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YES Kenya 006

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YES Kenya 006. Breakout Session on Creating Markets Unleashing Entrepreneurs in Water and Sanitation Presented by: James Ohayo Information and Communication Officer Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure Branch UN-HABITAT Wednesday September 13 2006. UN-HABITAT MISSION STATEMENT.

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yes kenya 006

YES Kenya 006

Breakout Session on Creating Markets

Unleashing Entrepreneurs in Water and Sanitation

Presented by:

James Ohayo

Information and Communication Officer

Water, Sanitation and Infrastructure Branch


Wednesday September 13 2006

un habitat mission statement

To Promote Socially and Environmentally Sustainable Human Settlements Development and the Achievement of Adequate Shelter for All

“…the sustainable development of our cities and towns will remain a distant dream if we are unable to provide basic human needs of safe water and adequate sanitation to our people particularly to the urban and rural poor.”

Anna Tibaijuka

the challenge

MDG 7 Target 10:

  • To reduce by half the proportion of people without access to safe drinking water

“…it is the poor in developing countries who suffer the most. It is they who lack access to safe drinking water; they who often pay the highest price for water; …they who have the least say in water management…” Kofi Annan in Freshwater Future 2003


  • To halve by 2015, the proportion of people who do not have access to basic sanitation

‘Are we to respond to issues by asking how glamorous they are? Or by asking how seriously they affect how many?’ Nelson Mandela-WSSD 2002

Goal 8 Target 16

  • Develop decent and productive work for youth

“Young people are not only the leaders of tomorrow; they can play a leading role in the development of their communities today. Let us hope that their good works today blossom into lifelong commitments that will benefit all the world’s people.”Kofi Annan

un habitat water and sanitation programme goals
  • Encourage and support institutional reforms for efficient and equitable service delivery, particularly in low-income peri-urban settlements
  • Support capacity building for effective and efficient delivery of water and sanitation
  • Promote partnerships aimed at raising awareness about water conservation, efficient usage, and protection of freshwater sources
  • Promote gender equity and community participation to improve access to WATSAN for poor and marginalised groups
un habitat watsan programmes
  • Lake Victoria Water and Sanitation Initiative
  • MEKONG Water and Sanitation Initiative
  • Water for African Cities Programme
  • Water for Asian Cities Programme
  • Values Based WATSAN Education
youth entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Advocacy and Awareness Raising
  • Community Mobilization
  • Construction and Management of Community WATSAN Facilities
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Rainwater Harvesting
  • Household Water Treatment
engaging the youth luang prabang lao pdr
  • Community mobilization for construction of water supply system
  • Capacity building to enhance operational efficiency
  • Community awareness campaigns( KAP, FGD, Surveys)
  • Skills training for local artisans
engaging the youth burkina faso
  • Sub-contracting for skills transfer (ENDA Rup)
  • Construction of affordable sanitation facilities for poor communities in Edea, Douala and Ouga
  • Establishment of revolving micro-credit facilities
  • Building local capacity for project replication, management and sustainability
  • Promoting gender sensitive governance mechanisms
  • Documentation and sharing of lessons learnt
engagement process
  • Bottom-up needs assessment
  • Facilitate schools water, sanitation and hygiene clubs
  • Support development of local youth groups
  • Support the UN-HABITAT One Stop Youth Centre
  • UN-HABITAT internship programme
implementation challenges
  • Low levels of awareness about dangers of poor hygiene and sanitation, particularly for children
  • Poor mobilization skills among the youth
  • Negative attitude among the youth (PQS)
  • Lack of financing
  • Need to build trust
  • Need to engender sense of ownership to avoid vandalism
  • Bureaucracy
  • The PQS among youth
Water is Life…Sanitation is Dignity

“We have to steal water by illegally tapping the underground water pipe”

Sagira - A Mumbai slum dweller

“My daughter had to stop going to school so as to be home when the tanker arrives”

48 – year old Omvathi - A Mumbai Slum dweller

“My daughter’s education will ensure that she gets a groom with a toilet in his house”

38 year old Manjulaben – a Pune slum dweller

“The guard then took hold of her, gagged her, dragged her back to the community toilet and raped her”

Happened to 11 year old Sunita in a New Delhi slum