warwickshire working together the county council community and voluntary action l.
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Warwickshire Working Together - the County Council & Community And Voluntary Action

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Warwickshire Working Together - the County Council & Community And Voluntary Action - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Warwickshire Working Together - the County Council & Community And Voluntary Action. Tender Training for Third Sector Providers. Aim: To help Third Sector organisations develop their tendering skills. Tender Training. Objectives: To review procurement rules and regulations

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tender training for third sector providers
Tender Training for Third Sector Providers


To help Third Sector organisations develop their tendering skills

tender training
Tender Training
  • Objectives:
  • To review procurement rules and
  • regulations
    • To complete and evaluate a Pre
    • Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ)
    • To demonstrate the impact of scoring
    • and weighting
tender training4
Tender Training

WCC Procurement rules (CSOs)

Total Contract Value = annual cost x number of years

  • Less than £2000 1 quote
  • £2000 to £10,000 2 written quotes
  • £10,000 to £30,000 3 written quotes
  • Over £30,000 Tender
  • Over £156,442 (goods & services) or

£ 3,927,260 (works) Tender - EU rules

tender training to bid or not to bid
Tender Training – to bid or not to bid ?
  • Is the contract right for you, does it fit with your own business plans and objectives?
  • Do you have the:
    • technical ability?
    • relevant experience or transferable skills?
    • financial and other capacity, (or could put it in place if you won the business)?
  • Have you got sufficient time to prepare a good bid before closing date?
  • Can you be ready to deliver on the start date?
tender training the pqq
Tender Training – the PQQ
  • Remember its all about earning points
  • Answer the questions asked – even if you think they’re not the right ones
  • Make sure you know what’s being asked for and have a clear idea of what an excellent response would look like
  • Don’t just focus on Sections where you are strong, to the detriment of other Sections
  • Don’t rely on passion, demonstrate what you can do in a clear, deliverable manner
  • Observe word limits
tender training7
Tender Training

Pre Qualification Questionnaire for:

Framework arrangement for the provision of training services to Voluntary Sector Organisations

NB PQQs vary from contract to contract. Do not assume that they will all have exactly the same questions or that questions will always be evaluated in the same way.

tender training the pqq8
Tender Training – the PQQ
  • Pages 1 – 8 are for information. Read them carefully
  • Follow the instructions for filling in the PQQ
  • Take special note of the Timetable – page 5 in the Training PQQ
  • Note which questions are:

a) for Information (not scored)

b) Mandatory (Pass/Fail)

c) Scored

tender training the questions
Tender Training – the questions
  • Sections 1, 2 and 3 are for Information only, but you must fill them in
  • Section 4 is Mandatory = Pass/Fail. Compliance with Contract Regulations is absolute – if you don’t comply we can’t do business with you.
  • Sections 5 to 13 are a mix of Information, Mandatory and Scored
tender training scored questions
Tender training – scored questions

Questions are scored from 0 to 2

2 = Exceeds requirements

1 = Meets requirements

0 = Does not meet requirements

If you score ‘0’ on 2 or more questions you may/will be disqualified

tender training pqq questions
Tender training – PQQ questions
  • S5 Financial capacity (often M - Pass/Fail)
  • S6 Insurance (M - Pass/Fail)
  • S7 Resources (Information & Scored)
  • S8 Quality Systems (Scored)
  • S9 Business Continuity (Scored)
  • S10 Environment (Information & Scored)
  • S11Equal Opportunities (M- Pass/Fail & Scored)
  • S12 Health & Safety (Information & Scored)
  • S13 Experiences and References (Information, M -Pass/Fail & Scored)
tender training12
Tender Training
  • Don’t forget to
  • Sign the Declaration
  • Tick Checklist & enclose all required documents
  • (but no others)
  • Send in your PQQ before the deadline:
  • 1 paper copy and 1 CD or data stick
  • In a sealed package to the address provided,
  • clearly marked with the words ‘Pre Qualification
  • Questionnaire’ & the Contract Ref Number
  • Make sure your name is NOT on the outside of the
  • package
tender training evaluating the pqq
Tender Training – evaluating the PQQ
  • S 1,2 & 3 are for Information – not Scored
  • S4 Contract Regulations – Mandatory Pass/Fail
  • S5 to 13 inclusive can be combination of Information, Mandatory Pass/Fail and Scored
  • Weightings indicate relative importance of Sections
tender training scoring the questions
Tender Training – scoring the questions
  • Be consistent in your approach
  • Information – Check filled in
  • Mandatory – a Fail means you don’t have to score the rest of the PQQ
  • Scored

0 = Does not meet requirements

1 = Meets requirements

2 = Exceeds requirements

tender training scoring the questions15
Tender Training –scoring the questions
  • Decide whether Yes/No responses get a score of 1 or 2
  • Q 9.3 – A ‘No’ response is what you’re looking for (Score 1 or 2). Yes response scores 0, but marks can be recovered by good answer to 9.4
  • Enter scores into Scoring Sheet
  • Multiply score given x weighting to get final score
tender training other published documents
Tender Training – other published documents
  • Invitation to Tender – advert with brief details of contract requirements. Contact details & deadline for requesting documents
  • Service Specification – detailed information about the contract requirements, for example:
    • duration; value; key documents & legislation;

description; aims & objectives; protocols; quality standards; outcomes; record keeping; performance indicators

tender training other documents you may need to complete
Tender Training – other documents you may need to complete
  • Method statement – describe your offer, how you will meet the service requirement. Be sure to observe word limits
  • Pricing schedule – give details of your prices / pricing structure
tender training collaboration
Tender Training – collaboration
  • Can be a good way to grow your business and of sharing costs
  • Needs to be managed – who will lead?
  • Need to demonstrate clear line of responsibility, efficient decision-making processes etc
  • Have a clear delivery model with defined responsibilities for the different elements
  • Will need more time to put bid together
tender training19
Tender Training

Any questions?