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Welcome!. Baltimore Polytechnic Institute Honors World History Mr. Green. Agenda/Topics To Be Covered. Objective: The students will analyze the impact of the execution of the King of France by identifying the next steps taken by the National Convention Hand-In: Drill:

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Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

Honors World History

Mr. Green

agenda topics to be covered
Agenda/Topics To Be Covered

Objective: The students will analyze the impact of the execution of the King of France by identifying the next steps taken by the National Convention



1. Explain the term radical.

2. Explain the difference between rational/irrational.

crises and responses
Crises and Responses

National Convention demanded price controls on food and universal male suffrage

After Louis XVI was executed, many European countries took arms against France

A Committee of Public Safety was established

adopted polices that became known as the Reign of Terror

Thousands were executed as a way to control the country

Explain the decision to execute so many people. Who were some of the victims? Nobles/Clergy/Royalty?

republic of virtue
Republic of Virtue


Maximilien Robespierre led the fight against Catholicism

Removed anything named Saint, changed the calendar and the year

Why do you think the leaders of the French Revolution decided to remove old names and remove the Christian church from the people?

a nation in arms
A Nation in Arms


Read the Primary Source on page 355 on answer the following questions:

1. What is the author’s position on monarchies?

2. What is the purpose of this document?

3. What will the role of women be during the war?

rise of the revolutionary army
Rise of the Revolutionary Army

1 million members by September 1794

Pushed back the invaders

Conquered Austrian Netherlands

Army created by a people’s government, not a monarch with professional soldiers

end of the terror
End of the Terror

Robespierre was executed on July 28, 1794 and political prisoners released

National Convention moved in a more conservative direction

restricted power of committee of public safety

reopened churches

new constitution-2 house legislature

Lower House-drafted laws

Upper house- approved proposed laws

Voting restricted to property owners and away from universal suffrage

A directory of 5 would run France but this became corrupt

Napoleon Bonaparte seized power in 1799 under a coup d'état.

exit ticket
Exit Ticket

Identify 7 actions taken by the National Convention during the French revolution

Pick one of those actions and describe the impact of that action on France and the people of France.


Read Chapter 11 Section 4

Prepare for 5 Question Quiz on Section 1, 2, 3 and the Benchmark

Review chapters on Religion and the Renaissance.