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How to Activate Roku Paid Subscription Channels PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Activate Roku Paid Subscription Channels

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How to Activate Roku Paid Subscription Channels - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Roku is a best entertainment streaming device. Here we have a perfect solution to activate the Roku Paid Channel. For assistant call us @ 1-844-965-4357.

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stream your favorite roku paid channels

Roku is known for the channels it offers! A lot of reviewers view the channels offered by Roku and the platforms that Roku offers in terms of content to stream music, videos, films or series as one of the most important factor why Roku is still a lot of people’s first choice, while they think of buying a streaming player. Roku, still is catching up with a lot features that its competitors were able to put into a streaming device, but in terms of contents that Roku com link offers, the other streaming devices are nowhere close.

Stream your favorite Roku Paid channels
link your device to your roku account

This article will explain to you, how you can subscribe to the paid channels that Roku offers.

  • But before being able to subscribe to a channel, you will however have to register yourself with Roku com link and make sure that you have your device linked to your account to be able to buy the channels, or even avail the free channels. So, make sure you create a Roku account in case you don’t have one, and make sure to link it with your device. To do this, you will simply have to enter the code displayed on your TV screen, when you connect it to Roku device and switch it on.
Link your Device to your roku account
choose the compatible payment method

There are a few more steps to it, which are the most important, especially in this context. The next screen will require you to enter your payment details, and will ask for your credit card details. It is vital that you do this very carefully. The reason for which is in the rest of the blog.

Choose the compatible payment method
to add or subscribe roku paid channels

While talking about adding or subscribing to paid channels in Roku, all you have to do is press the home button, and search for the channels you wish to add to your channel list. If it is a paid channel, you will have to choose the option of buy, and you will have to enter your Roku com link authorized pin number. The payment will be deducted from the payment information you had earlier provided during your account setup. This is the reason we had said it was very vital that you do it with care. To cancel a subscription, you simply have to choose the option manage subscription, and continue to cancel it.

To add or subscribe roku paid channels

If you have any other doubts regarding Roku Paid Channels, or setting your device up, please let us know via our toll-free number +1-844-965-4357