the most current billing codes and descriptions.
      • When used with our exclusive Auto-Populate function and the ability to incorporate any other relevant data into any form or template, you now have the most powerful clinical documentation tool ever conceived and developed.

A Tectonic Change in Clinical Documentation

smart charting unparalleled speed accuracy
Smart ChartingUnparalleled Speed & Accuracy

CDS Health Tech

  • Used in Conjunction with Our Auto-Populate Function
      • As individual questions and topics are sorted for use in a given form or template our Auto-Populate function remembers the last answer or entry made for each specific line item. The author of the current form is subsequently shown said answer as well as the name and title of the previous author. At the current clinician’s choice, the auto-populated data may be re-used, altered or cleared. All such auto-populated data is per question and per patient while often penned by multiple previous clinicians.
  • The Process is Not to be Confused with “RoboDoc”
      • Quite often our Smart Charting function is confused with what we like to call “RoboDoc”. Smart Charting allows facilities and clinicians to build exact forms and templates for each specific patient and set of circumstances as needed. Smart Charting should not be confused with systems which attempt to circumvent clinicians by trying to computer generate answers, diagnose patients and/or automatically author clinical notes. Computers and programs should assist, not attempt to replace medical professionals.

The Right Help When & Where it’s Needed

take full control of all clinical diagnostic documentation
Take Full Control of ALLClinical & Diagnostic Documentation

CDS Health Tech

  • Build What You Need - Where & When You Need It
  • Ancillary Results
  • Assessments
  • Evaluations
  • Examinations
  • Historical Documentation
  • Observation Records
  • Progress Notes
  • Risk Management Incident Logs
  • Treatment Plan Baselines

It’s About Time

A System that Learns You Instead of You Learning It

smart charting even allows for clinical integration
Smart Charting Even Allows for Clinical Integration

CDS Health Tech

  • The Days of Tedious Searching & Interpreting are Over
      • All relevant patient data is available in our system for Smart Charting. This allows linking of, but not limited to: assessments, screenings, historical data, monitoring data (pain, vitals, etc.), observations, medication regimen, ancillary results, lab results, diagnoses, conditions, procedures, treatment plan problems, and even data from outside providers. Smart Charting creates a unique diagnostic group of relevant information within the patient’s chart. Retrieval in the future of any or all data in the group can start from any item in the group.
      • Any clinical scenario will be accurately documented and the days of your billing staff interpreting the clinician’s intentions would be gone forever.
      • The need for the field found on almost every form entitled, “other” would be a thing of the past and field after field answered “NA” would be yesterday’s news.
      • Sound like something from the future? You are correct and it’s called …

Smart Charting

It’s Time to Computerize the Process NOT the Paper

smart charting fast accurate compliant clinically complete
Smart ChartingFast, Accurate, Compliant & Clinically Complete

CDS Health Tech

  • To Coin a Phrase, “You have to See it to Believe it”
      • In a demonstration of The CDS System our presenters will turn the keyboard over to the attendees and within a few moments they will create any form or template your facility would require, review the auto-populated data, answer what is necessary and even print a paper copy if they so choose. If they are not yet convinced, we’ll let them do it again and again until they are.
      • Smart Charting cannot be stumped.

Stop Wasting Time & Money on a Bottomless Pit of Forms

Begin Smart Charting Today

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cds health tech1

CDS Health Tech

The CDS System

Thank You for Your Attention


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