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Setup your Roku player through Roku com link account

If you don't know how to setup Roku player through Roku com link account, then you have to follow some guidance such as during activates your Roku account, you can activate at without inserting your credit card information, You just need to skip this step while activating your Roku account.

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Setup your Roku player through Roku com link account

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  1. How to setting up Roku device using roku.com/link account? Well, here we provide you the complete information about the roku steps. If you want to setup your roku device then you must need to follow some easy and basic steps. Steps are shown below: Steps for roku setup: 1. Connect to HDMI cable: 2. First of all, you need to connect to HDMI cable in order to setup Roku device. To do so, bring your Roku and give a deep look to the HDMI Jack. 3. Now, in the HDMI Jack, insert the HDMI cable to that appropriate end. 4. Now, look at the connection into the back of your TV. 5. So, for the connection, look to the AVR port and insert the other end of HDMI cable there. 2. Embed a pair of batteries to the Roku remote: 1. The second step for roku setup is to bring remote and put pair AA batteries in it.

  2. 2. The remote will helps you for giving the input. 3. Now, switch “on” the Roku, for this, you attach one end to your wall and the other end into the Roku. 4. Let’s power up your TV. 5. Click the source button in your Roku remote and select the HDMI input. 3. Select the language: As a result of above steps, when your TV gets powers on, the first screen will asks you to choose a language. So, you can choose the language in which you are comfortable. You can follow the 3 mandatory steps that are as under: 1. Connect to the Internet. 2. Check to server and latest software. 3. Activate your ROKU. 4. Connect to the Internet: You can connect in two ways-  Either wired or  wireless 1. Wired: Wired activation is one of the expensive types of activation. For the wired network you need to use either Ethernet cable or the LAN cable. You can also use routers or modems. Once the connection has been established then enter the following details like:  Region  Time zone  Clock format As a result of all this, activate the ROKU. This is one of the very important step, so do it carefully. So, in this step you have to enter the activation link code. The activation link code is unique code or you can say that code changes every time you perform the activation. So, for the code, just go to Roku.com/link account.

  3. Once you are assigned with the code then you have to create your own roku Account. In order to create the account, you need to enter some personal information like:  Name  E-mail  Address  Contact number  Credit card number(optional) If you enter the credit card number then Payment will be done automatically for the paid channels through your account. Incase if you are not enter the credit card number then you have to show any of the electronic payment bills for the payment of the paid channel. 2. Wireless: Wireless activation is one of the cheap activation. In wireless network, you have to connect without wires. So for the wireless network connection, the first thing is to select a WIFI connection. After selecting the connection you need to enter the WIFI username and the password. So, click on to the connect and then finally press OK button. Once a successful connection has been established, activate the ROKU and enjoying the ROKU. Once you have done with all above steps, everything looks amazing. Now let’s enjoy Roku streaming device.     

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