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Objective and Tactics PowerPoint Presentation
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Objective and Tactics

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Objective and Tactics - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Objective and Tactics
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  1. Objective and Tactics http//:corpmvp.com

  2. Contents Statement of Purpose & Vision The Audience Turnkey Strategy & Tactics Database Development mBucks Promote and Drive Traffic Site look & feel attributes Intellectual Property

  3. Statement of Purpose To create a turnkey online community for consumer product and brand marketing professionals by providing them with up-to-date and targeted resources as well as encouraging them to connect with other marketers worldwide.

  4. Vision The first and leading dynamic and interactive website that provides a turnkey online community to help product and brand managers in key industries all over the world to become more productive and most effective.

  5. Web Audience Academia Marketers Vendors Companies Industries Consumer Non-durables Large, Medium, & Small Brand Mgr Listed only In Designated area Online GuestBlogger – in return list their books online Consumer Durables Product Mgr B2C High-tech Marketing Mgr/Assoc. Food & Beverage Students Sr. Mgmt & Executives influencer Pharmaceutical 5

  6. Strategy and Tactics Observations:Marketers are impatient, multi-taskers and are busy! Strategy: Site must be organized and easy to navigate. Minimize “noise.” Prioritize by relevant information, not what generates most revenue. Tactcs: Primary: Templates, Check Lists, Vendors, Online tools/resources, loyalty (mcBucks), sign up and vendor evaluation Secondary: Blog, Profile match (mLink) Tertiary: bloopers, break-time games, surveys 6 6

  7. Observations:Marketing is a multifaceted function(jack of all trades, master of none) Strategy: Website must be resourceful and serve as a one-stop hub. Tactcs: Provide all the tools necessary to increase marketing managers’ effectiveness. This means marketers don’t have to know everything but know where to get the information. Free resources such as weights and measure, check digit tool, currency converter, etc. This turnkey website will enable the community to build on its own resource base. This keeps the information relevant and expands the knowledge base as well as constantly engaging the audience. Strategy and Tactics 7 7

  8. Observations:Marketers watch their dime Strategy: Provide practical information at a great value. Help them save money. Tactics: Free downloadable templates (templates can be rated) Free checklists (checklist can be rated) Pre-qualified vendor at their finger tips (vendors can be rated) Website tools and resources (can be rated) Strategy and Tactics 8 8

  9. Observations:Marketers like to have fun and like to do more networking if they have time. Strategy:Connect them globally and make the site fun and engaging Tactcs: Blog/water cooler Profile that matches people with similar background, industry and interest. Coffee break/list local events where people can get together and socialize/network. Local ambassadors get extra mBucks! Bloopers Punching bag: share nightmares on worst bosses, dysfunctional company, gripe about sales. . “It’s my party and I’ll whine if I want to. . . “ Strategy and Tactics 9 9

  10. Observations:Marketers are influencers Strategy:Capture their information and use viral marketing Tactcs: Sign up and get mBucks. Sign in to get access to for customized page and share with your colleagues. E-marketing (sign up to be notified of updates in area of interest. Promotions, etc.) Get your colleagues to sign up Strategy and Tactics 10 10

  11. Observations:Marketers are ambitious Strategy:Make them look smart. Allow them to improve professionally and personally Tactcs: Conduct survey and share results: Salary survey, benefits survey, length in a job, # of interviews before getting a job, toughest interview questions, longest commute, telecommuting, etc. Discussion groups/blogs: work and home balance (for men and women), year-end evaluation, contracting, etc. Feature upcoming events that will be beneficial to marketers (they can participate and rate the events or we can do survey for the event providers for a fee. Job postings from the online community members as well as list other job search resources Strategy and Tactics 11 11

  12. Which templates and check lists are most downloaded, and which have the highest ratings. # of mBucks accumulated Demographics Title Size of company company name Location Industry Gender Age education, Marketer’s area of responsibilities Ad buy Web development New product development Sales presentations, etc. By signing up, members get the following: a customized page where they have instant access to their most visited website tools, favorite vendors, templates, etc. Database Captures Consumer Information

  13. Contact all vendors Jenny had worked with in the past for posting fees, sponsorship and create general awareness. Jenny to contact all websites providing resources via the web. Cross promote with other relevant websites. Promote $M bucks! Postcard direct mail Attend industry trade shows as speaker at workshops (select biggest trade shows, and start with CPG) Participate (booth) at top 3 marketing conferences (DMA, AMA, etc.) http://www.toprankblog.com/2008/03/poll-attending-marketing-conferences/ ($$$) Network with education institutions Considering sponsor some events to increase awareness($$) Send announcement to past colleagues. PR ($) Database purchase from AMA ($$) – could be very targeted Trade publications Google Adwords * Consider national and global events and sources Driving Traffic/Promote

  14. More relevant for the community and less maintenance at the backend mBucks create incentive to encourage community participation Members can earn mBucks (Marketeers Bucks) by doing one of the following: Signing up, contributing to contents (including free web tools), participating in vendor referrals and evaluations, host coffee breaks, attending upcoming events, be a industry guest at blogging event. Participate in research questionnaire (come back and rate the template/checklist you’ve downloaded). Also participate in vendor funded research (omnibus). Participants get mBucks in return. Advertise bi-monthly promotions on web to give visitors opportunity to earn their $M bucks. Any contribution automatically earns $M bucks. Any contributions that gets published on the site earns more! mBucks redeemable for merchandize From practical (i.e., gift card to portable hard drive and iPhone) to name brand luxury (i.e., from Coach, Tiffany, Godiva, etc.). Smaller redeemable prizes should come from sponsors. This will address people who are motivated by instant gratification as well as those with high loyalty potential Website Must be Turnkey

  15. Site Look and Feel Attributes • Logical • Credible • Friendly • Creative • Contemporary • Interactive • Helpful • Inviting • Reliable • Informative • Safe • Confident • Clean • Quirky

  16. Marketeersclub.com Clubmarketeers.com Marketeers Club™ Intellectual Property