how to setup roku activate roku com link for 4k hdr n.
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How to Activate for 4K HD -Setup Roku PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Activate for 4K HD -Setup Roku

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How to Activate for 4K HD -Setup Roku - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Activate for 4K HDR - It’s important for all to know that the term 4K signifies the resolution of the TV. Sometimes, 4K is also known as the 4K ultra high definition or UHD resolution. As in earlier resolutions, you will get 1080* 1092 horizontal rows and vertical columns respectively but with 4K, you will get 2160 pixels. Moreover, you will stream more clear pictures with this 4K. For more information go to

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How to Activate for 4K HD -Setup Roku

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how to setup roku activate roku com link for 4k hdr

How to Setup Roku & Activate for 4K HDR

Simple Steps for Activate and Setting up Roku with 4K – Activation

looking for the 4k roku setup and activation roku

Looking for the 4K Roku setup and activation? yes, then you are at a very fine place. As in this presentation, you will find the complete information related to the 4K setup and activation.    

steps for setting up roku com link with 4k hdr
Steps for Setting up RokuCom Link with 4K HDR

Basic requirements for setting up Roku player for 4K

  • You must have a TV that fully supports 4K Ultra HD resolution
  • Streaming channels like Netflix
  • High-speed HDMI cable
  • Up to 26 Mbps of bandwidth
associate roku player with the 4k tv connect hdmi

Associate Roku player with the 4K TV:

  • Connect HDMI cable to the TV and Roku
  • If you are unable to associate HDMI cable to the TV then you will see the message “HDCP unauthorized Roku” on your TV screen
  • Give a deep look in the back of your TV for checking the available HDCP on your TV
try to associate roku player via audio video

Try to associate Roku player via Audio-Video Receiver

  • Attach HDMI cable to the audio video receiver input
  • It is mandatory to use HDCP 2.2 for streaming the 4k content on your TV
establish a connection between audio

Establish a connection between audio TV and A/V receiver with Rokuplayer

  • Firstly in this step, associate the one end of the HDMI cable to HDCP 2.2 port and another end to the Roku player’s HDMI port
  • Now, associate the another HDMI cable with ARC compatible receiver and other with the audio video return channel
that s all about setting up and activating roku

That’s all about setting up and activating Roku player for the 4K. So, in this way, you will easily setup your Roku streaming player with 4K.

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