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Blog Traffic 102* (‘Modern’ Ways to Market & Drive Traffic to Your Blog PowerPoint Presentation
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Blog Traffic 102* (‘Modern’ Ways to Market & Drive Traffic to Your Blog

Blog Traffic 102* (‘Modern’ Ways to Market & Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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Blog Traffic 102* (‘Modern’ Ways to Market & Drive Traffic to Your Blog

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  1. Blog Traffic 102* (‘Modern’ Ways to Market & Drive Traffic to Your Blog How to market your blog the proper way and reach a loyal user base that’s going to stick for a long time *101 is lame these days, so I used 102. ;-)

  2. Bitter Truth Plain simple truth is that traffic = money... Much harder truth is that the amount of traffic is not proportional to the money that you will make... Conclusion: Big traffic then DOESN’T directly mean Big Money! Getting traffic though is a good start.

  3. Modern Ways to Get the Right Traffic to your Blog Compelling Blog Design Competitive Blog Commenting Forum Interaction Guest Posting Clever Paid Promotion

  4. Compelling Blog Design • A good blog design doesn’t mean expensive design... • It’s not about those flashing/sparkling elements either... • Its about something that’s unique, represents simplicity and elegance. Its about you and your brand... • Key: Personalization

  5. How to Personalize Misconception: You need a unique expensive design The Solution: Personalization • Get a brandable logo • Change color schemes/some theme settings • Make (good) use of widgets, plugins • The lesser elements, the better • Advanced: Modify your theme’s stylesheet

  6. Good Blog Design Determiners Bounce Rate Visits/page Loading Time Annoying Structure Cluttered Look Page size (?)

  7. Competitive Blog Commenting Blog commenting is the oldest and most used way to drive traffic to a blog. It’s very easy to do, yet, the result that you can get from this has become so much limited these days because of saturation. Revelations: Surprise! Commenting isn’t (really) about driving traffic.. It’s about letting the blogosphere know you exist, it’s about engaging, making connections, making friends. Later turns on to loyal following and fruitful partnerships.

  8. Techniques for competitive commenting Step by Step: If you have a fairly new blog, try to maintain a daily/weekly goal for blogs that you comment on... Make use of gravatar and commentluv Quantity over quality (nope it’s not about spamming) Keep track of them... Pick the blogs that give you the most amount of traffic and then focus on them. What commenting can do: • Gets you some traffic • Gets you some more backlinks • More awareness for you and your blog • More importantly, it sets the stage for you to be able to do bigger marketing/traffic generation strategies down the road

  9. Forum Interaction • Forum interaction is something I associate with the term ‘buzz’ • Its (almost) equal to Word of Mouth Marketing • Not hard to do at all! Benefits • Direct traffic and back links • Increased trust and expertise • Friends

  10. How to Do Forum Marketing Correctly Genuinely help them out Make good use of forum signatures Don’t spam, don’t explicitly show your links... Give value (the most important) If people think you’re cool and helpful, they will want to know more about you (they’ll visit your blog, buy your stuff, do other things for you). Additional prize: backlinks...

  11. Guest Posting • The quickest way to grow a blog’s readership... What is Guest Posting? • Its simply about writing posts on other bloggers’ blog. • It has to be a high traffic blog and, • You gotta put up your best post.

  12. How to do Guest Posting Find blogs related to your niche/market (either do a simple Google search or use a service like myblogguest) Try to engage first (read their post, comment, etc) and have a feel for the environment Write your guest post based on that ‘feel’ Contact the owner (using their contact form), politely send them your guest post including description of what it really is about.

  13. Killer Guest Posting Tips Do it as many times as you could (Bulk Guest Posting) Make good use of compelling signature lines Use a landing page! Make sure you have some good posts on your end as well. Personalized Greeting (wp-greetbox) Engage/Follow them (reply to their comments, check out their blog)

  14. What the Heck is a Landing Page? Try to compare the ff:

  15. Clever *Paid* Advertising Advertising is still one of the quickest ways to drive traffic. Conversion though remains unseen. It’s expensive... --- Good thing, there are always clever and innovative ways to do it. ;-)

  16. Clever *Paid* Advertising Sponsoring blog contests Social Media sponsorships Finding cheap ad inventories Making use of services like Fiverr, Webeserve Giving away something, then ask them to talk about it on their blog

  17. How Not to Waste Your Money Do always track your ad campaigns Basic Tracking Google Analytics Webmaster Central Stat Counter Advanced Tracking Crazy Egg Click Tale Always give each ad campaign an equal opportunity. Track everything correctly and focus on the one that works based on your conversion goal.

  18. Getting Blog Traffic Isn’t Hard at All.... ...It Just Takes a Lot of Hardwork Same goes for monetization. That’s why you should have that passion for what you’re blogging about.

  19. A Blog that Gets Traffic Can Bring In... Obviously money (for some people it’s called ‘living’) ----------------------- But its more than just the money (from my experience) Puts you as expert in your niche Lots of new (real) friends ‘Schwags’ from companies Better offline opportunities Being able to do consulting at a good price. And of course, personal satisfaction (ego boost ;-) )

  20. Resources Blog Design/Premium Themes Blog Commenting • • Guest Posting • • Wp-greetbox

  21. Resources Ad Inventories OIO Marketplace AdvertiseSpace Social Sites • • • • • • • • • • Other places • • • DigitalPoint Forums Tracking • • • •

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