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What is Rigging Equipment | Roma Enterprises Dubai, UAE PowerPoint Presentation
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What is Rigging Equipment | Roma Enterprises Dubai, UAE

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What is Rigging Equipment | Roma Enterprises Dubai, UAE - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roma Enterprises is a leader in providing high-quality ringing supplies in Dubai. The company will bring a full range of ringing hardware and equipment in all type of marine and construction industries.nVisit: http://www.romaent.com/rigging-hardware/

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What is Rigging Equipment | Roma Enterprises Dubai, UAE

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what is rigging equipment

What is Rigging Equipment?

Guided By Roma Enterprises Dubai

  • Rigging equipmentreferrers to the gadgets and components used to lift and move objects securely.
  • system arranged framework executed by a group of riggers.
  • Enterprises which regularly require the services of rigging equipment include construction, designing, engineering and event arranging.
two essential components
Two Essential Components
  • Lifting operations, hoisting and rigging should be performed with public and employee safety as a primary focus.
  • organisations should carefully consider two following elements:
operation planning


Operation Planning
  • How the rigging equipment is chosen and utilized
  • It must guarantee that the general rigging setup and individual components are appropriate for the size and weight of the load
  • Avoid overloading the equipment
  • Before the lifting applications start, teams ought to painstakingly consider the requests of the lift and conduct an exhaustive hazard assessment.
wire ropes
Wire Ropes

Wire ropeslings are accessible in a scope of lifting limits, giving clients solid and adaptable solutions for performing lifting operations.

manufactured lifting slings
Manufactured Lifting Slings

Lifting slings are accessible in a scope of various designs and weight limits, including polyester round slings and webbing slings.

chain slings
Chain Slings

Chain slings offer a solid lifting arrangement.

It accompanies an advantageous hook framework for simple connection.

they are likewise accessible in single, 2 leg and 4 leg designs too.

spreader beams
Spreader Beams

It is used in a variety of configurations, depending on the requirements of the lifting operation.

These pillars can be utilized with both engineered lifting slings and wire rope slings.

equipment shackles rings hooks
Equipment (Shackles, Rings, Hooks)

These are a small however fundamental component of your rigging hardware setup, enabling every other part to be joined and secured firmly.


Hoists are a standout amongst the most usually utilized pieces hardware all throughout the rigging operations.

Roma Enterpriseis one of the major rigging equipment suppliers in UAE. visit us or just give us a call now.